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The majority of online complaints to our agency come from people who have either failed to update their photos or ePortfolio within 6 months, or at any time. This applies to children's accounts as well, where parents often neglect to ensure that images and information are always current, despite the fact that their appearances change so rapidly. As a model agency putting people forward for paid work opportunities, these are important issues. With the best will in the world we cannot represent people whose profile information is out of date to clients.

Alongside the kind of changes to the industry that were mentioned at the top of the page, the internet has also altered ways that people can express views and share information. Most people these days have posted comments on a blog or public forum, and social networking sites are often a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. But there can be a dark side to online chat and social media sites. Occasionally they are used by bullies or people who just want to sound off. When this happens it often cannot be controlled by those it may affect.

There are some issues around online chat that we would like to raise here.

Not every model or talent that we represent will be selected by clients for paid work. We make no secret of this and it is not something that we can control. Put simply, there are more people than work available, this is the same in almost every industry but in ours it is particularly prevalent; a fact that most people are aware of.

We have never guaranteed work to anyone who is registered with us and advise you to be wary of anyone who does.

A thick skin is quite a positive trait for models because rejection is something that every model will experience more than once. Even supermodel Giselle was turned down 42 times before her first assignment. But some people who are unhappy that a client has not selected them will blame the agency on a blog or forum.

We have little control over who a client will select and we are unable to predict this. We do put people forward who fit the brief but it is then up to the client what they decide from there.

When our models are put forward for work we let them know via their personal profile page which can be checked by logging in. No other agency offers this service.

It's natural to feel disappointed at not being selected for an assignment, but it's the nature of the industry that this situation will almost certainly occur in a model's working life. It’s the same for actors, singers, dancers, entertainers - and any other form of talent selection. Unfortunately once a negative comment goes up on a blog in response to this kind of situation it will stay there and appear on searches for years to come.

We provide advice for free but there is a new kind of modelling related site that charge for this kind of advice. These sites exist to make money from giving you advice that you could probably get for free.

There are new work opportunities placed on our website every working day. Take a look for yourself and see how busy we are.

We have international coverage and represent models all over the UK and many worldwide - unlike most small local agencies - more people know about us and could therefore know about you.

While someone who is upset about not being selected for work may feel motivated to comment about it on a public forum, most models who are selected for work are unlikely to do the same. They are content, probably busy and unlikely to waste time praising what we do online. However, you can be sure that they are spending time keeping their profile up-to-date!

Consumer Action Group

This is an biased controlled platform where the author who started the blog over 5 years ago deletes positive comments anyone tries to make! Several of our models have called explaining they've tried to post their positive comments and it gets deleted shortly after - how can this be accurate?

The person who initiated the blog did not pay £198 for her son to ‘be on our books’ we have never charged this.

She complains that her son was not available on our website - that's RIGHT, all model and talent details are password protected, this is for security, especially where children are involved.

She complains she had to keep updating her pictures, but that’s the point. Agents need to represent people with current photographs, particularly where children are involved. If a parent doesn’t update pictures how can the agency or any client be sure that the image represents what the child currently looks like?

At the time of writing her post 5 years ago, her child had not been selected for work, he was just a ? of the way through his representation with us.

Her son had been put forward for jobs, but was not selected. As explained prior to representation we cannot control who a client selects for the job.

Baby Centre

Almost 4 years old - no updates.

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We have never scouted for models and never will.
All the model and talent applications we receive are unsolicited.


Illegal site.

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Purestorm are currently being investigated by the BIS (Business Department for Innovation and Skills). They are a work finding service illegally charging models.

Clive Hurst

Over 2 years out of date

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This man is known to the authorities as a nuisance campaigner. He is an unsuccessful actor who attempts to promote himself with very out of date photographs via an extremely poor website.

Yahoo answers

4 year old blog by someone who is unfamiliar with the workings of the modelling industry.

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People who don't work in the industry have attempted to offer their ‘advice’ - much of which is taken from websites run by people who also know very little about the industry.


Almost 4 years old.

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2 mums registered their children and at the time of writing the blog they hadn’t been selected for work. For one of the mums commenting this had been just 8 weeks. Apply to be a model