Hand Models & Feet Models - Become a Hand or Foot Model

Ever wondered whose hand appears in the advert for the latest hand cream, well chances are it's a professional hand model. Both hand models and feet models are in high demand to advertise and promote a whole host of products including jewellery, cosmetics, nail polish, hand lotion, shoes, shampoo and much more.

Hand and feet models

The close up work of hand and feet modelling is a vital element when trying to sell these products. Hand models must have nicely shaped hands and slender fingers with well-manicured nails essential and flawless skin. Hand models are not just women models, men are also needed but the type of hands depends more on the product being sold or advertised whether it's a labourer or an office worker!

Feet models are also required to sell shoes and sandals or even to go bare foot in an advertising promotion, again flawless skin, manicured nails and a shapely foot is a must.

For information on how to become a hands model or foot model, simply contact Models Direct Model Agency and discuss how you could start modelling.

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