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Lifestyle modelling is a great way to get your foot into the welcoming door of the industry for a number of reasons. Think of lifestyle modelling as “all-inclusive” - it’s open to pretty much anyone and has few limitations. All lifestyle models - like any model - must be professional, punctual and have the drive to succeed. If you have these qualities (as well some spare time and the desire to earn some extra money), then this could be your calling. The question is: what’s stopping you?

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Everyone has seen a lifestyle model. You may not realise it, but you have. They appear in most media avenues and are constantly in demand, largely due to the sheer number of modelling jobs requiring them. Lifestyle models are not high-end fashion models seen strutting along glamorous catwalks around the world. They do not promote clothes which retail well over the average budget. Quite simply, lifestyle models are those employed by familiar companies in ordinary circumstances. Most products / promotions are those which everyone can relate to, and are seen as being common in everyday life.

Platforms in which lifestyle models excel include:

Lifestyle models are not specialised, nor do they need to have extraordinary requirements. They tend to promote more commercial campaigns, and therefore more opportunities are open to everyday people (by that, we mean non-professional models). So there is hope for aspiring models - more hope than you’d think.

Do you fancy being a lifestyle model? Of course you do. Lifestyle models can literally be any shape, size or gender, so by those criteria you’re already approved! But not so fast, please. Let’s run through a quick checklist to see if you’d make the cut. Are you… 

  1. Ambitious? If you want a one-off job, you might be in luck. If you’re craving more regular work, clients will appreciate your drive and take that into account. 
  2. Approachable? Companies look for down-to-earth candidates that the general public can easily identify. 
  3. Presentable? Creating the right image is vital. 
  4. Flexible? (Meaning accommodating and capable of adapting - not supple!) 
  5. Good looking? Don’t be modest - though good looks are not necessarily essential, they’ll certainly be a bonus. 

Lifestyle models represent an image in everyday situations. Take a look at posters in hospitals, or flyers which your postman seems to deliver constantly through your letter box. Consider local campaigns or the emergency services. The chances are a lifestyle model is used to get a point across, or to validate an important statement the public should be made aware of. Photos can carry more weight than words alone, and this is where some lifestyle models earn their crust.   

If you think you’d excel at promoting commercial brands in a normal setting, get in touch with us and follow the application form instructions. It could be the most important step you take in our wonderful industry.

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