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It’s an especially exciting time for pre-teens models. Here at Models Direct, we define pre-teens as youngsters between 8-12 years old. This age bracket is a huge market for both high street brands and catalogues, and as trends inevitably change throughout the years (or months!), an increase in pre-teens is required to meet the demands of a growing market. Remember - advertising is a multi-million pound business in the UK alone, and the pre-teen age sector is considered very important to all large fashion brands.

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We’ll assume that you, dear reader, are a parent or guardian. We’ll also assume that you have your child’s best interests at heart and won’t do anything to compromise their welfare. Think big, but think practically. Modelling work often involves travel, and some children may not respond well to driving medium to long distances. We put children’s comfort at the forefront of our business, and we think you’ll be satisfied with our guidelines and procedures. On the flip side, some children are eager to travel, which only adds to their modelling adventure. How many pre-teens can say to their friends that they’ve travelled to a job, enjoyed it, and been paid? 

Payment is subject to the specific job and client. Modelling is a hugely beneficial way for your child to earn money and, in turn, to respect its value. Whilst a little self esteem is usually a necessity, modelling work will increase a child’s overall confidence and could lead to business acumen and entrepreneurship skills.

Think laterally. Yes, fashion and clothes catalogues are a huge market for pre-teens, but what about other large sectors? Amongst the sectors to consider include:

  • Government agencies / councils - These official bodies have budgets, and regularly produce promotional material.
  • Education authorities / schools.
  • Advertising campaigns, e.g. traffic safety. 
  • TV adverts / posters / magazines / general media & websites.

Models Direct requires that parents and guardians are there throughout your child’s journey into modelling. For information about legality, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to advise you. 

Our modelling application form is easy to fill out - it should only take a minute. After that, you receive an email every time your child pops up in a model search. Only you decide to accept a modelling assignment; there’s no pressure and we respect that there might be some jobs that are not completely suitable for your child. Everyone’s different! If you choose to go with the job, we’ll do everything else at our end. It’s as simple as that.

Finally, modelling should be fun! What could be better than pre-teens engaging with professionals, gaining more confidence and earning money along the way?  

Models Direct actively encourages parents to fill out an application for their pre-teen children - their portfolio can be accessed 24/7. We’ve placed hundreds of children in high-end modelling jobs with the likes of McDonald’s,, Sky and numerous other companies. Please see our model’s feedback, and we look forward to working with your pre-teens! 

Zane, Reference: K755193

This lovely video feedback from our model Zane for his assignment filming a commercial for Pukka pads last week! On Wednesday I had my first assignment through Models Direct. We did 2 commercials for Pukka Pads. One was for a Puka Fun Colouring Book where we used iPads to scan it and it would come to life and it was really cool. The second one was for this really cool putty and I had just an amazing time.

See the finished Pukka Pads commercial below and on Facebook here featuring Models Direct models Zane, Jacob and India.

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