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What could be better than earning money modelling whilst promoting health and fitness? This is what our sport models do, and they’re very much in demand.

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You don’t have to be Dame Kelly Holmes or a superstar footballer to get involved. Just take a look at your local high street the next time you’re out and about. How many locals are wearing sports brands? From tracksuit bottoms to sports vests, to trainers to branded T-shirts, sportswear is as ubiquitous as ever. No wonder the sports fashion market was valued at $168 billion in 2018, and is expected to rise to a more staggering $248 billion by 2026. These are global figures, naturally, but it demonstrates the popularity of sports clothes around the world.

Yes… those those figures were just about sports clothes. Models Direct has plenty of opportunities for models looking to expand their portfolios into the sports industry. It could be modelling for sports catalogues, endorsing gym membership or promoting brands that manufacture sports kits. Health products such as diet supplements and vitamins can also be advertised by models who fit the brand’s sporty requirements. There really are no restrictions when it comes to sports modelling; if you think you have the looks and the attitude, you could make it as a sports model. What’s stopping you?

Models Direct is looking for athletic, vigorous models with the ambition and drive to succeed. If you think you match the following criteria, we’d love to hear from you:

  1. Toned physique. Whilst some sports brands don’t necessarily require a perfect body, many will insist on it - swimwear being a good example. BUT - and here’s good news - some clients look for sports models of all shapes and sizes, so never say never. If you don’t ask…

  2. Photographic, symmetrical features. Though a common aspect in all kinds of modelling, it’s often non-negotiable in sports modelling - especially when there’s a lot of skin showing!

  3. Commitment and ambition. A positive attitude to modelling and the professionalism to work with various prominent clients really pays off.

  4. Look at your specific set of skills. It’s not just the customary sportswear or the “Lycra and gym” look that everyone is looking for. Are good at skateboarding or skiing? Is karate or judo your thing? How about gymnastics or pole dancing? If you have that little bit of something different then stand out from the pack and chat with us!

  5. Looking to lose a bit of weight? Companies occasionally look for the perfect “before and after” candidate to promote products such as diet shakes and remedies. It’s a niche section of sports modelling, but certainly one to consider.

Clients are looking for both males and females from all backgrounds to model their products. In the last few years, marketing data companies have revealed a particular increase in female sports clothes. Perhaps unfairly regarded as slovenly “back in the day”, the female sports market is booming. Recent success in British sport is unquestionably a factor, whether it’s at football, athletics, cycling or swimming. Brands have evolved to be both stylish and practical, and consumers have responded positively. Department stores and high street outlets now sell more sports clothes than ever. More demand equals… more marketing… and the need for more sports models.

Be a winner with Models Direct. We’ve been placing sports models in various jobs for a number of years. Please complete the application form below, or simply pick up the phone for an informal chat.

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