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High in stature: Models Direct are on the lookout for tall models - both female and male

High in stature, certainly, but we’re only referring to physical height. All models have particular positive attributes that clients are keen to work with, and tall models are amongst the most valued in the business.

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But what denotes a “tall” model? First things first: stand against a wall and accurately make a small pencil mark on the wall in line with the top of your scalp. Next, find a tape measure. If the pencil mark is 5 feet 9 inches (175.5 cm) or higher from the ground, you could be one of our next female “tall models”. This isn’t the industry definition - 5 feet 9 inches is simply the height Models Direct have chosen as a tall female model. And it’s not just female models, either. Tall male models tend to be between 6 feet and 6 feet 3 inches, although the variety of our clients means that we can be flexible. Modelling assignments for tall males can vary, too, with sports products and catalogues being good avenues for the taller male. Other examples include fitness campaigns, high street shopping outlets and most exclusive fashion brands. 

Whilst height is not the only significant factor in modelling projects, taller models have undoubtedly flourished in the industry. Catwalks are the most obvious platforms where taller models can be spotted, but this will be on the request of the fashion brand promoting their products. Tall models excel in just about every aspect of modelling work, and it’s not just on the red carpet. Nowadays, diversity is endorsed by both agencies and fashion companies, and we’re no exception. Since the 1990s, Models Direct has supported every kind of model, and we value taller models just as much as any other type. Wouldn’t life be dull if we all looked the same?

The average height of women in the UK currently “stands” at 5 feet 3.5 inches (161 cm). For men, it’s 5 feet 9.5 inches (177 cm). Four inches can easily be added or taken off both these stats to produce a more accurate UK average: most of the adult UK population fits into this extended bracket. 

So why have taller models been favoured by major fashion houses over the more average height models out there? There are two main reasons to consider, both of which present no negativity to models of “normal” stature. For starters, fashion companies generally prefer models that represent a living representation of a mannequin: a walking coat-hanger, so to speak. Companies believe that the taller the model, the less the clothes wrinkle. This is not to discriminate - it’s just a practical reason. As potential buyers observe the clothes, a taller frame draws the eye down, making the clothes more symmetrical, smooth and ultimately more desirable. It may be an optical illusion, but it’s certainly an effective marketing tool. It’s all down to advertising and showing off the products in the best possible light - and taller models are regarded as the best ones to achieve this. Add on four-inch heels and, of course, the effect is magnified!

Villmore, Reference: YBWM-4476

I had a very good experience working with the film grew for the Avia advert, I was treated well and respect as an artist for the time I was there. I look forward to working with the company and the associates again.

Another reason is purely one of the aforementioned “stature”. Height, it is claimed, represents confidence and draws more attention to the casual observer. Consider the phrase “to look up to someone” - tall models are employed because they appear assured and stand out from the crowd (literally).

Additionally, fashion labels don’t want to keep altering their designs for different-sized model - it would simply take too much time, effort and money. By designing clothes for one general size, they can create more designs in a similar period of time than if they constantly changed sizes to suit the model.

More and more taller models are needed for various projects, and this is where you can shine. Scan through brochures, catalogues and high street shops - there has been a recent surge in larger fashion items, and it’s this variety which keeps the fashion and modelling industry thriving. If you’re a female over 5 feet 9 inches tall or a male over 6 feet, it could well be your turn next.  

Have a look at some of our taller model’s feedback. As one of the leading modelling agencies in the UK, we’re always interested in hearing from models who feel they have what it takes to succeed in exciting modelling work. Don’t forget to state your height (without heels!), and we look forward to hearing from you. Stand tall, stand proud, and get in touch! This applies equally to males - so, gents, if people always compliment your height, please get in touch.

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