Getting Yourself Out There: Get Noticed & Maximise Your Exposure

Once you've submitted your details via the online application for our professional Models Direct team to review, the next step that can help increase your exposure and build your confidence is to follow through with our handy tips. Get yourself ahead of the crowd and showcase your individuality. This will translate when you get called for an assignment. The camera never lies! (We’re not kidding). The lens will pick up on your confidence and feel-good vibes - along with the team you're working with - adding to your experience and value of the day. The client may love you and want you back in for more future work - bonus!

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Getting work as a model is much easier if you understand the skills of sales and marketing yourself.

Ooze in confidence, get clients interested and expand your network. Let's take a look at some of the tips we'd recommend our budding models to take on board.

Here we go!

1. Maximise your exposure in the world of modelling by contacting local advertising agencies and photographers.

Find out if they’d be interested in seeing your look for their marketing and advertising. If they are, pass the details on to us – your modelling agent will make contact and try to arrange a casting.

Getting in touch with other professionals in the industry will help you get a head start, increase your confidence when liaising with modelling oriented professionals and maximise your exposure.

2. Introduce yourself to the fashion editor of your local paper and online magazines.

Enquire whether they have any modelling shoots coming up where models are needed and explain how you would love to be featured. There may be no fee but it'll be great experience for your modelling career, helping you snap up some professional photographs - a brilliant start to your e-portfolio and CV!

3. Introduce yourself to the managers of local charity shops, fashion boutiques and bridal or hire companies as a new model looking to gain further experience.

See if they're interested in pursuing a project with you, using you for their next fashion show or upcoming assignments. Again, there may be no fee involved, but it'll give you a great kick-start in your modelling career. The experience will be a good stepping stone for your new profession. If it's a paid assignment, contact Models Direct to ensure that you get the best fee possible. We're always happy to help and open doors for you.

4. Be active on social media

Social media is now a must-have tool for anyone looking to expand their network so if you aren't active online, maybe the time is now. When creating accounts, ensure that your profile is professional so that when others come to view your page they know you mean business. Any existing social media accounts will need a deep cleanse beforehand as no one will want to stumble across unprofessional images and messages. It's best to clear them altogether. Maximise your professional social networking hub by following the companies, groups, and individuals you are really interested in rather than reaching out to everyone for the sake of it. Your meaningful online connections will go a long way in the industry; you never know who you'll meet with along the way.

Stand out from the crowd

Following these tips are a great way to start your modelling journey. Filling your life with positivity and opportunities will help maximise your exposure, expand your network and give you added confidence.

“Want to stand out? Want to get noticed? Constantly sharpen your skills. It's one of the ingredients to your success.”

- Francesca Anatasi
Business Growth Strategist, Savvy Consultant & Mentor

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