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What have Models Direct, RHM Titanic, Game of Thrones and Van Morrison all have in common? They all hail from the beautifully scenic country of Northern Ireland!

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Northern Ireland has a hidden gem that every budding and existing model needs to know about and that’s the fabulous Models Direct modelling agency. We want you to know that our nationwide modelling firm is seeking new models within the Northern Ireland region - so if you want to be a model, are already one, or know one - let us know and we'll help launch your modelling career!

Here at Models Direct, we're game-changers, and we aim to stay in the lead of the UK's modelling agencies. We are SO proud to represent a diverse range of models who are of all ages, shapes, sizes, trends, cultural backgrounds and abilities, unlike some other agencies. Our savvy team welcomes newborn, children, teenagers, women, men, mature models, as well as pets - who'd have thought there would be so many categories we cater for?! Create your free profile to begin your modelling registration process - it's simple and quick so no need to drain your batteries with tedious questions.

We are a reputable Northern Ireland agency set on always making waves within the modelling industry. Models Direct want to leave a positive footprint in the world of modelling. We want to break down the stereotypical modelling barriers and show the world that this industry is not restrictive or tied to unrealistic expectations unless we are a part of the limitations ourselves. We are age-positive and body-positive and want our wonderful models to be real-life people with who the population can connect to.

If you're reading this, are your thoughts leading you to this question? "Could I make it as a model?" Well, if you come on board and join our knowledgeable team, you certainly could. Our forward-thinking agency could ignite a long lost modelling passion or kick-start a new interest. Whatever your answer is, we are with you every step of the way ensuring that you get the best exposure.

Why choose us

Our ethos is uncomplicated yet powerful; we want to make waves in the modelling industry, not ripples. If you are ready for a new experience, all you need to do is fill out our online application form. You will need to attach two images of yourself (your family member, friend, or star pet) against a white backdrop so that our Models Direct team can see your or their look. We can then put you forward whenever a client needs a model like you for their marketing and advertising campaign.

We have a high-performing team here at our Northern Ireland agency who work carefully in matching our models to modelling work for our clients. Our assignment team is motivated to make a real difference in the modelling world. We work hard for each other and enjoy the benefits of being in a positive environment.

Our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter, also have a list of modelling jobs so that prospective and existing models can directly apply for positions themselves. This opening helps our models stay up to date and pick a position they would like to be a part of. With this added feature, models do not need to wait around to be assigned work.

Models Direct is proud to make modelling a safe and secure environment where we run extensive checks on all of our clients ensuring that they are legitimate and they say who they are. Having been established for 30 successful years, Models Direct is a government registered employment agency. We exist to give models part-time paid careers. Our team proficiently negotiates the best fee possible for our models. All our modelling assignments are thoroughly handled and we make 'happiness checks' to make sure our model's assignments went well and that they are ultimately happy with their experience. Read our model's reviews to see what they have to say about us.

If you are ready to jump-start a new experience and want to try something innovative, apply now and become a model with Models Direct, a leading Northern Ireland modelling agency!

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