Model profile: Karolina

Tell us about yourself.

I’m 23 years old, 5’9” (1.76m) tall with long, dark hair – which people tell me always looks very healthy! I have quite a slim build and I’m quite fit too – I love the gym!

I live in East London and work as a receptionist in a legal firm. I’m planning to start studying part-time for a degree in management this year. For me, modelling is really a fun hobby, but a way to earn extra money as well.

I’ve always loved trying out new looks, outfits and makeup, and also working with creative people like photographers and makeup artists to create something new.

How did you get started with Models Direct?

I found Models Direct online. Once I saw they had lots of clients and models, I felt that it was a very safe website.

When I spoke with some of the other agencies, I felt their upfront fees were too high. Models Direct also charge a fee with no guarantee of work, but at the end of the day it’s all about your look. It’s all down to the client, and nothing to do with the modelling agency. Your money secures your place and covers their expenses, and then it’s a question of whether clients like your look.

With some other agencies, it didn’t seem that they had that many models on their books, and you couldn’t really contact them to confirm that the company actually existed. I know that sometimes people send money to a firm that then disappears.

It was different with Models Direct. I felt I was dealing with a real company. I spoke to them to discuss the type of clients they have, the kinds of photoshoot they provide models for and so on.

How long did it take to find work?

It was about three or four months before I got an assignment.

Tell us about your assignments.

My first job was a photoshoot modelling wedding dresses for Emma Hunt, the London dress designer. I had a fantastic time! I had to wear about ten absolutely gorgeous dresses, starting first thing in the morning and finishing in the early evening. The client was brilliant to work with, and I still keep in touch with her.

I also did two hostessing assignments for the National Sporting Club, meeting and greeting clients outside the Twickenham rugby stadium. I’m a very open, friendly person, so I had a really good time. The people were nice, and we had a fantastic manager who explained exactly what we had to do. The only downside was that we had to stand up all day!

What would you say to people thinking about registering with Models Direct?

I would definitely advise people to register, because you never know what might happen. Models Direct do look after their models, keeping you fully informed so you feel totally safe. You won’t have to worry about anything!

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