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Last week I had my 3rd photo shoot with Models Direct in Birmingham in city center. I was lucky to be chosen three times with the same client. Gemma was as always very supported) This photo shoot was very lovely and fun. Thank you Models Direct and all great team. I received my checks with payment couples of days ago and I’m very grateful and extremely thankful. I hope I will get lots of modeling opportunities ahead

I had a lovely day yesterday doing a stills shoot for Gemma of Models Direct . Everybody was really friendly, it was really good fun . I told everyone, part of the shoot was me getting a wonderful massage, I was playing a patient in a care home, and I had a carer looking after me . Plus we all had a lovely picnic lunch, and I got paid ! Heaven !!

Really enjoyed my 1st assignment, lots of fun and very straightforward. Charlie was very friendly and helpful throughout, it was a pleasure dealing with her and I appreciate being chosen for the shoot. Looking forward to the next assignment.

On Wednesday I had my first assignment through Models Direct. We did 2 commercials for Pukka Pads. One was for a Puka Fun Colouring Book where we used iPads to scan it and it would come to life and it was really cool. The second one was for hs really cool putty and I had just an amazing time.

This was my first experience out doing a shoot and I thought it was great, met a few new people which i was abit nervous at first but after about 30 mins i settled in quite well, The Meet and greet I had at earlier date was really good followed by the vdeo shoot at the end of the month where i was placed in a urban part of the city and this is where it gets superb just being out there doing your own thing and i thoroughly enjoyed, can't wait to get out there again.

My name is Gavin. I’ve just done an assignment for Models Direct for Charles Wells Brewery promoting their new bears, had a good time , met some nice people and hopefully will work with them again in the future. Added bonus as well, got some free bear. Result!

Hello. My name is Gerry. I’ve just completed my first modelling assignment for Models Direct. I’d really recommend it to anybody, it was a great experience. It was really good to work with professional photographers in a really relaxed environment. The client knew what they wanted so it was straightforward and really enjoyable. I’d recommend it if anybody was thinking about doing this and it was great to work with other models as well. I’m looking forward to my next job really soon.

Hi Models Direct, it’s India. Thank you so much for picking me for the photoshoot. Meeting new people has been a wonderful experience. I enjoyed it so much. It’s been the most spectacular, special day ever. The thought of being chosen again and going through the whole experience again has just been spectacular. Amazing. Incredible . Words can’t describe. Thank you.

Vickie had great days during the 5 days shooting for the Welsh TV series Gwaith Cartref, I was a little bit worried she would not settle well in the new environment, but everyone was so nice to her. She was given enough time to relax, snack and rest. I'm so happy to see she made so many new friends onsite and enjoyed very much her time in front of the camera and being cuddled by different people. This is definitely a great experience for us and I have already recommended Models Direct to my friends.

I was nervous as this was my first assignment ever, I was asked to be an extra for a Walkers Christmas social media Campaign, At the end of the assignment I thought my confidence improved. Everyone was so friendly and informative. I would recommend joining Models Direct.

Hello from the Burton family. We’ve just been to Slough to do a photoshoot for the NSPCC for the ‘Messathone’. As you can see, we’re all pretty tired, pretty dirty, ready for bed now but had an absolutely brilliant day. Thank you to Models Direct for putting us forward for the job, it’s been absolutely brilliant. Kids have loved it and we're looking forward to doing another assignment soon. Thank you. Bye.

Hi this is Catalin. I just wanted to let you know a bit about my experience with Models Direct / Talent Management. I had my first assignment with them about a month ago and it was really fun. It was a fancy dress photoshoot, something I’ve never really done before, it was great, the client was awesome. It was a lot of fun on set and I got a nice pay cheque at the end of the day for not too many hours. I had a good time and I would definitely recommend it. Thanks.

Hi, I’m Claire and yesterday, thanks to Models Direct, I got the opportunity to work as an extra for an advert and it was a really great experience. We basically spent the whole evening watch these incredible musicians play their music for us and we just had to have a really good time and show we were really enjoying ourselves. It was great fun and I got to know loads of really nice people as well.

I really enjoyed my 2 days with models direct, the people they put me to work with were very easy to get along with and a lot of fun, I would happily recommend my friends to give it a go with models direct. And can't wait for another job with them.

So Dutchess and I just want to say thank you to Models Direct. We finished our assignment today. It all went really, really well. We had a great day and she got to be in lots of different shots. I really enjoyed the experience and it was really cool being on set and I’m hoping all the pictures turn out really well. So thanks again.

Oh my gosh what an amazing day! Was brilliant right from start to finish it was long but defiantly worth it!

When I was short listed to take part in this assignment to be an extra on Doritos Christmas commercial, I was really excited as I didn't know what to expect. When I arrived on set I was quite nervous to find out what my role was. My role was to take a selfie at a Christmas party. Once I got into character I really enjoyed it and started having fun with it. It was a great atmosphere and the best part for me was the final part of the party where everyone was dancing and rocking to the live band performing. I would definitely recommend signing up to Models Direct even if it's just for the experience of being part of a great production. Would definitely love to do something similar again.

It was really good to being a model for Ford Commercial cars today, and I would love to do it again. The most enjoyable part of my assignment, is networking and working with other models. I was ask to sit in a mini truck playing the part of the as the driver,. I felt confident and comfortable. Been a model is exciting that's why I decided to join Models Direct so that I can pursue my career in the modelling industry.

Hi, this is Yomi. Just to say I had an awesome time shooting at Basingstoke, all thanks to Models Direct for this opportunity and hopefully more jobs from you guys. Bye.

"This was our second assignment through Talent Management, and as the first one went so well I was hoping this would be the same. We arrived to meet photograph and film crew at Perevil Homes, and after introductions we were straight into the working day. As this was a family shoot we are always hoping they will be patient with Oscar who is my 4 year old little boy, and we had nothing to worry about. We had such an amazing day with lots of laughs and loads of fun. We had never done filming before so that was a new aspect of modelling that we all thoroughly enjoyed and wont hesitate to work for the company, photographer and film crew again. When first joining Talent Management, I was worried that we would never get a job as there must be so many people going for the same jobs, however I think with keeping your profile up to date and adding photos and information as I have done (not just for myself, but my husband and 3 children too) is why we have had success, along with the help from the amazing staff at Talent Management."

"This was my first assignment with Talent Management as a feature model (I was mother of the bride) for a bridal photoshoot at the Talland Bay hotel in Cornwall for their website and new brochure. I was a little nervous beforehand but also excited for the experience. There were six models (3 girls, 3 guys) and it turned out to be a really fun day. We spent the first couple of hours having our hair and makeup done in one of the hotel rooms, outfits were also provided. The photographer spent the next three hours taking shots of all the parts of a normal wedding day from finishing touches in the hotel room getting ready whilst drinking champagne with the bride/bridesmaid and mother of the bride, top table reception and speeches, various family style outdoor shots in the beautiful garden to evening shots in the bar. The hotel were wonderful and not only set up a fabulous mock reception scene but also provided food and drinks, as well as Champagne for the shots that required it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Everyone was very friendly and it was wonderful to meet and chat to the owners and staff of the hotel, the makeup artist/hair stylist and the other models. I joined Talent Management to get more experience in modelling, meet new people and just to have some fun and of course it is great to get paid for each job too. My kids are getting older and I have more time to do this so hopefully some more work will come my way soon. All in all a really fun experience. "

"The assignment involved taking my pet pomsky Kali to Lapland UK for the day. Our role was to meet and great all the visitors, interact with the children and allow them to touch and pet Kali and have photos. I was slightly nervous beforehand as this was the first assignment we had been on and I didn't know exactly how Kali would react in such an environment. I found the day thoroughly enjoyable and was so pleased with how Kali behaved, she was brilliant with all the children and her lovely soft nature was ideal! Everyone seemed to really love how small Kali is and how rare it is to see such a small 'husky'. Her size worked particularly well with the very small children and toddlers. It was also a lot of fun to dress up for the day and be fully immersed in this Christmas wonderland! I left feeling very festive! I would definitely recommend to anyone given the opportunity to work at Lapland UK to go for it, they will not be disappointed! All the elves, pixies, and behind the scene staff were so friendly and very welcoming. I think being part of an agency such as Talent Management is a fantastic idea. They take all the hard work out of finding assignments and also give you the opportunity to get involved in things you otherwise might not have the opportunity to do. I joined Talent Management because I love and am truly passionate about my dog Kali and her capabilities. This is something I wanted to share with others. Recently I have not being very proactive in updating Kali's profile but after today it is something that I am definitely going to do. I would love to get more assignments for her and feel more confident about taking her."

"I arrived at the assignment for Resource Marketing, promoting an Assisted Living Complex in Devon, feeling a little apprehensive. However my apprehension was totally unfounded as the guys in charge of the campaign and shoot were extremely friendly and very professional. Being in front of the camera is both exhilerating and exciting and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about making a move into the world of modelling to take that next step. Directions were clear and concise which made the assignment easy and comfortable. Four models were hired for the day and we were required to re-create various scenarios that residents may find themselves in. Including, gardening, having fun in the activity area, dining, I.T. training, living within their own apartment,working out in the gym etc. etc. I would fully recommend anyone to step forward and give it a go. It was fun, exciting, entertaining, educating and getting paid as well. My advice to anyone going out on an assignment. Is to listen, listen and listen some more. This allows you to understand exactly what is required. One last little tip, learn as much about the assignment in advance. So you are prepared with the right clothing and small props that you may need. But more than anything else have fun. Because I did. Thanks Models Direct!"

Cheque arrived on time. Happy Days...Thanks Talent Management... Love you guys !

"Loved this shoot and had loads of fun. Would really love to do it again. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was working with lovely people (who really looked after us and were super nice to work with) and enjoying the perks of the job - such as some lovely free rose wine from the restaurant where we were shooting! We were photographed/video'd doing various things around Harwich town for the day - wandering round the streets, enjoying a nice glass of wine/meal, walking along the pier looking out to sea, visiting the beach, splashing through the sea. The shoot was for Harwich Council and it was great working closely with a small production crew for the day, I really enjoyed it, and yes it did improve my confidence at taking direction and feeling that I could deliver what they needed. It was good to prove that I could take a lead role in a shoot confidently. Would definitely recommend the experience - it was such a fun couple of days. I joined Models Direct because I had a previous modelling job through an extras agency which I enjoyed so much I thought it would be good to join a specialist modelling agency."

"The day began with an early start, getting a train from Nottingham to Cambridge at 6 am. As this was my first modelling shoot I was nervous as well as tired, however as soon as I got to the venue I felt extremely welcome. I worked with a young team of models from Talent Management, who were all nice and very easy to get on with. The shoot consisted of us acting as students in a classroom, advertising Steelcase Furniture. The producers were extremely keen on making the set look as futuristic as possible with iPhones and iMacs spread across the set. We kept getting told we were doing an amazing job and were able to finish early because of it. It was an unforgettable experience and I throughly enjoyed it. To others new to the industry, I would advise to be optimistic, not everyone in the modelling world is strict and harsh as portrayed on TV, also try and be your self , relax and all should go well. I've been with Talent Management under a year and have already been put forward for paid work. So this is a promising start. I hope this is the beginning of bigger and better things."

"I enjoyed taking part in the assignment at Newfield Lodge at Castleford near Leeds. It was great and we all had fun and laughter during the shoot, and I would love to do do it again. The most enjoyable moment during the different takes and the breaks was getting to know and talking to other male and female models from Talent Management and having a good conversation, asking them about their experiences on different assignments. During the day we had to dress like the other residents in the lodge and take part in different rooms with different scenes and settings in one the takes. At one point, we were asked to take part in playing a card game, boules and skittles and also dominos. I definitely picked up some new skills on the shoot. Having said that, while I was in Australia I joined the Academy School of Modeling in Collins Street Melbourne and then went on to Drama School of Acting and Television with Crawford Productions Film and Television later on. I was given TV extra parts in soaps and a few months later I was asked if I would like to join the cast of Division 4 (television police series). I then did a feature film called Ryan for Channel 7 Dorcas Street Melbourne, which in one scene I was involved in a fight including stunt work, from there I did anther police series called Matlock Police at Channel O Nudawading just outside of Melbourne. It's a good trade to be in TV, radio and stage productions as well as modeling. It's all down to experience and hard work. I would recommend joining a drama group to go a stage further in this industry. In the talent industry, you meet such a lot of different types of people and you can gain such a lot of experience just by watching and listening. The reason I joined up with Talent Management was to be able to continue with modeling from the experience I had in Australia and to pursue further assignments and earn a lot of money in the meantime."

Hi. I’m Nicki. I’m a freelance model, worked with various clients, in the UK and abroad. Finding work with Models Direct was refreshing and encouraging for me to see especially for a model like myself with disabilities. The Booking Agents, especially Marie and Molly, thank you so much for reassuring me from the beginning to the end allowing me to be 100% to meet the needs of the clients, especially with one assignment where I did a video shoot for a huge technical brand which I can’t wait to share soon. Thank you Models Direct.

I thoroughly enjoyed my photo shoot for DWP today. It was well managed and the whole team looked after my needs and directed the shoot very well. I joined Talent Management to add another income stream to my pension. If all assignments are as good as today, I will be pleased to keep on receiving them - please! Norman

"Another fun day! This time I was with Graham, Anna and Michael at a home owned by Ideal Care Homes - a very smart and well run establishment. They were updating the brochure and asked us to pose as residents in different scenarios to give a full indication of the facilities. Personally I was involved in scenes at the hairdressers - icing cakes - playing cards - reading in the lovely garden and having sing round the organ. The home staff were so welcoming and the team in charge including the photographer so very organised that it was delightful to work with them. I changed clothes so many times I lost count, but fortunately having had experience of this kind of shoot before had taken along lots of different items to give a wide choice of costume. This is something I have learned as I have gained experience - always take more props than you think you need... If they are not used - no matter! Every time I have worked for Talent Management I have had a wonderful experience, learning more about the industry. My assignments are always so well documented and organised by Molly - thank you! Do sign up and get involved - you will have a whale of a time, and get paid for it!!"

"An early morning start for this assignment - it was dark and raining! I travelled to a location in the South of England, and on arrival the sun was shining and I found a fabulous country house complete with the most placid black Labrador who - given a chance - would have appeared in every shot. I was to be used as a model for Invacare to promote a new bath lift and as the day progressed I could see what an invaluable asset it would be to anyone having difficulty in getting in and out of a bath - we all know what bliss a soak in a bath is when tired or in pain! I was first filmed putting down a coffee mug in the kitchen - and supposedly looking a little weary and ready for a bath. We then went upstairs where I changed into swimming costume and bath robe to demonstrate how the lift took apart easily, and finally spent some time in a bath full of bubbles going up and down to show the lift in operation. The final scenes showed cleaning and storing the equipment. It was a wonderful day - good company, expert advice from the photographers, and well directed by the company representatives. I have done several assignments for Talent Management - each one totally different - but each time learning new photographic skills and having a thoroughly enjoyable time. Of course there are nerves when you receive the paperwork - just what is required? Have I chosen the right outfits to take with me? What will the crew be like? However all goes well on the day and with the wonderful support from the team at Talent Management it is a most satisfying experience - try it and see!"

Hi. My name is Ramone Watson. I work for Models Direct. First of all, they’re a great company. I recommend them to anyone, especially if you're a young person, it’s a lot of fun work. I’ve done video shoots, I’ve done photo shoots, for different companies and they’re very helpful and very supportive and I would definitely recommend them again. Thank you.

Hi guys. So I’m talking about my shoot yesterday. It was a commercial in Regent Street. It was a really fun shoot, quite easy, good atmosphere. I would recomend it through Models Direct - just give it a go.

"Raven was really looking forward to this and absolutely loved the experience. She said it made her feel very special and she can't wait to do it again, her favorite part of the day was Posing on the Triumph motorcycle. She was asked to sit and act as natural as possible as if she was having fun with her family and helping her dad with the bike. I believe she has come away from this experience with a lot more confidence and understanding of the modeling world. This is something that she really wants to do and would recommend it for anyone else with an interest in this industry. If I was to give advice to anyone I would say it is a lot of waiting around so if u want to do something like this be prepared for that, act confident, be helpful and follow instructions. We have been updating our e-portfolio and changing photos around so there is always something different. Raven has always loved the camera, has always been bubbly and loved being in the lime light so Joining Talent Management was a good move for her."

I had a great time modelling for the title sequence of Chanel 5's new dating show. Thank you Talent Management, It's is definitely an experience that I would do again due to the fact that there was no pressure and it was complete

"I joined up with Talent Management as I had some modelling experience when I was younger, and now I live back in London and my children have left home, so I felt this would be the perfect time to re-start my career. I really enjoyed my first assignment through TM, modelling and promoting Bridgman garden furniture. This was something I hadn't done before so I was a little nervous at first, but soon settled into the job in hand. The job involved promoting and showing how each set of furniture could be used. This was most enjoyable, as it involved lots of fun shoots eating and drinking around a table, entertaining with friends on the outside sofas and just relaxing on the sun beds. The team around me were so friendly and I would love to do more assignments, I would certainly recommend the experience to a friend."

I enjoyed working in Northampton for the NHS's latest video shoot. I felt at ease and everything was quite simple. Everyone was really nice and we all had a good time working together. I would recommend signing up to Talent Management to anyone looking for industry experience and to add to your CV. Thanks, Janelle

My first time doing modelling through Talent Management, before the shoot TM were great making sure I knew what I was doing and where I was going. I was a bride in a photo shoot for Talland Bay Hotel in Cornwall. Its was great fun- Met some other models, had a great day at a pretend wedding. I'm really glad I used Talent Management-  Really professional and look forward to getting more work thought them!

Thanks Talent Management! I spent the day getting facial , 8 of them! All done by a well known make up artist at the launch of a new skin care range by L'Occitane . It was a great day with friendly people who in the end felt more like old friends than new acquaintances.

"I felt like a celebrity as if I was on set for a movie - with all the cameras, lights and direction, professional makeup, hair stylist and wardrobe support. It was fun and very relaxed despite all that was going on so I was able to be really chilled out and laugh when I was supposed to. Its really great for fantasy and imagining yourself as another person or in a new role in life: a bit like princess dreams. Yes I would do it again. The acting to get the looks they wanted for the images. I had to picture many different places and events to portray the emotions and looks required. I learnt about makeup and how to apply it for different looks. I also learnt a lot about acting. I was paired with a husband for the day to discuss financial planning for retirement. We had to look like a couple, but serious about what we were planning; and we had to portray a range of emotions from deep contemplation; to discussion; questioning to agreement seriousness to joy; reassuring and supporting each other while putting together information and checking together it is correct and assuring each other that we have made a brilliant decision while working with laptop and tablet and all of this over tea in the kitchen and on the sofa in the lounge in the evening. My advice is you have to be patient and open-minded. You have to be chilled, easy-going and professional all in one. Be prepared to let yourself be directed and use your imagination and memories to get into whatever character you need to. That way it becomes real and you do not even notice the camera and other stuff around. I update my portfolio from time to time and choose the photos very carefully to match what the industry wants. I have always loved fantasy, stories, dance, theatre and fashion. And have always envisioned myself doing modelling and acting but never felt it could ever happen so kept it as a latent dream. Then I came across Talent Management in an internet search. I made an application and they got in contact in a week. The advisor was friendly and very charming and also very encouraging and made me feel my dreams were possible. And the rest is history as they say."

"I just could not decide what outfits to take on my model shoot today! I was told to dress smart professional - I thought through what would be warm yet cool and comfortable enough to wear all day. I also chose stylish comfortable shoes that I could stand in. The other models were so warm and welcoming, as were the agency leads. The client made sure we were ok all day and we never without a range of snacks. I felt very comfortable and it was a nice break from my usual routine. It was like a working holiday. I would encourage anybody with a bit of flexible time and appetite for fun to try this. Models Direct will help you all the way. All you need to do is relax and take it all on. I signed up with MD because I have always liked modelling and acting. I thought I could only do it in another life - not so! Regardless of your age and stage in life you can do it, because it's all about regular people doing regular stuff, like all of us. "

Had a fantastic time today at the photoshoot thanks to Models Direct. It was a really professional environment, I felt very comfortable and it was really well organised by everybody and I hope I get some more work soon so keep me posted. Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed my latest acting role, although I was slightly nervous beforehand as it was the biggest job I have had, however the team really made me feel at ease. I enjoyed shooting all the scenes. I filmed for an NHS information film and had to be filmed using the various facilities around the hospital. I gained some new insight into what it is like to be an actor i.e. how long scenes can take to film. I also gained confidence from the experience and feel it will help with my future bookings. I would recommend the experience to others as it was a useful and enjoyable experience. I would tell anyone looking to get into the talent industry to join an agency, which is a very useful move as well as maintaining a quality and up to date portfolio. I am always on Talent Management's websites and social media keeping an eye out for jobs as being proactive is important in order to obtain more work. I joined up with Talent Management to gain more experience and pursue my dream career as an actor and model, and they have really helped me to move forward in this field.

"Another amazing day, it was a 2h drive but worth it! I met some very nice people again, they were looking after me and helping me a lot. This was my second time working for Models Direct while pregnant and it was much more relaxing for me this time I have to say. I would love to do that kind of things more often. I recommend this agency to everyone! The money wasn't the real motivation for me to join Models Direct, I just want to make good memories for the future while creating nice pictures. Thank you Models Direct ;)"

Hi ya. My name is Deon. I’m eighteen years old and I’ve just had my first shoot with Models Direct. I was a bit nervous going into the shoot as it was my first, but thanks to the Models Direct staff the made me feel comfortable and welcome. They also gave me that confidence boost I needed. So I’d love to say a massive thank you to Models Direct for giving me this first opportunity to take on board because it has now given me a stepping stone into the modelling industry.

"Today's assignment was a photo shoot promoting Westminster Recliners newest range of chairs and adjustable beds. It took place in two industrial units one made up as a bedroom scene and the other as a lounge. There were 6 of us models taking part, 3 ladies and 3 men, we had to wear casual outfits for day wear and pyjamas for the bedroom settings. Each couple had to demonstrate the various adjustable positions of chairs and the beds in an everyday setting. There were several changes of furniture and background settings which meant quite a bit of standing around but it was all very interesting to watch and also gave us a chance to get to know each other. The crew and photographers were very friendly and easy to get on with, so it made for a very enjoyable experience. It is great fun to do this kind of work and I thoroughly recommend it. Thanks again Talent Management for the assignment!"

"Today's assignment was set in the Simulation and Interactive Learning Centre at St.Thomas's Hospital London. I was to to take the part of a nurse for the NHS Professional's latest advertising material. It involved wearing a nurses uniform and and being involved in various activities. I had to instruct another nurse how to set up a syringe for an injection, have discussions with the doctor and staff nurse about various patients and taking the temperature, pulse and blood pressure of a child patient who was lying in bed, and to give comfort and reassurance to the child's mother. The idea was to portray the sort of activities that would normally happen in a hospital and to generally interact with one another whilst working on a ward and walking in the corridors. The crew were very friendly and easy to get on with and seemed very pleased with what we had all achieved. It was a very enjoyable experience and I look forward to seeing the photos in due course. Thank you once again Talent Management."

"My usual involvement with modelling is as chauffeur (unpaid!) for my wife Patricia, who has successfully modelled on a number of occasions. Imaging my surprise and delight to be asked to model (paid) with her on an assignment at a Care Home in Castleford - no hanging about in an unfamiliar town this time. We were greeted at the Care Home by a most welcoming receptionist, offered coffee straight away and at intervals throughout the day together with an excellent buffet lunch for which the chef had even baked a victoria sponge cake. The very professional photographer made the work easy - my first scene was in the garden, as the weather was fine and sunny, and involved my pretending to attend one of the raised gardens - gardening is very definitely not my forte, but all went well. Other scenes during the morning involved holding hands with Patricia and doing a crossword, rather more in my line than gardening. After lunch we were joined by Anna and Michael for more scenes - playing cards, having a sing-song by the electric organ, played most convincingly by Michael, and a scene where I was supposed to be laughing uproariously at a joke - try laughing to order! The day seemed to rush by and it was time to go home - a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience - thank you very much Molly at Talent Management!"

"At first, I was a bit nervous about what to do but when I met the people I was working with, I gained confidence and really enjoyed the day as well as making new friends. The assignment involved modelling modern table and chairs by Steelcase furniture whilst pretending to be students. I would recommend joining an agency to anyone wanting to get in the industry, because it was a really enjoyable day and lovely meeting new people. I joined Talent Management because I got told by a lot of people I should try modelling as I have an unusual look. I look forward to my next assignment!"

"Well, well, I have been working with Models Direct for four years and been to many locations but this was very different, a Casino, and it was very interesting. Unlike most shoots where you may work alone or with another two or three colleagues, today there were fifteen and it was pleasure meeting and making new friends, although I didn't get to meet everyone. The ambience of the Casino was quite different to other locations and in a strange way both exciting and interesting, for one reason it was open and working. The shoot itself was again different to any other I have done, but that is what makes working for Models Direct such a pleasure, you don't know what it is going to be but you do know you will enjoy it and get paid for enjoying yourself. Once again thanks Molly, more please."

"I joined Talent Management as I wanted to earn some extra money working on advertisements and brochures. This work fits in well with my existing schedule. After 18 months I had my first assignment from the agency. It was a photo shoot for Westminster Recliners latest furniture brochure. The job was suppose to be from 12.30 to 3.15 or perhaps 4.00, I travelled to Colchester and was collected by one of the team. I was taken to a double unit warehouse where the sets were built. There was tea and coffee and biscuits and everyone was friendly. However, due to unexpected issues on set, we did not start our shoots until 3.30! Once started it went quite quickly and we were informed we would receive extra pay for the overtime. We had 2 sets to work in - a lounge and a bedroom. Clear instructions were given by the photographers who had a clear brief and knew what they wanted from us. Smile, talk, laugh etc. I am not nervous in front of a camera as I have done TV and video work before. For newcomers it may take a little time – but usually the photographers are helpful and friendly so if you like working with people and want to earn a little extra cash I would say try and stick with it. You meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds. I believe the 2 most important things to understand and be able to cope with – When we did the scene for the bedroom furniture I was lying in my pyjamas in the freezing cold. You also have to be prepared to wait around for ages. Take a book or your knitting. It was an interesting day nevertheless and I hope the agency will get me more work. However, you also need to look for work yourself and join many agencies if you want to be kept busy. Don’t be scammed – make sure people and companies you deal with are registered and certainly don’t ever pay huge amounts of money up front.I once spent £800 on just photographs! If you want something different then join Talent Management – a helpful and friendly team"

Hey, so I’m Isaac. I was one of the extras today. It was my first ever shoot and to be honest I had such a sick time. It was generally so cool. I’m a musician and the fact we were filming a music video with live music, it was completely awesome. It was really cool,I was really happy, I’ve met so many cool people and I got on with everyone I spoke to. Thank you to Models Direct for getting me that job. They made my day - I had the best Sunday. Thank you Models Direct and see you later.

"I absolutely loved my first modelling assignment today it was really good fun working with the photographer and the other children, I cannot wait for the next one! My assignment was modelling Stem educational toys with other children for the catalogue and there wasn't a single part from the day I could pick out as more enjoyable than the rest as I loved every second from walking into the building to walking out again. Actually I wish that I could of been there for a few more hours, I just love being in front of the camera! For anybody who is thinking about or wanting to become a model I would just say two things, firstly ""relax"" and secondly ""have fun"" I joined up with Talent Management for experience and to take advantage of the knowledge that they posses of the industry. This is something I really feel comfortable doing and enjoy, so hopefully my first of many assignments. Thank you Talent Management team for my first opportunity!"

"Holly really enjoyed her day having her photograph taken. She was made to feel the centre of attention which she loved, so would definitely like to do this sort of thing again. Holly had to pose as a customer with her 'mum' and visit a car showroom to choose a new car. She enjoyed sitting in the car and pretending to drive. The day has boosted Holly's confidence, as she just loves making people smile. We'd definitely recommend doing this to anyone who asked, but you must be confident. This is the first role Holly has had with Models Direct, and we hope it is the first of many more. This is something which holly could potentially consider as a career when she is older, if she decides to continue."

"I was nervous before hand but after getting my hair and makeup done, I started to feel more comfortable. Getting my makeup done professionally, was definitely the part I enjoyed the most! I had to get ready and wear a bridesmaid dress for the shoot and I was asked to hold a basket which had a flowers in, I was directed on how to hold it and how to stand, for the photos. I joined up with Talent Management because I wanted to pursue my hobbies professionally and It's always been an ambition of mine, also for the experience. I have definitely gained a bit of confidence from this assignment , all of the people there were lovely and made me really comfortable and that I looked nice. This shoot for Oasis Floral, was my first assignment, I learned about how a shoot goes and what you have to do. My advice for anyone thinking of pursing work with a Talent Agency is just to go for it. It's an amazing experience and it will boost your confidence as well as teach you new skills."

"This was my first ever paid modelling shoot and I really didn't quite know what to expect. But as soon as I arrived at the main entrance, the atmosphere steadily became vibrant and full of positive energy. The type of photo shoot was for a corporate eyewear company and I was interested to see what type of quirky designs they would have for us to model. I couldn't believe how blessed I felt to be surrounded by such warm, down to earth, loving individuals. It was everything you could ever dream of as a model. The atmosphere was second to none. Lyn, who's the Director of Strategic Planning - Sales and Marketing at ASE Corporate Eyecare Ltd, not forgetting the rest of the team, were absolutely amazing and extremely fun to have around. There were fond moments whereby we were all caught up in huge hysterics, it was great. They made us feel well relaxed and there was plenty of tea and coffee to go round. Kim also shared out some special candy to keep our sugar levels up. There were tonnes and tonnes of glasses available to our disposal, 4,000 to to be precise. If we had another 1,000 models that would have made the atmosphere a tiny bit different. Graeme the photographer was great to work with, so many stories to tell, also contributed to the relaxed and chilled atmosphere. Lots of food and refreshments were served, fantastic hospitality as well as everything else. We all sat down together for a friendly lunch and a nice chit chat amongst the whole crew. Ed and Katherine were the other models who I worked with during the shoot. Katherine is more experienced in the modelling game, whereas Ed and I were the virgins fresh out of Models Direct. We all got along so well and it was quite sad when we all had to part ways at the end, but we all exchanged details hoping to reunite in October when our photos will be displayed at an exhibition in Central London. Something to look forward to indeed. Despite the rain throughout the whole shoot, we had plenty of sunshine in the building to go round. I would most certainly recommend signing up to Models Direct. I gained so much confidence and I also learnt to be myself, because who I was to everyone and where I came from really didn't matter, I was treated as an equal and I felt secure within myself being amongst everyone involved in the photo shoot. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Molly Robinson who is one of the Models Direct recruitment managers for giving me the opportunity to work with some amazing people. Would I do it again? What do you think? I can't wait for the next assignment. Bring it on! "

I spent the afternoon working with two other models and the production team at Ideal Care Homes. I was asked to play the part of care assistant in varies scenarios, the aim being images for a publicity brochure. The shoot was very well organised and we were told exactly what was wanted at each stage. Everyone was really friendly which made the experience very enjoyable. Thanks Models Direct (Molly) for making sure everything went to plan.

"I have just completed a photographic shoot to promote a new upmarket retirement village at Montpellier Cheltenham for the Sanctuary Group. This was my second assignment with Talent Management and I was a little apprehensive and excited prior the shoot. As part of the promotion for the Sanctuary Group, I was asked to work with Herb (another model from Talent Management), we were required to act as a retired couple who were downsizing to live in the retirement village. As part of the shoot we were required to be photographed walking in the park, and posing for various shots in front of some traditional Cheltenham houses. We were also photographed window shopping in the local village shops. By this time, Herb had made me feel at ease, he was so relaxed and professional, we had a good laugh and really enjoyed the experience of being photographed outside. We then had photographs taken in a local hotel, where we were treated to a lovely lunch, whilst the photographer took various shots of us enjoying dining in the hotel restaurant. The photographer and brochure designer were both very friendly and professional - they gave us good direction, explained what they wanted us to do and what they wanted to acheive during the shoot. It was a brilliant day. I left the assignment feeling as though I had gained in confidence and look forward to more photographic work in the future. I would recommend Talent Management for anyone who would like to become a model - to have new experiences and meet interesting people."

"I had a lovely afternoon taking part in a photo shoot for a Brochure to promote Newfield Lodge Care Home in Castleford. Myself and 3 other models (Pat, Graham and Michael) from Talent Management had to partake in various scenarios, showing different settings and activities that residents can take part in e.g. playing carpet boules and skittles as well as card games. Pat and I were asked to ice buns and Michael and Graham played dominos. I also played the part of a grandma with a model mum and daughter to show that family and friends are welcome to visit. We were all photographed having a sing along whilst Michael played the organ. The photographer and design team managed the shoot very well - they gave us good direction making us all feel comfortable and at ease. I really enjoyed the experience and meeting lots of people. I would recommend Talent Management to anyone wishing to enjoy lots of different experiences and to gain in confidence. Talent Management look after all the arrangements and actively promote their models. I'm looking forward to my next assignment. "

"This was our assignment experience for Lapland UK and It was just as good, if not better than the first time. Since Anuko had gotten used to the experience the week before he was more cooperative this time. We again had a wonderful time with the fellow staff and I even managed to sneak away for 5 minutes to take some ace pictures or Anuko in the wonderland snow. This opportunity meant that Talent Management have provided us with two experiences in just under a month of being with them, which is immense! We would have never gained such amazing experiences and met such awesome people if it wasn't for TM. I recommend this company to anybody."

"Acting and Modelling for the global office furniture company Steelcase was a really nice first job to received from Models Direct. The film crew and director all made me feel very welcomed on the day and it was a very chilled atmosphere, not to mention the free lunch, snacks and drinks provided all day long. I would definitely recommend Models Direct as a great platform to pursue work in the talent industry!"

I had a fantastic shoot today for Clinical Skills Pro. It was totally what I expected and more - the team were great and made feel fill right at ease, the body painting only took about 3 hours in total and I was taken care of and asked if I wanted anything regularly. I learnt a lot about the human body today and was captivated by the information which I was required to portray physically. I loved being part of what turned out to be a very unique experience. Thank you Talent Management for the opportunity!

"Thank you Talent Management, Dawood really enjoyed the shoot today especially meeting different kids of all ages. Dawood was friendly, not nervous at all and spoke to all the kids and team members involved. The photo shoot was for Stem educational toys catalogue. He and another child were given a construction set to play with and enjoy. Snacks were always available and the team was polite and patient. "

"This was my third assignment with Models Direct! The assignment involved me and two other male models being photographed for the Swedish pharmaceutical company Sobi. The shoot took place inside Blackpool tower where we had to pose and interact together as a group of friends. My favorite part of the assignment was when they made us close our eyes and placed us on the glass floor at the top of the tower, then made us open our eyes to capture our natural reactions! The company directors and photographers were very friendly and made me feel more than comfortable. They were very good at directing us and couldn't praise us enough! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being a model for the day and meeting new people. At first I was a bit nervous as you don't always know exactly what to expect but once I arrived and greeted the crew and models I felt much more relaxed and they then explained in detail what we were going to be doing. At first I found it a bit difficult to get into character for the shoot however I soon relaxed and became fully into character. Every time I do an assignment it is brilliant for my confidence, I feel that it helps you to be independent and gives you the confidence to try new things and just get stuck in. I would definitely recommend the experience to others, it is brilliant and all I would say is just be yourself and give it your all. You will be absolutely fine. I would certainly recommend Models Direct to anybody looking for extra work or interested in pursuing work in the talent industry because they have been amazing with me and I have had three assignments so far and every one of them I have had so much fun and gained a lot of experience from."

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day shooting for Aster Group Independent living accommodation. The location was great, crew most professional and very helpful. Thank you Models Direct for allowing me to participate. I look forward to further assignments in the near future.

"The assignment today was good fun, and would like to do similar things in the future. It was a shoot for the NHS Professionals so I was given a nurses uniform and then had to do various poses such as taking someone's blood pressure, taking blood etc. I learnt to just be natural and chat away during photos being taken rather than being static. The most enjoyable part was meeting all the different people e.g. the make up artist, photographer and other models. I would definitely recommend this experience to others as it is just something different to what you would normally do (I'm an accountant!). The advice I would give is just be yourself, turn up on time and listen to instructions. I found Models Direct to be really good and informative with regards to my most recent assignment."

"This was my second assignment with Models Direct and it was just as awesome as the last one! It was for a marketing campaign for a casino in MK. It was a relaxed shoot and the people were just so friendly - I have even made some new Facebook friends :D The photographer was lovely and the lady who ran the casino was so friendly. As soon as I came in, the marketing manager shook my hand and made me feel really welcome. We chatted away and I learnt so much about the casino that I had never known before! It was really, really, really good fun and I am so pleased that I was picked to do it! Please Models Direct, if you have anything else that's near me sign me up as it has truly been a fantastic morning! :D"

" I felt good being a model for the day. It was fantastic and I hope to do it again very soon! I really enjoyed getting my pictures taken and playing with the toys when the photos were not being taken. I was asked to smile and I was asked to hold some toys for the pictures. They asked me to sit down, and I had to move my hands in different places on the table. I learnt that modelling is about listening and smiling, I would tell anyone that wants to, to do it because lots of people like smiling and it was really fun, plus if you're really good you will have your face on a magazine! I wanted to join Models Direct to do modelling jobs and I thought it was going to be fun,thank you!"

"It was brilliant fun, the whole family was involved for this assignment which made it even more exciting! We would definitely love to do it all again. The assignment involved being filmed and photographed pretending we are getting the keys to our new home and then celebrating our new home with champagne on the balcony. The cameraman was great, giving us simple instructions and increasing our confidence. The most fun part of the assignment was watching my children have a great time with beaming smiles. We would definitely recommend it to other families - a great fun experience and you get paid, win, win! I haven't been great at keeping the boys profiles updated but this has spurred me on to update them so they can get more work. I signed the boys up to Models Direct as I thought they would love the experience and I was right, getting paid for it is a bonus."

"My assignment, the very first one, was with Aspers Casino and my role was to impersonate a member of staff handing a big cheque to a person who had won the jackpot. I really enjoyed working on this assignment, I had lots of fun and met wonderful new people. Gemma the photographer was very nice and professional, so was the casino staff. The part I enjoyed most was meeting new people (the winners) and working with them, which I found quite easy to do. This gave me more confidence in front of the camera and is definitely an experience I would like to repeat. Thank you Models Direct for this wonderful opportunity! And thank you Molly for being so nice and professional and prompt with all the paperwork involved. I would definitely recommend Models Direct to new models. "

"Phoebe said " at first I was a little nervous as this was my first assignment and didn't know what to expect. The crew were funny and made me and Toby laugh. I had to play games with Toby while photos were taken. I forgot about the camera as I was having fun playing! I learnt that we have to sit up straight and keep smiling as we were playing. I had fun and would like to do it again." Phoebe had been with Models Direct for two years before securing this assignment posing for Learning Resources catalogue, so you need to be patient and most importantly make sure that your profile is updated regularly."

It was my first assignment and I was slightly nervous, but mainly excited. The assignment involved posing as a jackpot winner in a casino. It was brilliant posing for pictures imagining I had won a huge sum of money. Everyone was friendly and explained everything and I enjoyed meeting the other models who were great. Absolutely brilliant experience, thank you Models Direct!

"When I found out I was chosen to be a model for the day for Wex Photographic, I was overwhelmed. I arrived at the location to meet the crew and I wasn't too sure what to expect since this was my first time, so I was quite nervous beforehand but why?.. I do not know they made me feel unbelievably comfortable, involved and relaxed. I had tons of fun and would definitely enjoy taking part in another opportunity like this. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was meeting some fantastic people and being able to be ourselves and have lots of fun! The assignment involved myself and another lovely model, Tara to act as best friends on a day out in Blackpool using the new SONY camera for a commercial video. We were directed to have lots of fun and use the camera. We did not have to speak just act and interact with the camera. I feel that doing this assignment has definitely improved my confidence and I look forward to participating in more modelling opportunities in the future. I would recommend the experience to anybody because it is such a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and learn how to interact with cameras and video equipment naturally. At first when the cameras were around me, I felt that it was difficult to relax in front of them however once I got into the assignment I started to relax and found it easier to interact with the camera. If you are thinking about joining an agency I would certainly recommend Talent Management, I signed up expecting to get no work and it's been less than a year and I have already had one assignment! Updating my e-portfolio has come as a routine, I am constantly updating it and it is quick and easy. Personally I joined up with Talent Management because I have always wanted to model, be in front of the camera and meet new people. I used to look online at modelling companies and apply but they were either not real agencies or required you to have a certain look or a specific size and it really knocked my confidence because I'm not the tallest of people, when I found Talent Management and they were open to all ages, sizes and looks I had to give it a try and I certainly haven't regretted it! Thank you!! :)"

"Today's assignment could not have been easier, being so well arranged. I was photographed being presented with a jackpot check at a casino. Lots of shots trying to stay as smiley as possible. All over in no time. Thanks Models Direct!"

"On Tuesday 26th July 2016, I took part in a modelling assignment in Milton Keynes from 9:30am to 11:30am. The assignment took place at The Casino MK (part of Xscape MK) and it was photographic for the brand Aspers Casino. The venue was very convenient as it's only 25 mins walking distance from MK Central station as I came in by train - and it was sunny too! I was selected by Models Direct to pose as one of 15 jackpot winners dressed in casual wear and act as if I had won let's say £20,000 (I wish!). Anyway it was a fun day and to be honest I didn't feel nervous. The worst part was getting up early to catch my train! I got the chance to meet some of the other selected models which I thought was really cool. Arranging the event was Michael Peyton and Karen Andrew - both of them were very approachable and very nice, which made us all feel comfortable. The casino had good hospitality as well. We were offered free drinks on the house which suited the occasion very well. To the shoot itself, and I was about 3rd in line to be front of the camera as each model was used individually. I was introduced to Gemma who took the shots and I was instructed to hold a cheque along with a female member of staff (who was also a model herself) whilst the photos were taken. Gemma then took a few photos of myself holding the cheque on its own. Gemma was very professional and being that I've had recent experience of being in front of a camera, I felt very comfortable, especially with the ""super happy"" poses I was putting on! I was pretty much smiling throughout the whole shoot - it was a lot of fun! All in all, the time I spent at the Casino MK went really well, and I see this as another successful stepping stone in gaining modelling experience, building confidence and learning different poses in what is a very competitive business. I would certainly like to do this sort of work again in the future, if selected, no doubt about that! This is now my second assignment I've done for Models Direct since signing up in October 2014, and one of the really positive things I take from both assignments is actually meeting different people and sharing their experiences to that of my own. One of them, named Herb, happily drove me back to MK Central station which rounded my day off beautifully! Cheers mate! I think for anyone who wishes to go into modelling, TV/film or any sort of talent, make sure you have at least of couple of recent photos (mostly headshots which clients go for) to give yourself a springboard. Also make sure you keep yourself active in the meantime by having a hobby such as being a gym goer (which I do) - it's all about that and most of all being patient. Jobs are not that easy to come by, trust me, they could take a up to a week, a month, 6 months or a year, such is the way. As I build up experience, I think it's very important to update your looks in your portfolio. The more photos you have, the better chance you'll have of getting work (maybe sooner than you think!). I'll finish by saying a big ""thank you"" to Models Direct for selecting me! I look forward to upcoming assignments in the future if selected."

An interesting morning - the staff at the Casino shoot were all very friendly and we were looked after very well. The aim of the assignment was to appear as winners receiving a very large cheque prize (if only!!!). In all an enjoyable experience provided by Models Direct.

"Just arrived home from my first job with Models Direct at Aspersions Casino in Milton Keynes. Wow, what a fantastic place! I felt like I had stepped into a casino in Las Vegas! That is a definite plus of doing work like this, you try new places, experience new things and meet some really lovely people. My job involved posing as a jack pot winner holding a giant cheque with a glamorous casino representative. It was so easy! And I had a fabulous time. The gentleman organising us all was very friendly and approachable and Karen the casino manager was so welcoming. I will definitely be having a night out here in the future! I have experienced a fair few agencies in my time and I can honestly say Molly my booker at Models Direct was so efficient and friendly, and the agency are so on the ball with information so you know exactly what you are doing in advance. All in all, it has been a great morning and I really hope the pictures are great so I can use them to promote myself for future jobs. If you have time on your hands and want to meet new people and have fun then give it a go!"

Yesterday, I completed my third job with Models Direct Agency. This assignment was a photographic campaign for Green Motion Car & Van Rental Company. My role was to act as a customer alongside a model partner also from the agency. We had to pretend to be a couple looking to hire a new car from the dealership. It was an easy and enjoyable few hours work! I would definitely recommend Models Direct to anyone looking to pursue work in the modelling industry, even if you have no or little experience in this field! It's a great confidence boost plus its a nice little money earner on the side of a regular job!

"We had a wonderful day shooting with the Old Sport guys - the location was awesome and the drive there went smoothly. The client provided refreshments throughout day and we got on really well. The photo ideas they had were really unique and I can't wait to see the final images - they're going to be awesome! I'm very proud of Nelson, it was a long day and he was super tired by the end of it but posed perfectly for images and was very very well behaved throughout. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our day! Thanks! Kelly and Nelson (the Bulldog)"

Again, Models Direct did well to provide the necessary details beforehand so I knew what to expect. The shoot itself was probably the easiest 100 quid I've ever earned. Looking forward to the next project!

"I had a really lovely day and felt like I learned a lot. Especially in relation to lighting and makeup. I was a little nervous before hand, however this quickly went away. I wanted to to join Models Direct in order to gain experience and also make a little extra money. I would definitely recommend it to a friend or colleague looking to do the same. I find it difficult to update my portfolio on my phone when I don't have access to a laptop, perhaps this could be something to consider improving? In this assignment I was asked to pose with a number of cleaning products and represent a cleaning company. The directions from the photographer were very good. Simple and direct. It made it easy and enjoyable."

I was really looking forward to the job mainly because, we were not told who or what the scenario was about due to confidentiality agreement. I was informed by Talent Management it was a well known energy company So therefore I was intrigued and excited about what was to come.

I had an awesome day at the Steelcase Furniture commercial photo shoot. The team was very professional and friendly. They came from places like France and USA, so it was a really interesting to hear their stories and experiences. The job was very easy and joyful. We had the chance to get know each other and share advices/experiences with the other models. I am happy that I joined 'Talent management' and can't wait to be a part of this adventure once again.

What an Amazing experience I had going on location, an adventure is how I would describe it, moving to different areas to shoo felt a bit like being in a James bond film, so thrilling and exciting not knowing what might come next . At first, I was a little bit nervous but then my nerves calmed down and all went well. I like to think I always learn from my assignments in different ways and that it helps my confidence to grow each time I do a assignment. I really enjoy modelling, it builds your confidence and makes me feel like I am doing something worth while. I think it is worthwhile joining an agency such as Talent management, as they will help you in so many different ways and will be there to help and guide you. Talent Management has helped me to gain experience, showcast my Talent and to earn money from doing so. Thank you!

When I found out I was chosen to be a model for the day for Wex Photographic, I was overwhelmed. I arrived at the location to meet the crew and I wasn't too sure what to expect since this was my first time, so I was quite nervous beforehand but why?.. I do not know they made me feel unbelievably comfortable, involved and relaxed. I had tons of fun and would definitely enjoy taking part in another opportunity like this. The most enjoyable part of the assignment was meeting some fantastic people and being able to be ourselves and have lots of fun! The assignment involved myself and another lovely model, Tara to act as best friends on a day out in Blackpool using the new SONY camera for a commercial video. We were directed to have lots of fun and use the camera. We did not have to speak just act and interact with the camera. I feel that doing this assignment has definitely improved my confidence and I look forward to participating in more modelling opportunities in the future. I would recommend the experience to anybody because it is such a brilliant opportunity to meet new people and learn how to interact with cameras and video equipment naturally. At first when the cameras were around me, I felt that it was difficult to relax in front of them however once I got into the assignment I started to relax and found it easier to interact with the camera. If you are thinking about joining an agency I would certainly recommend Talent Management, I signed up expecting to get no work and it's been less than a year and I have already had one assignment! Updating my e-portfolio has come as a routine, I am constantly updating it and it is quick and easy. Personally I joined up with Talent Management because I have always wanted to model, be in front of the camera and meet new people. I used to look online at modelling companies and apply but they were either not real agencies or required you to have a certain look or a specific size and it really knocked my confidence because I'm not the tallest of people, when I found Talent Management and they were open to all ages, sizes and looks I had to give it a try and I certainly haven't regretted it! Thank you!!

Elizaveta was a little nervous before the assignment, but the film crew and staff from Wex Photographic made her feel very welcomed, relaxed and comfortable. Elizaveta absolutely enjoyed the day and she would definitely love to do it again. Elizaveta received good comments from the film crew and they said she is very natural in her acting. In the assignment she played a daughter which goes for a walk with her dad (played by another Talent management Model). During the walk they were stopping to look at the beautiful surroundings of Holkham Beach area and “dad” was taking pictures of Elizaveta using his new camera. Elizaveta loved walking on the beach and in the woods surrounding it, but most of all she like interacting with the owl also on set, watching baby frogs in the woods and finding mushrooms under the trees. The day was finished by shooting the last scene at the lake with beautiful sunset. Elizaveta gained a lot of experience from the video shoot and her confidence has grown a lot. We would definitely recommend others to give their children the opportunity to have similar experience, it helps them to meet and interact with new people, it is fun and gives kids an enormous confidence boost. We would definitely recommend joining an agency such as Talent Management as it is very hard to find work by yourselves. However you have to remember that the work in the talent industry can, at times, mean a long day and a very tired child at the end of it. Elizaveta started the video shoot at 09-30 and finished at 18-00 with an hour and a half of traveling each way. The client looked after us very well by providing lunch, snacks and drinks during the day. Elizaveta would like to become and actress when she is older and by joining Talent Management she can gain experience and the confidence to pursue this career in the future. We are hoping to be working with you again soon and thank you very much to Talent Management for a great day!

I have been to other assignments which were photography, but the most recent was videography and my first experience of being filmed. I was not sure how it would go, but when I went there the guide told us everything. I was with a group of models and we started to chat and get to know each other. We attended an event which was genuine, so it was not hard to enjoy the event and chat with my new friends. I would recommend the experience to others, because you can enjoy your time, learn and make new friends whilst working in a professional modelling environment and earn money as well. I would love to keep taking part in modelling assignments, because I have enjoyed all of which I have received through Talent Management, thus I am sure I will enjoy the next one too! Modelling is not my full-time profession, however I joined Talent Management to do more photo shoots in my spare time.

How to begin? I had a great time. I was a bit nervous to begin with, but the team soon put that to rest and then the fun began! I was required to play a hospital porter, so posing as if I was moving patients from room to room etc. I would definitely do this type of work again, it was very enjoyable and fun to do. I would recommend this experience to others - it's fun, confidence building and eye opening to so many things. You will discover skills and talents you didn't know you had in so many different ways. It's a great move to join an agency such as Talent Management - I joined spur of the moment and I'm very glad that I did!

I really enjoyed taking part in the Photo Shoot for Terry Group Company. Myself & Fellow Model Tony, were required to model with a Home Lift, we were directed to pose in the lift, entering, leaving the lift and looking into the lift. We needed to interact with each other, by having conversations, whilst ensuring that we looked relaxed and at ease with each other as if we were an actual couple. The Marketing Manager & the photographer were excellent, they knew their product, were good at giving us direction, they knew exactly what they wanted and were also very friendly and welcoming. My fellow Model was excellent to work with and considering it was his first assignment, he was very professional and friendly, we had lots of laughs & fun during the photo shoot and we worked very well together. This was my first assignment with Talent Management but I hope that I will be successful in gaining lots more work in the future. I have updated my profile recently, and I have looked for jobs in the past, but now that I have actually booked a job I will be more proactive. I look forward to gaining confidence with each assignment that I do and experience different fields of modelling. I would recommend Talent Management to anybody wishing to do Modelling work, especially as you are able to update your own information on the website. I joined Talent Management to gain experience, as an interest, and to do something different, especially as an older Model, I am on a new adventure.

I had a great time at my very first assignment with Talent Management! I was really excited to work but also nervous as it was a video rather then a photo shoot, but I would love to do something similar again! The assignment itself involved myself and the other models walking around an exhibition, enjoying what was to offer including activities. I learnt a lot more about acting and what it takes to be confident in front of the camera. The most enjoyable part was being involved with the other models, they were all lovely and we all got on. The director was also very nice and supportive. I would definitely recommend this type of assignment and also to work through Talent Management! I believe it's all about your upkeep and interest in this work to succeed, I am very keen and ready to learn more! I joined Talent Management to personally see if I had potential to succeed and learn.

My latest photographic assignment for Talent Management took place at a venue adjacent to St Thomas Hospital for advertising material for NHS Professionals. I was greeted with enthusiasm by the team - some four or five people setting up scenes for shoots to take place, a make-up team and the photographer. It was all very organised, and I was used as a model for several different 'patients' which involved several changes of outfit - thank heavens I had done my usual and packed a case full of accessories - hair clips, cardigans, skirts, scarves and jewellery. This is something I have learned after being involved with these sort of assignments - expect the unexpected and go prepared! If none of your things are needed, there is nothing lost! The photographer was very easy to work with, knew just what he wanted and was enthusiastic about his results and congratulated all of us from Talent Management for being such good models! It is so nice to know that you have done a good job - and it is so rewarding. As I have said before - every photographer is a different personality and every shoot means you learn something new. If anyone is considering signing up - have a go! It can be a bit nerve-racking at first, but as tine goes on you learn to relax in front of the camera and enjoy it. Thank you Talent Management for giving me another fun experience.

Caprice really enjoyed her assignment with Next. She particularly enjoyed the fact that the shoot took place on the beach, which is her most favourite place to be! She definitely wasn't nervous this time and got really stuck into the tasks. She loved playing on the beach making sandcastles with the other children and and because of the setting it gave her time to be herself whilst also having her little job to do. The assignment involved her posing in a number of outfits supplied by next from their Autumn Winter Collection 2015. The first shoot was of her modelling a gorgeous winter coat which really suited her and the second shoot was of her modelling a dress and tights matching outfit which she modelled alongside the other children and shots were taken of her holding hands with three other girls. They were laughing and giggling together and they all looked adorable. Caprice has definitely gained a lot of self confidence since her very first shoot when she was very little, and the more she does them the more you can see her growing into a proper little lady! I would most definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of signing their child up with Talent Management to do so as they gain experience and confidence from the assignments and you can look back on all the previous shoots they have done and feel so much pride over what they have achieved.

Really enjoyed my first ever modelling assignment yesterday. It was located at a 3.5 million pound mansion in Hertfordshire. I was accompanied by 2 other models and we were required to pose with high end garden furniture. The weather was lovely and the setting (by the pool) was idyllic. I had been nervous the night before, mainly with choosing what clothes to take, plus I was going to have to drive 155 miles to get there! However with an early start I managed to get to the property without any problems. I was warmly welcomed by the client and photographer and was immediately put at ease. We went through my wardrobe and chose 3 outfits. My directions were to relax on a variety of chairs, reading or chatting with my model wife and her friend. The time went quick and the client seemed really pleased with the results. It was a great insight into how things were done. I am really looking forward to my next assignment through Talent Management and will be less apprehensive.

The one thing I can say about the assignments from Talent Management is that they are to say the least varied. I have been filmed on furniture, in a holiday park, retirement home, NHS hospital and now a very beautiful garden. Exbury Gardens in the New Forest is really something else and if you read this you might well consider a day out there, because that is how long it will take - but what a day! Now to get back to the job in question, it was organised down to the last detail by Susie James and photographed by Barry and Sandra Whitcher. We had a route to follow (myself and my colleagues from TM - Emma and The Tomlinson family) and the photographers followed us as we found our way, with Susie's guidance around this glorious location, stopping every so often at a particular place of special interest, then a picnic lunch, and finally the piece de resistance a ride on a steam train, with Barry running alongside the train, only to disappear into the undergrowth and emerge further down the line for more photographs. This assignment was different from any of my previous work with TM but very enjoyable, it was a pleasure to work with Emma again and I will certainly be going back to Exbury Gardens in the early summer for a repeat visit, but this time at my own expense.

Bonnie was a little nervous at the outset, but the Next crew made her feel comfortable and she absolutely shone and enjoyed the day. She would absolutely love to do it again and the comments from the Next crew were that a) Bonnie was a good find for Next and b) They would definitely like to use her again. The assignment involved dressing in a new Next outfit and then having her pictures taken on Cromer Pier. Bonnie loved dressing up and having her pictures taken. Bonnie certainly gained experience from the photo shoot, but her confidence boost outweighed this. I would definitely recommend others to encourage their children to do this for the experience and the confidence boost, let alone the fun element and meeting new people. We are not experienced enough yet to give advice about the industry, but I would definitely recommend joining an agency such as Talent Management as it is very hard to get exposure otherwise. We will be keeping on top of updating Bonnie's profile from now on. One of my friends who is an amateur photographer suggested that Bonnie had the look that certain retailers would be looking for and suggested that we send her details to Talent Management. I believe that Bon would like to continue with this type of work but she is also an athlete and is quite academic so for now, we will just see where this goes and who knows?!

I really enjoyed the assignment from Talent Management - it was my first job and I was booked for 3 days in Luton on behalf of Arjo Huntleigh to play a healthcare professional as part of a product demonstration shoot. The assignment went very well - friendly people to work with and great team work! We were trained first on what to do which improved my confidence as I worked in social care before but the equipment was new to me. The client was very nice person - so kind and helpful. One of the best parts was lunch times - all of the crew sitting together, sharing stories and eating lovely food. The second model from Talent Management was nice to work with and we were both treated like professionals and learnt a lot. Thank you Talent Management for giving me this opportunity and for Molly for being so friendly and professional. I would recommend this experience to all the models and I look forward to more assignments. Molly

I really enjoyed my day today, it was so much fun and I would definitely do it again! I had to make lots of different puzzles in many different places. I did a puzzle on the table to start with and then moved to the grass, I even did a puzzle in the sand pit! I got on very well with the lady who was helping me - she made everything so interesting and the photographer was really nice too. I would 100% recommend this experience for anyone the same age as me. It was amazing, as well as having my photos taken I was having a very fun time. My mummy and daddy signed me up to Talent Management as I love having my photos taken. This was my first assignment and I absolutely loved it!

A wet day - what better to do then appear in a video to explain the use of a medical product that helps relieve the symptoms of skin discomfort after radiation treatment! I arrived at the venue - a new small private hospital about to be opened - to be welcomed by the 'crew'. Over coffee we had a discussion regarding filming requirements - I now have a fair amount of experience of video shoots, having been on Talent Management's books for several years, but each assignment brings something new and exciting - a new group of people to work with - a new product to promote and another chance to learn about presentation and appearances. Apparently patients using the medical product need a video to show how to apply and use correctly, so I and my male colleague from Talent Management were involved in a shoot showing a nurse applying the medication to our skin in the correct way. We did a short rehearsal to make sure everything was correctly in place and then completed the shoot in record time as all went according to plan! This was another paid assignment that was interesting and rewarding! If you think this is for you - do contact Talent Management and speak to them - they will give you lots of help and advice. There are all sorts of opportunities including film extra bookings, modelling assignments and many more.

I was an extra on an advert for Lloyds TSB, playing one of a crew of 1930's Lifeboat-men being hauled up Holkham Beach by a team of Black Horses. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. We were really well looked after by the film crew, and everyone was very helpful including make up, costume and directors. The other extras were a great crowd and as we spent the whole morning together on the lifeboat this made for a great sense of camaraderie. It was also fascinating seeing just how much effort and precision goes into creating what will in the end be a very short piece of promotional film. A very big thank you to Talent Management for the opportunity to gain experience in 'extra' work which is an additional career development on top of the modelling work I have been doing. I'm looking forward to further experiences in this branch of the entertainment industry.

A windy and sometimes wet Southwold on the Suffolk coast was the venue for my latest assignment. A TV company was making a film for Ancestry UK and required two old ladies to be onlookers as the researcher - a professional actor - described his grandfathers house. What fun we had!! The makeup artist soon transformed myself and my colleague from Talent Management into two windswept grannies and we were then given direction as to how the role was to be played out. The whole team worked so well together and everyone was so friendly. It was a privilege to work with the team and I look forward to seeing the end result. If you have ever considered being involved in this sort of activity, do give Talent Management a try. Thank you, Patricia

For this assignment myself and another model from Talent Management were booked by Toast TV as extras Ancestry UK. We met the actor and film crew outside an old house on a very windy seafront location in Southwold, Suffolk. Both of us were dressed as elderly ladies and I had a shopping trolley - we had a good laugh at how we looked! The actor was supposed to be the grandson of the original owner of the house and he had come to visit it. We were asked to walk passed him whilst he was standing looking up at the house and he was to comment to us about his grandfather once owning it. We had to look surprised and then continue to walk on. The film crew were very friendly, professional and grateful for our help and seemed pleased with the results. They kept apologising for making us look so old but we had a lot of fun and laughter whilst doing it. I can thoroughly recommend anyone getting involved in the industry and I think it helps if you are prepared to be adaptable. Gillian

Myleigh was booked to play a granddaughter on Duracell's latest corporate advert. She was extremely excited about this as she has never filmed before. Myleigh was made a fuss of and introduced to the friendly team including the film crew and the other actors. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The crew gave Myleigh direction of what they wanted her to do on the shoot, which was to read to her 'grandmother'. Myleigh's favourite part was meeting her 'grandmother', as she asked Myleigh whether she had any pets and was very friendly apparently. This is Myleigh's 3rd shoot with Talent Management and she is still loving every moment and learning new skills - today's filming proved that! Myleigh has learnt so much from the 3 different shoots she has had over her time with TM - her confidence has grown and I was told by the director today that

I was asked to play an interviewee (a politician) for an upcoming corporate commercial representing Duracell batteries. The video shoot took place in Central Gardens in Bournemouth and filming was between 2pm-6pm that day. I was nervous beforehand, being that this was my first time doing this sort of thing and I didn't know what to expect. But after meeting the crew (who were really cool and friendly) and working with them, I found the whole experience most enjoyable indeed. I enjoyed getting to know some of the crew including producer Neil, contributor Jo and Sarah who played the reporter interviewing me. I certainly learned some new skills including what positions to be in front of camera, give short answers and to look presentable (smiley face and that!). I also gained confidence and experience from the time I served there, experience which I hope to find useful in the future when pursuing work through Talent Management. I think Talent Management have been really good in setting up the assignment and for that I am most grateful. I am able to give positive feedback about my adventure which has not only given me confidence, but hopefully will persuade others try assignments like these. It's only when you start something for the first time, that you realise how good it actually is. I would recommend this experience to others as it's a great opportunity to understand and learn the skills and techniques of the TV and film industry (even if it's only for a few hours). You get to meet some good people as well which always helps. I personally joined Talent Management because I wanted to try something new and gain experience and self-confidence from it. My ambition is to take part in TV commercials like Duracell, do some modelling for catalogues, and maybe down the line be an extra in a drama or film. I joined back in October 2014 and I added some quality headshots from a recent shoot in Shoreditch for my portfolio which has really helped my cause. I think for anyone looking to get into the industry as a model, actor, actress etc, make sure you get really good photos (recent ones), especially headshots because that's how you get responses from production companies and agencies for future work.

This was my first assignment outside London; Cambridge to be exact, doing a photo shoot for Steelcase furniture. It was an awesome and eye-opening experience! At first, I was a bit worried about finding an easy route but obviously Google-Maps stepped in and sorted it. In this assignment, getting outside of my local area, meeting the other models, directors and photographers etc, was fantastic! This experience is a 'must recommend' from me. This is only my second assignment but with every assignment my confidence and modelling skills grow; so more assignments please Talent Management! For any and every assignment, I would advice anyone and everyone to simply relax, listen to and follow the instructions, by doing this, you feel comfortable straight away and things work a lot faster. I joined Talent Management because I was and still am excited and curious about modelling, I cant wait for my next job!

It felt great being a model for the day, I was nervous when I got there at first but then when I started to make conversation with everyone that was there, it made me feel more confident. The best part of shooting for Steelcase Furniture was meeting people you would never usually meet and making new friends. I had to make it look like I was studying with my fellow models and was asked to do what I would normally do when studying. I gained a lot of confidence throughout the day, I would definitely recommend this experience to others because it is a great way to interact and meet new people. For anyone that is thinking to join an agency, I would say go for it, it is really enjoyable work and you get to go to some amazing places and meet so really great people. I personally joined Talent Management because I saw that they gave opportunities to so many people and the feedback was very reliable.

I really loved being a part of this advert - it was a truly amazing experience and the team were so lovely, polite and patient. I was very nervous and anxious at the beginning as I haven't done something like this before, so didn't know what to expect but I am so glad I got the chance to be a part of this! The most enjoyable part was meeting so many new people and learning what it takes to put something like this together. New skills I learnt include how to not act cold when really you are freezing and how to work really well in a team of people you've just met. I would recommend this experience to anyone if they get the chance- it was so cool and to say you've been chosen to be a part of a big filming role is amazing - it also helps you gain confidence in yourself. My advice for someone interested in working in this industry is to sign up with Talent Management, grab all opportunities with both hands and enjoy every moment of it.

The filming assignment was an absolute blast right from the moment we arrived on set! It was nice to be in amongst a relatively large group of actors and models who quickly bonded into a fun group. The Production company were very welcoming and looked after us all magnificently throughout the entire project. We got to see a very professional team up-close, and it was fascinating to be able to observe first-hand the process by which they set about completing their task (which we are still sworn to secrecy about!) I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend anybody to join the Talent Management roster - if you get a gig like the one we've just completed, you'll have more fun than you thought possible and lasting memories and friendships to cherish...

The assignment involved being tethered to an HGV lorry and inside a vehicle both moving at 20 miles per hour in both an acting and modeling role. I was working as part of a team with 5 other models/actors from Talent Management and a celebrity for an advertisement which took 2 and 1/2 days to film. The directors, producers etc. were all incredibly supportive and I felt completely relaxed and confident in everything that we were asked to do. I learnt a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of a production and found it extremely interesting. The most enjoyable part was when everything came together the stage built, the harnesses fitted etc. and action called, then acting out the role with 3 cameras focused on us, the main one circling us, the 3 go pros and the drone too! Absolutely amazing! The other fantastic part was working beside other models from Talent Management. We were again totally supportive of each other and looked out for each other at all times. We are now connected through Facebook and I really hope we can stay friends. I would definitely recommend this experience to others. I feel sad that having joined the agency a year ago this has been my first assignment, but now I understand the importance of keeping my portfolio updated and will be actively apply for more roles - for the experience, ambition and of course the money!!

I wasn't nervous about the assignment, although it had been a long time since I did anything similar. I had the best time - Chris our photographer was so easy to work for, with clear instructions, and Sophie his assistant who helped to choose the outfits was just lovely. My two fellow models were great to work with. The assignment was for a website and brochure for a lovely care home for which we posed as residents. The shoot required us to arrange flowers, do some baking, play bridge, use a computer and enjoy afternoon tea. We were asked to have big smiles and then hold the pose, as it was all photographic stills. It was such good fun with great people that I did not want it to end and I can't wait for my next assignment. I am so glad that I joined Talent Management, I wish I had done it before. Do join, you will have fun!

Caprice was chosen to model for the company Kit for Kids (for the third time!) which she thoroughly enjoyed. She especially enjoyed playing with the many toys and games they have there at the studio and the guys there always keep her fully entertained with toys etc while she is waiting for her turn behind the camera! This shoot consisted of Caprice lying on a bed to model a bed rail, and although it wasn't as fun as playing with the toys they hid some under the blankets to make it more fun and enjoyable for her. Every time Caprice has another modelling shoot her confidence and ability to listen to the director's instructions improves. It's lovely to watch Caprice at the shoots - I feel so proud of the way she performs and how big the smile is on her face! If anyone was thinking of signing their child up with Talent Management I would most definitely recommend it as they get to experience some great moments, especially when you can look back on the photos and see how your child has developed and what she have achieved! It's also very rewarding for them as they gain skills in confidence and learn how to interact and communicate with other children and adults. I know Caprice and I will look back on these experiences when she's older and feel so proud and happy of what she has achieved at such a young age.

When everyone commented on what a smiley baby Toby is I thought - why not see if anybody would like to use him for their campaigns? - so we signed him up to Talent Management. Toby very much enjoyed his first assignment, working as a model for the lovely team at Kit for Kids. He was very grateful for the crib backstage to take a short nap in mid shoot! All in all, a very easy and enjoyable experience.

Despite this being my third assignment with Talent Management there was still the slightly nervous feeling of 'what is it going to be like?', 'will I be the sort of person they were looking for?' - but all doubts proved unfounded. The team were delightful to work with - relaxed and happy which led to a wonderful fun day. The assignment involved being photographed driving mobility vehicles after some tuition from the shop staff, and the photographer was brilliant with direction and encouragement. His kind words added to my confidence as the day went on, and I learned so much about being in front of a camera. It is not as nerve racking as you may think - do give it a try. One thing I would say take any assignment that comes along - simply for the different experiences - be prepared to travel even if it means that much of your fee disappears in travelling expenses and don't forget that the team at Talent Management are always there to support you.

My 2 year old daughter was booked to model, along side two other kids, various educational equipment products on behalf of Kit for Kids. Photos were taken of the children taking part in various activities. The children were asked to browse through/look into the story books for pictures, they also were asked to pick up toys and stick them on the wall etc. It was FUN and my little girl enjoyed her day and the experience thoroughly. There were enough snacks and drinks for everyone and my daughter was allowed to keep the t-shirt and socks that she modelled with - she was also allowed to take some toys and room carpets! In all, it was a good fun experience and definitely something we're looking forward to doing more in the future. Thanks so much Talent Management!

I registered Stanley with Talent Management because everyone kept saying that Stanley is a beautiful baby and that he should get into modelling. I chose Talent Management because they are friendly and professional and are dedicated to their client's needs. I also like the fact that I can track Stanley's progress and update his portfolio online. Stanley has just attended his first photographic shoot on behalf of a company called Kit for Kids, and I have to say it was a great experience! I was a little nervous on arrival as I did not know what to expect but the shoot was professionally run and we received guidance all the way through. The babies were rested when they needed to be and the whole shoot was tailored towards ensuring that the babies were content. Stanley thoroughly enjoyed himself and I had a proud mummy moment watching him smiling and posing for the camera! I would definitely recommend this experience to others.

Tianna was a bit nervous beforehand but the client made her feel at home and she had lots of fun and this is something she would definitely like to do again. The assignment involved Tianna playing and having fun with educational equipment and floor carpets/rugs. The most enjoyable part of the shoot for Tianna was playing and interacting with the wonderful educational equipment. Tianna gained confidence in front of the camera throughout the day. I would recommend signing up with Talent Management to others as the assignments offered are very rewarding for your child, builds their confidence and teaches them to act and behave well with strangers. Tianna is happy to gain experience as a model and is looking forward to receiving a fee for her hard work.

My daughter modelled for Kit for Kids earlier this week - an assignment she was offered through Talent Management. When we first got the phone call, Priya was excited and couldn't wait for the day to come. The day came and my daughter was very eager and excited to get there. When we arrived we were shown around and I was offered to help myself to tea or coffee. Priya was asked to sit on different rugs and mats and was asked to point to the different animals and to put her hand up if she liked different things i.e. chocolate, broccoli and so on. The photographer was exceptionally good and always kept the children informed as to what was going to happen next - he was great with all of the kids. The client supplied snacks i.e. fruit, crisps and chocolate, so everyone was happy. The day itself went by pretty quick and we were all done by 12.00pm, even though we were giving a finishing time of 1.00pm! We would definitely do it again - my daughter loved every minute we would recommend Talent Management as an agency to anyone who was considering getting their child into something similiar. We hope to be working with you again soon and thanks for a lovely day!

Lincoln loved the experience with Kit for Kids, he had so much fun doing what he does best - playing with new toys! Lincoln enjoyed having his picture taken and then asking the photographer to look at them on his camera afterwards. The assignment involved playing with the equipment from Kit for Kids whilst pictures were being taken for their new catalog. Lincoln didn't really learn anything from the experience as he is a very confident boy, but I have learned what things I need to take and what happens on an assignment like this. I would recommend the experience to anyone who has a child that they think would take assignments in their stride as part of their everyday life - go for it! I would absolutely advise signing up with Talent Management, but be prepared to make time to keep your e-portfolio up to date and complete paperwork for the necessary licenses. We signed Lincoln up with Talent Management as so many people kept telling us that he was cute and thought we had nothing to lose - seems we were right!

Jacob was really looking forward to having his picture taken today. When we arrived at the job we did have to wait for quite a while for them to set up, but Jacob was really good and was very patient even though he was so excited. Jacob was asked to sit and look at a book and play with some building blocks as his picture was taken. The photographer commented that he was good at taking direction too! He got on well with the other children there and had a really fun day. The staff were very good at the assignment. Friendly and efficient - and we finished earlier than planned. This was Jacob's first modelling job and I stepped back and let him get on with the job rather than interfering. I would definitely do it again as he had such a good time and did what he was told. I will be making an effort to keep his e-portfolio up to date to try and get some more jobs for him. We joined Talent Management as lots of people thought he would be good at modelling. As long as he enjoys it, we will keep going.

I was very nervous when I arrived for my shoot, but ended up having so much fun! The company, Kit for Kids, were really good and we had toys to play with from them - even on breaks. I loved modelling and can't wait to do it again! Thanks to Talent Management for my first modelling job, Daisy.

Chloe had a wonderful day! She was so excited the night before and had a lot of fun during the assignment. The job involved being photographed while playing with various jigsaw puzzles and a new drawing set by Ravensburger. I think Chloe enjoyed playing with the drawing set most of all - it didn't take long for the client to get the shots they wanted! This was Chloe's first assignment and, as a result, she was able to really work on following simple directions. She seemed to pick it all up pretty quickly. Chloe definitely enjoyed the day and was quick to say that she wanted to do something like that again. Based on her reaction, I would definitely recommend the experience. Everybody there was professional but so nice and really made Chloe feel at ease. I signed Chloe up with Talent Management as photographs from modelling assignments would be something nice to put in her baby book, but it's great that now she is older she is able to tell me how much she enjoyed it and she really did!

Yesterday I took part in an advertising photo shoot for a luxury spirits brand in Central London. The day in itself was a brilliant success for both myself and the client - I think the team were very pleased with the outcome and were very helpful with directing me and communicating what they wanted from the shoot. I felt confident that the client was satisfied and we had a good laugh. The most enjoyable part was wearing the beautiful dresses and being able to act naturally in front of the camera. I was asked to do a variety of poses and expressions and I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere we worked in. I would like to say thank you to Protege International and Avalon for having me and to Molly at Talent Management for being so supportive. I would recommend this sort of work to anyone looking to gain professional experience in an artistic career such as modelling. It was the fun, relaxed yet professional atmosphere from yesterday that reminded me why I joined Talent Management in the first place. Thank you guys!

On the way to the shoot I was very nervous, as I have never done anything like this before. Once I arrived however and met the other models it was like I had known them for ages - everyone was really really approachable and welcoming. It would be difficult to say what the most enjoyable part of the assignment was as every aspect of the shoot was absolutely fantastic. Meeting the other models was great as it was most of their first time also, so we all seemed to click and get on well together. We were given a variety of tasks - pretending to meet and greet our 'parents', followed by being served dinner. Much of it was filmed as well as still shots being taken. We then went to the spa and pool which was magnificent and we couldn't have asked for better weather! Beach walks were included as well as cycling, playing in the sea with our

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and felt so comfortable modelling for the first time on a paid shoot. I was very nervous beforehand but the team made me feel so welcome and comfortable. It's hard to pick a specific moment as a highlight because I immensely enjoyed the whole day, but it would probably the part when I worked with horses (although this was a challenge!). Throughout the day I learnt how to be more comfortable in front of the camera. I would recommend this experience because it's something really different, exciting but challenging. I signed up with Talent Management because of their excellent reputation - and they have been really helpful, especially when it comes to looking for jobs. My ambition is to get a lot more work and to keep on having as much fun on the job as possible.

A couple of months ago I got a call from my daughter Lucy, who has her own business in Advertising. She asked me if I would like to be a photographic model in a shoot she was organising. Bear in mind I am 70 and have never done any modelling in my life, I am retired now and used to be a fairly successful Music Business Executive. I sent pictures to the Agency, I was accepted and before I knew it I was on the front cover of the current Astra Zeneca Annual report. I had a great time, met some fun people, and if I do say so myself with the help of an excellent make up girl and an expert photographer I look pretty damned good for a 70 year old geezer!

Keira was so excited when we told her that she was chosen for a video shoot for Parkdean Holidays - she wanted to get her clothes ready there and then! On the morning Keira was a bit aprehensive about what was going to happen as this was her first assignment, but once we got to the location she relaxed. The information we were given was very thorough about what was going to happen, what was expected of Keira and where we had to go. We met the other child model and then our contact from Lucre who was extremely friendly and made us all feel very welcome from the start. The camera guy was really friendly and made the girls very relaxed. The day involved several shots regarding how to build a sandcastle with a sand sculpture expert and then how to go rock pooling again with another expert, what you items you need and Keira had to apply sun cream and pretend to take photographs as well as being filmed making a sand castle and collecting and looking at things from a rock pool. They were given clear instructions of what was expected of them and Keira took direction well. Keira particularly enjoyed the sand castle section (who wouldn't enjoy having fun on the beach for the afternoon!). She wasn't rushed at all and there was time allowed for drink breaks as it was an extremely hot day. She relaxed and enjoyed herself from the very first minute the camera was on her. Thank you to everyone on the day and special thanks to Molly at Talent Management for sorting this for us - we all had a fabulous day and would certainly love to do it all over again ! Here's to hoping this is a start of a wonderful career for Keira with Talent Management.

This was Lauren's first job so we were both a little nervous but super excited too. We probably took more stuff than we needed, but it's better to have too much rather than too little. The assignment was a demonstration video shoot about the best places to go rock pooling and how to build the best sand castles. Lauren was filmed and photographed doing lots of things - building sandcastles, running into the sea and exploring rock pools. The film crew were super with Lauren and the other model - making sure they were ok and keeping them interested. We feel that Lauren has learnt lots and has definitely gained more confidence.

I modelled for Inspired Homes for the day. The location was a very beautiful house in North London, and the shoot involved six of us having various photos taken in different rooms of the home. I wasn't nervous as this was my 4th modelling assignment with Talent Management, so I feel as though I'm getting a little more confident and comfortable after each job, and gaining more experience is helping me a lot. Photos were taken of myself and a female model, acting as though we were a couple enjoying our new home. This was new for me but I adapted fairly quickly. The other models and crew members were very friendly and easy to get along with, which helps towards being relaxed for the shoot. I enjoy modelling a lot and the variety that comes with it, it is always a little different to what you've done before which makes it that much more exciting to do. Joining Talent Management has been an enjoyable experience and one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a great organisation and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in modelling.

Theo was chosen to do his second clothes fittings with Old Brown/Coco Blu. We arrived and were greeted by the same friendly faces who immediately made Theo feel comfortable and at ease. They took attention to detail such as making sure the heating was right and they engaged with Theo on his level. The experience was quick and very welcoming just like his first clothes fittings session. Theo has now had 3 jobs with Talent Management, who have kept me well informed and put him forward for the roles which were very suitable to his character and talent. Theo was provided with a boys magazine which catered to him to keep him entertained and engaged.I would surely recommend other parents consider modelling for their children through Talent Management as it has helped Theo grow in confidence, especially at his age where he is growing into a boy rather than a toddler. Talent Management have kept me as a parent up to date and I am so very proud to have Theo as a model with the agency. We look forward to more adventures with Talent Management!

I really enjoyed taking part in the photo shoot for Latham Trust over the past couple of days. I was booked to play the part of a mother with her family on holiday at a caravan park. I got to meet some really friendly people and gained experience in modelling. I was a little nervous about it at first, wondering if I had the right clothes and look they wanted but it was all very relaxed on arrival and I soon felt welcome. I would recommend joining Talent Management as you will be included in searches sent to potential employers and the clients can end up choosing you, which feels nice! I also trust that the assignments will be well managed and safer by going through the agency.

I was nervous prior to my shoot for Latham Trust as I wanted to do a good job, but as we all going I became less and less nervous and there were lots of laughs. The assignment involved posing as a family (I played the part of the granny) on holiday in a caravan park. It was lovely as I suddenly had a new family with 2 adorable little grandchildren. The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me was meeting new people - it felt great to do so and learning about each other was a lot of fun. I learned that being professional in everything I do i.e. being on time, wearing the right clothes, presenting myself well etc makes the client happy - it is a great feeling knowing that you have worked to the best of your ability. I would recommend similar experiences to others as it's a great confidence boost, especially for the more mature model. My advice to others thinking of pursuing work in this industry would be to be yourself, prepare for the assignment and be ready to work hard and smile. Thank you Talent Management!

Grace loved being a model for a two day photo shoot at a caravan dealership. She was extremely excited beforehand and also when she arrived on set. Grace was directed to do a variety of natural posses with her model family (mum, dad, brother and grandparents) in and out of the caravans and around the holiday area of Skegness. Grace particularly enjoyed being in the caravans and pretending that she was on holiday and showed confidence throughout the whole experience. Grace said that she would recommend being a model to any of her friends and from a parents point of view, the experience has been one that Grace will remember forever and it's been an absolute delight to see her so happy and to have seen her confidence grow in leaps and bounds. I have already recommended Talent Management to a few friends who have asked about how to put their children forward for such experiences. I would like to thank Talent Management for giving Grace such a fantastic opportunity to carry out her ambition of being a model.

My video shoot booking with William Hill was my first assignment, so I was very excited and a bit nervous beforehand, however I had such fun with the other models/actors involved! We were all made up and put in clothes that made us look like old grandmas and we then had to run a race at Kempton Park Racecourse, named 'The Gran National'. The other ladies were all given either walking sticks or zimmer frames, but I was the only one lucky enough to have an actual mobility car which was such fun to drive! I have definitely gained confidence in my abilities from acting in this video. My daughter persuaded me to sign up with Talent Management, as I used to be a model in my late teens and early twenties. Now that I am semi-retired, I thought it would be fun to get back into modelling again. Having completed one assignment with Talent Management, I can't wait to be asked to participate again - hopefully very soon!

I had the most amazingly fun day yesterday - meeting some lovely new people and going to Kempton Park Racecourse for my acting job with William Hill, where I would probably have never gone to if not for Talent Management! I was a bit nervous beforehand, but all the people there were so lovely that my nerves soon disappeared. When I got to the shoot location, I was made up to look like a proper granny - my make up made me look like my mother! The other ladies were all made up in a similar way and after putting on the granny type clothes, off we went on the racecourse to make a spoof video of the Grand National - in this case the 'Gran National'! I will definitely be recommending Talent Management to my friends - I had so much fun on my assignment and I also got paid for it. Not bad!

The job was an advertising video for William Hill, promoting the Grand National horse race, filmed at Kempton Park Race Course. A bunch of mature ladies behaving disgracefully - that's what we had to do! We all got on really well and had a terrific laugh. We were all dressed up in old lady clothes, given walking sticks, zimmer frames, with one lady on a mobility scooter. The idea was we had to 'race' to the finish along part of the course including a fence - no, we didn't have to jump it! There was a lot of 'old lady' growling, nicking of walking sticks etc in an effort to get to the finish first (with a great deal of laughing in between takes). We had to keep doing retakes to enable the camera man to get shots from different angles, with close ups and wide shots too. The guys were happy to include some of our wacky ideas to add to the fun and I'm fairly sure that they were happy with what they got.

The day was amazing! It all went smoothly and the outfits and look were perfect. The designer and her team were fantastic and I felt completely at ease. I was a little nervous beforehand but it all came naturally once I was in front of the camera. The most amazing experience was wearing 'a million dollar babe' outfits and posing in front of the camera. The assignment involved hair and make up and clothes modelling (changing into about 18 outfits overall). I was simply required to pose in many ways - and as I was relaxed and knew what I was doing it worked well. It was clear to me the mood that the designer had in mind so I worked according to that, checking myself in the mirror in different outfits to understand what poses would enhance the look of it. I suppose now that I realised how natural it comes to me to pose and model. I would recommend it of course. It's a fun experience, a confidence booster and perfect for someone that works part-time and in a related industry. It is a good idea to be represented by an agency; in fact it's the only way to get some work if you are serious about modelling or related assignments. I will be more active and proactive in pursuing work and uploading and updating my portfolio, as I felt greatly encouraged by this assignment today. I decided to join Talent Management because I am ambitious and I want to earn extra money using my skills and looks. As a fitness instructor and dancer I invest so much time in my figure and image that I believe it is the natural course of action to add some modelling, or similarly related work, in order to boost my career and my monthly earnings.

My assignment was great fun. I was modelling plus size bridal wear for Beau Belles, so I got to be a bride for the day. I was dressed in many different styles and colours of dresses and was photographed and videoed whilst wearing each dress. The shots were for their website and YouTube, so their clients could see what each dress looks like. I was very nervous about the assignment before I went and was still nervous once I got there. But Avril the shop owner and the photographer were lovely and put me at ease straight away. I spent a lot of the time having fun and giggling. I'd definitely do this type of shoot again and it has boosted my confidence a lot. I don't think I will be as scared on my next shoot, I can hopefully go feeling a little more relaxed. My favourite part of this shoot was wearing the biggest dress she had and sitting on the floor surrounded by a stunning dress. I think if anyone is looking to get into this industry they would be better with an agency as they can help you find work and know where to look. Talent Management have been great helping me find work to suit me and putting me forward for it as and when it comes up. I picked this agency because they seemed to be the best at what I was looking for. I looked at quite a few before I picked, but Talent Management offered all the things and more to suit me.