Ref: KFCY-9863


Personal Details

Availability: Any time

Height: 5'11; 180cm

Weight: 10st7lbs; 66 kgs

Hip: 32 in; 81 cm

Glove: --

Ring: --

Eye: Blue

Inseam: 35 in; 89 cm

Hair Colour: Blonde

Shoe: US 9.5; UK 08.5; EU 44; JA 27

Hair Style: Straight short

Hat: --

Complexion: Fair

Ethnicity: White Caucasian

Build: Athletic

Chest: UK/US 38; EU/JA 97

Waist: 29 in; 74 cm

Collar Size: UK/US 14 1/2; EU/JA 37


Alcohol-No objection
Animals/Birds/Insects-No objection
Comfortable in water
Fur-No objection
Glamour-No objection
Hair Color-Will consider
Hair Cut-Will consider
Hair Restyle-Will consider
Lingerie-No objection
Nudity-No objection
Religious role-Will consider
Swimwear-No objection
Tobacco-No objection
Travel-International-Will consider
Travel-National-Will consider
Valid passport
Weight gain-Will consider
Weight loss-Will consider

Special Considerations:
Late start/Finish after 9pm
Local buyout
Multi location
National buyout
Public holiday
Special circumstance
Start time before 9am
Worldwide buyout


Special Features:


Model Details

Actor Details

Dancer Details

Musician Details


Date Client Experience Type  
8th April 2024 University of Gloucestershire Actor View Experience
1st April 2024 Large British Pub Group with multiple brands Model View Experience
19th March 2024 Queens Hotel in Leeds Model View Experience
28th February 2024 Tony Webb Wax Figures Model View Experience
11th December 2023 SKY TV Actor View Experience
1st December 2023 American Filming Company Actor View Experience
1st December 2023 American Filming Company Actor View Experience