BBC Eastenders

Laura and Megan, Model Ref: 203064

Model Fee: £178


Baby twins Laura and Megan posed for magazine covers with Eastenders' Sean and Roxy. Proud mum Katie told us...

"As a first assignment it was very interesting and exciting. We have learnt a lot and look forward to the next one."

Two of our young baby models were chosen for an exciting photo shoot for the BBC. Laura and Megan were just four months old when they received their first modelling assignment with Models Direct.

BBC Pictures' specification was for a young baby to pose as a character from the popular soap Eastenders. Searching their vast portfolio of models, Models Direct soon found the perfect models to meet the BBC's requirements: identical twins Laura and Megan.

The photos taken were ultimately printed in national television magazines including TV Quick and The Sun TV magazine. Each magazine was assigned a twenty-five minute slot to get the photos they needed of actors Rita Simmons (Roxy) and Rob Kazinsky (Sean) holding Laura and Megan.

The photoshoot was a huge success - you may even have seeb the results yourself. The shoot did overrun slightly, but the family were happy to stay and were compensated for the extra time.

"The cast members that we worked with were really good with the babies and the photographer was really patient," says Katie, the twins' mum. "Megan and Laura were given plenty of time for naps and feeds, which was really important as they are still so small. As a first assignment it was very interesting and exciting. We have learnt a lot from the assignment and really look forward to the next one."

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