Basement Photographic: Babies "R" Us

Alicia, Model Ref: 204708, Model Fee: £133

Leah, Model Ref: 195683, Model Fee: £133

Meadow, Model Ref: 205847, Model Fee: £133

Tiona, Model Ref: 208079, Model Fee: £133


Satisfied customers "R" Us! Models Direct has proved popular with big brand toy and baby product retailers. One baby's mum told us...

"Alicia did really well. She was fussed over a lot. The photos came out really great and Alicia was able to pose easily for the shots requested of her."

One client with Models Direct, Basement Photographic, has been so satisfied with Models Direct that they have returned to us thirteen times since the first assignment back in December 2007! Most recently, female babies aged five to nine months were requested to model dresses and other clothing for a new Babies "R" Us catalogue.

A number of babies were put forward for these assignments but it was Alicia, Leah, Meadow and Tiona who were selected as the ideal candidates for this prestigious job. It was the first modelling assignment for all four, and they all made their parents very proud!

"Alicia did really well," says her mum Bianca. "She was smiling and waving at the camera. She was fussed over a lot. The photos came out really great and Alicia was able to easily pose for the shots that requested of her."

Leah was just six months old when she took part in the assignment and her mum, Selina, was overjoyed with how well her daughter did. "The photoshoot went really well," she told Models Direct. "They were very welcoming. Leah worked well with them and the photographer even came to us and said that had done a great job."

Managing Director of Models Direct, Damian O'Connor, is delighted about the relationship the company shares with Toys "R" Us and the opportunities it provides for young models. "Bookings like these are always really rewarding, for models, parents and the staff at Models Direct," he comments. "We are very proud of our relationship with Toys "R" Us, the world's leading toy and baby products retailer, making this kind of assignment a fantastic platform for both child and baby models. It's great to know that our models are appearing in such catalogues all over the country!"

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