Vintage Kit

Lola, Model Ref: 199406

Model Fee: £30


Sometimes, life really is a beach for our youngest models. Baby Lola's mum said this about her baby's first modelling assignment...

"It was fun and Lola seemed to enjoy herself. She loved meeting new people."

Fourteen-month old Lola was just one of six models who were selected to take part in a photographic assignment on the pier and beach in Brighton. Luckily the weather was nice and sunny, so the children were able to run around and enjoy the day.

Children's clothing company Vintage Kit originally turned to Models Direct to find three models of all ethnicities aged one to four. Photographer Katherine told us she wanted to do the photoshoot on a beach. It didn't matter which beach we chose, as long as the models could get to it easily. So we chose Brighton and found three great young models for the shoot.

Soon after, Katherine came back to us requesting three more children - not a problem for Models Direct! So it wasn't long before another six child models were enjoying a day on the beach modelling the Vintage Kit clothes.

It was the first modelling assignment for baby Lola, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Both Lola and her mum Tracey loved the sociality of the assignment and met lots of great people.

"It was fun and Lola seemed to enjoy herself," Tracey told us. "She loved meeting new people and it was something different. It's hard work but fun."

Even celebs will be seeing our young models on the Vintage Kit website. Amanda Holden is a big fan of the clothing. "...great and playful fabric," Amanda told Vintage Kit. "Gorgeous very classic designs and most of all remembering we are dressing children not little adults!"

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