Cross Keys Homes

Perry, Model Ref: 224207, Model Fee: £120

Gabrielle, Model Ref: 224209, Model Fee: £120


Models Direct create a home sweet home for brother and sister models. The siblings' dad said this about the assignment...

"We thought the assignment was very relaxed and enjoyable... It's a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone."

There was no need to worry about sibling rivalry for one assignment as brother and sister duo, Perry and Gabrielle, were selected for the same photoshoot. The commission was for a housing association who wanted some lovely images of a family home. All they needed was the happy family!

Cross Keys Homes had originally tried using a resident family for the shoot, but when this didn't achieve the desired look they turned to Models Direct. We had just one week to find four models: two adults to play mum and dad and two children to play the kids. Obviously Perry and Gabrielle had no problem playing the roles of brother and sister.

The 'family' enjoyed an afternoon of having their photos taken around one of Cross Key Homes' houses. Perry and Gabrielle had great fun having a pillow fight and exploring the house and garden.

It was originally feared that the young models would not be able to attend the assignment as neither of them had the licence that allows them to work as models. Thanks to the hard work of a very helpful lady at the local council, everything worked out fine and the licences were arranged in time.

Perry and Gabrielle's dad Gary accompanied the young models at the photoshoot. "We thought the assignment was very relaxed and enjoyable, and Gabrielle and Perry thoroughly enjoyed it." Gary told us. "It's a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone."

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