Eye-D Creative: Nintendo Wii

Yasamin, Model Ref: 190140

Model Fee: £266


Our teen model Yasamine got to live out every girl's fantasy and become a princess for the day! Here's what she had to say about her modelling assignment...

"It felt amazing, dressing up, pretending to be a princess - you can't complain!"

Ask most teenagers if they'd like to be paid to play Nintendo Wii, and you'll only get one answer! Promotions company Eye-D Creative came to Models Direct looking for a young woman to model for the packaging of a game from leading entertainment manufacturer Nintendo. The game, Princess Debut, is about a princess who has to get ready for a ball. We have plenty of teen models to choose from who would have loved to have been picked for this assignment, but of course there could only be one, and Yasamine was the lucky young lady who was picked.

On the day of the assignment, Yasamine was pampered and fussed over, having her hair and makeup done and dressing up in a beautiful gown. It's no surprise that she had a brilliant day.

"I was asked to act like a princess and dance as if I was at a ball, smiling and feeling excited to see my prince," Yasamine explains. "It felt amazing, dressing up, pretending to be a princess - you can't complain!

"I felt it went very well and smoothly, the clients were very nice and helpful so I knew what they wanted," Yasamine adds. "The best thing was the clients telling me that they were very pleased with my performance."

Will from Eye-D Creative had some positive feedback for us about the assignments, he was impressed with the young model. "Yasamine was very professional," he said. "I hope to work with Models Direct again."

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