Zac Macaulay: Gatwick Express

Shu, Model Ref: 184508

Model Fee: £186


Model Shu got to go on a journey with award winning photographer Zac Macaulay. Here's what she said about the day...

"The assignment was fantastic. It was an enjoyable day, thank you so much"

Our model Shu got an exciting photographic assignment with repeat client Zac Macaulay Photography recently, and had a wonderful time!

Award-winning photographer Zac Macaulay came to Models Direct looking for models to pose for a national campaign advertising London's Gatwick Express service.

Zac has previously completed projects for advertising, creative and design agencies across the world and has provided photographs for the BBC, Diesel and The Times.

The models for the Gatwick Express shoot were asked to pose around Victoria station and on a train, pretending to be going to work, chatting with friends and buying tickets.

The opportunity to work with an award-winning photographer was a dream come true for Shu, and the experience lived up to her expectations. "The assignment was fantastic," she says. "The team was very friendly and made me feel comfortable throughout the day. It was an enjoyable day, thank you so much!"

Shu's modelling experience was made even better by the fact she made friends with the other models on the shoot. "The other models were so friendly, we had a great time together."

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