Promotions Plus: Bump2Baby Show

Lorna, Model Ref: 155985, Model Fee: £337.50

Karen, Model Ref: 187180, Model Fee: £337.50


Models Direct brought 'petite' glamour to the 'Bump2baby' show when two pregnant models took part in a maternity fashion show. One of the mums-to-be told us...

"The assignment was great fun and very good exposure. The company was very professional and friendly."

Exeter's Westpoint Arena played host to the south-west's biggest baby show, the three-day 'Bump2baby', held at the venue this summer.

Over 50 exhibitors took part, ranging from the pioneering 'Babyface 4D', who provide technology that allows parents to view their babies in surprising detail whilst inside the womb, to 'Water Babies', 2009 winners of the 'Best Baby Development Activity Provider' category in the Organix 'What's On 4 Little Ones' awards.

Adding a little glamour to the event, the 'Next Fashion Show' ran twice daily and featured six of our child and adult models. Pregnant models 20-year-old Lorna and 32-year-old Karen, 5ft 2in and 5ft 4in respectively, highlighted the potential for petite models to gain assignments, even including catwalk!

"The day was satisfying and rewarding, great fun and very exciting," said Karen. "The company were very professional and friendly, and the show was very good exposure," When asked her advice to others considering modelling she responded, "Go for it!!"

Both models had a fantastic time at the assignment, modelling Next maternity clothing to show off their baby bumps. "The assignment was great fun and very good exposure," said Karen, whose son is now also registered with Models Direct. "The company were very professional and friendly."

Lorna also offered some encouragement for people considering becoming a model. "You can achieve anything if you want it enough," she emphasises. "Never get your hopes up, but don't give up too easily either. I feel proud of the experience, and grateful for it too, because it has made me more confident."

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