This Is Deep (Aviva)

Lorraine, Model ref: 188043,

Model Fee: £150

Jacky, Model ref: 185923,

Model Fee: £150


Two of our more mature female models had a lovely day out in Cambridge, taking part in a photoshoot for Aviva. First-time model Jacky told Models Direct...

"I learned today that agencies need a wide selection of types and ages. The models I met today had enjoyed all of their assignments."

Design agency This Is Deep came to Models Direct looking for female models of retirement age for a photoshoot, with the end results to be used for insurance group Aviva's future publicity materials.

Models Direct sent a number of varied selections of models, and in the end 58-year-old Lorraine and 59-year-old Jacky were the lucky ones chosen. The agency were also working with another model from Models Direct, Kevin, who Lorraine had worked with on a previous assignment for another client.

All of the models enjoyed a day around Cambridge, being photographed eating in restaurants, walking by the river, punting and other general activities around the city. All of the models thoroughly enjoyed the photoshoot and commented on how friendly the creative team were.

"The assignment was fantastic," Jacky informed Models Direct. "Fellow models were lovely company and conversation flowed easily. The photographers were very easy to work for, and with, and were appreciative." She felt the only negative part of the photoshoot was having to walk so far and said that if she had known this would be required, she would have worn more comfortable shoes!

"I had a lovely day," Lorraine agreed. "They were very nice to work with." What would Lorraine say to someone considering applying to Models Direct? "Go for it! It's a good way of meeting people and getting paid for enjoying yourself."

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