Goodnights Entertainment

Tatyana, Model ref: 206720,

Model Fee: £70

Emma, Model ref: 185701,

Model Fee: £70


Two of our models were selected for a 'Girls Night' photoshoot. Model Emma said the best thing about the assignment was...

"The nature of the assignment was fun – theatrical and so based on a 'look' rather than looks."

Two Models Direct models, Emma and Tatyana, were selected to attend a casting with the directors and writers of a new theatre production. They proved perfect for the roles and selected to take part in a photoshoot.

Goodnights Entertainment contacted us through the Models Direct website. They were looking for models to attend a casting for publicity material for a new theatre production called 'Girls Night' which will soon be showing in the UK. They were looking for two women in their 30s and 40s to star in a photoshoot.

Our models, Emma and Tatyana, were selected and asked to meet with the show's directors and writers to see if they would be suitable for the roles. The whole process was very quick: just two days after impressing the directors and writers, Emma and Tatyana were taking part in the photoshoot.

The two women were asked to play very different roles. Emma played an outrageous extrovert whilst Tatyana was more quiet and conservative. They were both provided with costumes that reflected these personalities.

The assignment went according to plan and the client was delighted with the end results. Even though this was the first assignment for both of our models, Emma and Tatyana did an excellent job. "What some of the models lacked in experience was gained in personality making the whole project realistic and believable," said Harriet from Goodnights.

The models also had some great feedback for us. "The assignment went very well," said Emma. "The client was relaxed and good to work with and they seemed pleased with the outcome. It felt really good and was enjoyable and fun."

"I felt perfectly comfortable and I'm happy with the experience," Tatyana agreed. "I really enjoyed it and would like to do it again."

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