Destiny PLC

Alena, Model Ref: 211343,

Model Fee: £200

Hannah, Model Ref: 158129,

Model Fee: £200


Alena and Hannah spent two days promoting an exciting new product for Destiny PLC. What would say to aspiring models?

"Do it! It's a great way to have fun and earn money!"

Two of our lovely female models were selected for a promotional modelling assignment at the NEC in Birmingham. Alena and Hannah both had two full days on their feet, meeting and greeting customers, but really enjoyed the assignment.

The event was the Service Management Expo 2009, where the girls were helping to promote a new and innovative design from Destiny PLC. For the two days of the show, Alena and Hannah were welcoming visitors, handing out leaflets and answering questions about the product.

Andy at Destiny PLC was really happy with his choice of models. "The assignment went extremely well," he told Models Direct. "Both girls were extremely punctual and had great can-do attitudes."

To be a promotional model you need to be bubbly, outgoing and love meeting and talking to new people. Alena and Hannah both did really well and enjoyed the assignment. We asked them both for some feedback on how they felt the assignment went.

"I feel very happy about the assignment," Alena reported. "It was an enjoyable two days with great people to work with. It always feels great and exciting to be a model and makes a nice change from everyday life!"

Hannah also had fun. "I had a fantastic time – it was a real honour to be asked to work for the company," she enthused. "I felt like a star – I was treated extremely well and the clients made sure I was well looked after. The enthusiasm of the team was incredible and as a result we all had fun whilst working hard."

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