4 Fun Ways of Boosting Your Modelling Career

Published: 5th May 2020

Are you a prospective model thinking about breaking into the industry? A newcomer on the scene? Perhaps you’re an existing one who has a few years of experience behind you. Whatever your current position is in the modelling world, did you know that there are ways of boosting your modelling skills whilst having fun?

Yes! There are some sought-after skills you should know about to make a great model. So, here at Models Direct, we wanted to go through some fun hobbies that could help you be a better model! Let’s dive in and find out what they are, models! 

1, Photography

If you were a newbie at a photo shoot, you’d have remembered that being in front of the camera and following directions might have been a touch challenging (or maybe quite). 

If you take up photography as a hobby yourself – that’s to assume you haven’t already – then maybe it’s time you should. Being behind the camera will help you understand what it’s like to view the world through a lens. You might be used to taking snaps on your mobile device but a camera has a different feel. It might help you appreciate the art of photography and what it takes to capture the right moment and emotion as a photographer. Similarly, on the other side of the lens will be someone like you setting that moment that needs to be caught. You’ll master what the photographer wants, working in harmony with them rather than against them. So how about it? Pick yourself up a camera and get snapping. 

2, Swimming

There are so many forms of exercise out there ranging from walking through to high-intensity interval training and everything in between. You name it, there is something out there for everyone of any age and ability. However, we’ve picked out swimming in our list of hobbies. It’s an excellent low-impact activity which has fantastic results on the body and overall wellbeing. It’s a hobby that should be taken up by models of all age ranges because it’ll help keep you in shape, increase your flexibility and stamina. Best of all, it’s a whole lot of fun! Baby models and child models will love this one! Get diving and splashing and make swimming your hobby to boost your modelling career. 

3, Yoga

Like swimming, yoga is fabulous for your health and fitness, and many people regard it as their favourite hobby. Some supermodels, like Christy Turlington, have even written books about it too! Also, yoga is an excellent means for relaxation and discovering internal peace and serenity. Like with everything in life modelling can be a stressful profession, particularly for new models who are not hearing back from clients. So, if you take yoga up and can get through the tense moments by carrying calmness inside of you, you’ll make your modelling journey a much more positive one. 

What’s more, yoga encourages flexibility and good posture which will make a model look elegant and radiant, and of course, lots of fun. 

4, Acting Classes

Public speaking probably makes it into most people’s top ten list of scariest things to do. Most would avoid it at all costs and wouldn’t dare dream of standing up in front of a crowd. Being a model means exactly that though! Being confident in yourself, whether that’s in front of a room of people for a photo shoot or the great outdoors in front of larger crowds, is important. If you feel like you’re always anxious then maybe taking up an acting class will help. It’ll encourage you to face your fears by making you speak in front of others which is probably out of your comfort zone but will be well worth it in the long run. So, next time you’re asked to say a couple of lines for an ad or you need to be snapped in the middle of a busy town centre, you won’t think twice about it! 

If you have any hobbies that we’ve missed out, let us know on our social media channels. We’d love to hear from you!

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