5 Great Ways to Treat Your Feet

Published: 6th May 2020

It’s a shame but most of us take our feet for granted. They do so much for us, yet we don’t have the time to appreciate their value and how hard-working they are. 

Our feet endure a whole array of challenges from being squeezed into high heels to suffocating within sweaty socks or tights for hours! 

They experience high impact every day with constant exertion being placed on them. Foot models will know how important it is to take care of their feet. Since we’re all at home now due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s no excuse not to show your feet you really care about them. You can start by saying sorry and following these great ways to treat them. 

1. Wash them

Freshen your feet up with more regular washing; get in between your toes too. Soap them up and wash away the grime and bacteria that constantly accumulates on them. 

Alternatively, if you find it difficult to wash them in the shower or bath, you can use a small bucket. This will help avoid any accidental slips and falls. Make sure you dry your feet completely (and between those toes too) which will help to lessen problematic feet problems such as bad odour, fungus and athlete’s foot. 

2. Soak them

Give your feet a nice soak in warm water and mix in some regular hand soap. This will help soften your feet so you can get scrubbing away at removing your dead skin. No need for anything expensive, just keep it simple. 

3. Moisturise them 

Treat your feet by moisturising them after washing and soaking. Don’t abandon them as regular washing can deplete your body’s natural oils. Give your feet a boost with a good quality foot cream. Pop your socks on afterwards to retain moisture for added long-lasting softness. You can use balm on your heels for extra conditioning. 

4. Change your socks every day 

Yes, it’s as simple as that! Make sure you change your socks every day. You might think that one day won’t hurt and be tempted to grab the same pair but – don’t read further if you’re squeamish – your feet contain almost 250,000 sweat glands and excrete roughly half a pint of moisture daily, according to the California Podiatric Medical Association. Fun fact but equally off-putting!

Opt for cotton socks as they are natural and breathable, just make sure you don’t wear them twice in a row without a wash. 

5. Check for signs of pain

Your feet should never hurt in footwear. If a pair cause pain, don’t wear them (no matter how much you love them). Unfortunately, bunions, corns, distorted toes and Morton’s neuroma are some of the problems that could arise with ill-fitting shoes. So, protect your feet with shoes that your feet feel comfortable and good in. 

Foot models will know all about these tips but for any prospective models or newcomers, spending a few minutes a day on a foot care regime will help you maintain your feet’s overall appearance and purpose. 

Take a few snaps and send them over to our modelling agency, Models Direct, who has been at the forefront of the industry for 30 years! We’ll get the ball rolling and help connect you and of course your gorgeous feet to clients who are on the lookout for a perfect foot model. 

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