7 Ways to Nail it as a Hand Model

Published: 27th Mar 2020

Your face isn’t the only physical characteristic that draws attention. Your hands do too! You’ll use them to express yourself, help with daily chores and sometimes carry out more rigorous work like indoor or outdoor renovations. Whatever the task is at hand, you can be pretty sure that your hands will be there to help you along the way.

What are your hands like? 

So, our question to you is, do you have gorgeous-looking hands that are always being complimented by friends, families and people that you’ve met? Would you say that they’re your best asset and you love showing them off? Are they slender and blemish-free? If the answer to these questions is yes, then read on…

Taking it to the next level

If you’re thinking about specialising in the hand modelling domain, you’ve come to the right place! You might be thinking that this is a niche market. Well, you’re right, it is. But that doesn’t mean that the demand is zilch. The cosmetic industry, for example, will want hand models to advertise their body products such as a new nail varnish range. It could be that a household product like washing powder needs to be poured into a machine for an ad, or that a new body wash needs to be launched and the company needs a hand model to demonstrate it. Marketing a product can certainly mean that a model in this area is required and that model could be you! 

Hand models who are in the industry are: Ashly Covington, Adele Uddo and James Furino. Guys – these are only just a few that we’ve selected but there are SO many more!  

Treat your hands 

For a hands-on TLC approach, here are some handy points to see your hands through all the seasons! Read our seven ways to nail it as a hand model by protecting and caring for your hands:

1) Love your hands by protecting them when you are near water or chemicals. Cover them up by wearing washing gloves to protect your delicate skin. 

2) When washing your hands use a mild soap, avoiding harsh chemicals that can irritate and strip the moisture from your skin. Luckily the rise of paraben-free and cruelty-free skincare is readily available. 

3) We suggest using warm water instead of hot when washing your hands. The high temperature can slowly damage the skin, making it tender and rougher. 

4) Keep a hand moisturiser close by so that after washing you can apply a layer of much-needed hydration. You might be tempted to use an all-purpose moisturiser but hand lotions are specially formulated to moisten and care for those hands of yours. 

5) Gently exfoliate your hands to help remove dead skin and to keep the skin feeling fresh and revitalised. Your hands will thank you for it. 

Extra tip: Do this just before bedtime and then moisturise your skin to lock in all the benefits of the exfoliation process with a mild formulation. 

6) Use an oil – coconut, olive, almond – to massage into your nails, fingers and hands. Your hands deserve some pampering and relaxation time too!

7) SPF your hands! We know we have to SPF our skin but might end up dismissing our hands in the process. Your skin needs protection throughout the year so remember to use some SPF formulated lotion (the higher the better) on your hands to protect them from sun damage and premature ageing. 

Bonus tip: Existing hand models – keep hand cream with you on your way out to a shoot or assignment so that your assets are always ready for the cameras.

8) Treat yourself to a manicure because your hands are worth it! Giving them a new lease of life by a professional will give your hands a confidence boost and make them ready to take the hand modelling world by storm. 

How to nail a modelling job

All of our Models Direct tips won’t break the bank and are quite easy to follow. Establish a hand care routine and sign up with our modelling agency to be on your way to earning extra cash as a hand model. 

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