​​A day at the office – our models feature in a smart working campaign

Published: 30th Jun 2022

Commercial modelling can take all sorts of forms and in today’s digital world that often includes the creation of online content.

Lively, engaging and colourful online content is the holy grail for many businesses and as such they are tripping over themselves to get it right.

Drawing in potential customers via social media platforms, such as Instagram, and ensuring websites entice would-by buyers at the click of a mouse is a constant crusade.

And, therefore, a steady stream of suitable models is required.

At Models Direct we are contacted on an ongoing basis by a wide range of clients looking for just the right models to feature in their online content marketing campaigns.

They want people who look natural and comfortable while commercial modelling: male and female models who look just like the people who might be buying or using their products.

Models of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience can therefore be suitable for the work – and can find themselves taking part in all kinds of different photo and film shoots.

Our models Sarina and Benjamin were among those we put forward for a commercial modelling shoot for smart working operation Orangebox.

Models: Benjamin & Sarina

UK-based, but now with a global reach, Orangebox is known for its beautifully designed office furniture and stylish, reconfigurable, modular meeting rooms.

And with so many people now working flexibly, and workspaces often needing to be versatile, the company is keen to ensure continuous promotion through online campaigns.

Orangebox chose Sarina and Benjamin from the selection of models – all of whom met the descriptions we were asked for – that we suggested.

They attended the photo shoot, which saw them interact with each other within an office scenario, posing as employees using the furniture and smart working solutions on a daily basis.

Model: Benjamin

And now the resulting campaign shoots are being used to promote Orangebox via its Instagram account and other online content.

Both Sarina and Benjamin thoroughly enjoyed the experience, finding the client and the production team easy to work with.

Afterwards, Sarina told us: “The shoot was fantastic – and I enjoyed every bit of it.

“I was looked after very well and was appreciated for my work. If I had the opportunity to do it again I totally would.”

Benjamin, who was taking part in his very first modelling shoot, was impressed with the organisation and smooth operation of the day.

He said: “I did my first shoot yesterday. Models Direct handled everything and gave me a call saying I’d been booked. Everything was straight forward.”

With such high demand for commercial models, we are always on the lookout for the next Sarina or Benjamin, male and female models who might also be interested in taking part in a shoot such as this.

So, if you think that might be you, then we at Models Direct would love to hear from you.

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