A ticket to ride: our models show just how easy travel can be

Published: 1st Apr 2023

We all use buses, trains and planes and so posing as transport customers was a smooth move for our models.

Models Direct was approached by digital bus pass system operator ShuttleID and asked if we could supply some young people who looked like they could be travellers.

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And could we? Well, of course we could!

Models Direct has a vast array of young male and female models who are perfect for playing the parts of members of the public just going about their everyday lives.

So, as usual, we went through our models’ portfolios and came up with a shining selection who met the requirements of the ShuttleID assignment.

The team at ShuttleID then browsed these at their leisure and our models Ellie and Tylee were chosen for the job.

ShuttleID has come up with a digital system to help transport operators remove the manual tasks involved with issuing or selling bus passes and tickets on school, college or work services.

The idea is to help those running the transport services to save vital time while also offering convenience and safety to those hopping on and off the modes of transport.

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Ellie and Tylee were asked to dress casually and to pretend they were getting on and off buses and coaches. They also had to pose inside the vehicles.

It was a fun day out for the pair and an invaluable experience to Tylee, who had never done anything like this before.

Afterwards, he said: “This was my first professional shoot and I absolutely loved it!

“Other than the terrible weather, the shoot was great. The people I worked with were very clear on what they wanted and also really nice to be around.

“I would happily work with them again!”

Do you think you could follow in the footsteps of Ellie and Tyee and enjoy a photo shoot like this?

If so, read about the experiences of some of our other models too and then get in touch.

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