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Have you ever wanted to be a male model?

Back in 1979, the band The Undertones declared that they wanted to be involved in the modelling industry with their song “Male Model”. 41 years later, and times haven't changed! Male modelling is a genuine opportunity for ambitious males of all ages - and has been for decades. This is where you - a go-getting, versatile male - and Models Direct - an industry-leader in modelling agencies - come together to form the perfect partnership. Read on if you've ever thought that male modelling could be for you. It could be the chance you've been waiting for…

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The key to a lot of modelling is variety. Sure, we'd love to hear from you if you're a handsome bloke (shhh…no need to be bashful!), but males of all ages, backgrounds and looks can be just as successful in modelling campaigns as the “quintessential” male model.

What do we mean by “quintessential” male model? Perhaps you have preconceptions of:

  • 20-35 year olds with flowing golden locks?
  • A chiselled jaw line and fashionable crew cut?
  • Mature males with film star looks?
  • Rugged bodybuilder types?

These stereotypes are fair enough, simply because some modelling jobs are indeed suited to the above; it'd be naïve to think otherwise.

However, fear not if you really are intent on modelling and don't necessarily believe you fit in to one of these categories. It really shouldn't matter. Why? Because Models Direct has plenty of clients looking for males of all looks - and experience isn't imperative. So, with this in mind, what are you waiting for?

So many magazines and other media platforms focus on “the perfect look” for men and women. In fact, over the past decade, it could be argued that more marketing focus has been on the male sex. Whether it's the current climate or simply because the amount of male-oriented products have increased, the world of male modelling has sky-rocketed recently, and this can only be 

We've established that there isn't really a “look” when it comes to the world of male modelling. If you've scanned through fancy male-orientated publications (GQ and Esquire are good examples), there are a fair amount of stylish young chaps with the latest haircuts sporting shirts that fetch over £1,000, or watches that come with a five-figure price tag. However, it's not a 

For instance, you could be a male model if you:

  • Are committed
  • Are willing to travel
  • Have any unique, distinctive features
  • Are prepared
  • Are realistic
  • Are confident
  • Have a sparkling personality

The first step to becoming a male model is to register with Models Direct. After all, we've been placing males of all ages in top modelling assignments for decades.

Whilst we have plenty of work for mature models (40 years of age and older) and child / teen models (under the age of 18), they are covered in separate links to our website. Therefore, for the purpose of “male models” we're particularly interested in males between the ages of 18-40.

Believe in yourself, and don't assume all clients are looking for that “quintessential” male model look. They're not. Indeed, they are more modelling jobs outside of the glitzy magazine format than most people think. Talk to us, and we'll tell you!

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