All dressed up, ready to get to work – modelling for 7Active

Published: 3rd Feb 2021

Trying on different outfits, striking all sorts of poses and meeting a wide range of different people – modelling clothing can be enjoyable for a whole host of reasons.

At Models Direct, we provide male and female models of all ages, backgrounds and sizes to a spectrum of different assignments for all sorts of big name clients.

Some of these are major high street outlets, while others are leading brands that stock items in independent outlets or sell through ecommerce.

One interesting job recently undertaken by two of our models was for 7Active, a company that specialises in bespoke uniforms, outfits and clothing for a number of renowned clients.

These come from a variety of sectors and industries, with items ranging from leisure and formal shirts, jackets and aprons to t-shirts, hats and even branded face masks.

Our models, James and Nicole, were booked for a shoot in Worcester and had to appear in a host of different uniforms.

They appeared in all sorts of different work clothes, as well as in various items of sportswear.

They took part in a studio shoot, as well as a session on location in a park and on a tennis court.

The assignment was a huge success and both James and Nicole can now be seen looking comfortable and confident in a collection of stills on 7Active’s website.

Working for a modelling agency with reputable and reliable clients is vital and – as James and Nicole reported back afterwards – ensures everything goes smoothly on the day.

Nicole summed up her experience by saying: “I had an amazing time shooting for 7Active, and gained a lot of experience just in one shoot! I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out!”

While James was keen to state: “I had a great shoot with another model (Nicole) for a company that does work clothing for places such as Starbucks, Deliveroo, Just Eat, Honda, F1 etc and really enjoyed it. It was a great day and I can’t wait to do more work for Models Direct. They are the only agency I’ve worked with that makes sure everything is fine and who also catch up with you before and after the shoot to check in!”

Do you think you would enjoy taking part in a shoot like this? If so, contact us and send us your details.

Before long, you could be posing at a photo shoot and seeing yourself on the pages of websites, brochures and magazines!

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