Are You Ready for Sportswear Modelling?

Published: 23rd Mar 2020

Every year fashion trends are always being forecasted and set to dominate each season.

And with the big boom of sportswear fashion making a hit on the scene in recent years, plenty of retailers have been indulging in marketing activewear apparel for children, teenagers, men and women. 

Sportswear models are donning the arena with this year’s cool, comfy, robust and versatile range of activewear which can be found at a retailer near you, or online. Must-have styles are also available in additional sizes such as curve and plus-size too opening the market further. 

Male fitness model

The right mindset and apparel theory

If you’re a gym bunny or exercise at home bod, you may want to dress the part so you can kick-start your active journey and be on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Wearing the appropriate apparel for your fitness activity will encourage you to make a start and achieve those fitness goals you may have set yourself for the new year. 

So, if you’re a newbie or a dedicated lover of exercise, we’re sure you’ll love what’s on the shelves for activewear clothing. 

Sportswear is smart to wear

Extra lengths have gone into sportswear being intelligently constructed. You’ve got sweat-wicking technology which is breathable to keep you cool; tight-fitting silhouettes that contour your body, defying restrictiveness; waterproof and light wear garments and much more on the market. What’s not to love?

Base layers, leggings, tights, hoodies and tracksuits are just a few of the categories you can find available in the activewear section online, print or in-store. 

Keep-fit buffs & gymgoers venturing into modelling

A few questions for our readers – Do you love exercising? Does the camera love you? If the answers are yes, maybe you’re thinking about sporting your look as a fitness model. You don’t need to have a six-pack and ripped muscles to be the face of a fitness marketing campaign. If you’re toned and in shape, you can go all the way to becoming a model in this lucrative field. 

Does this sound like you? 

Alongside the toned body – remember, it isn’t in an extreme form – you’ll need to have a great smile, clear skin and lovely hair too. If you tick all the boxes, you should think about signing up with a modelling agency

Our models on a Barclays photoshoot promoting ‘Activity’

Yes…. like us!

In case you don’t know, Models Direct is a long-standing agency that has been searching for all types of models including fitness models. We’ve been representing models for thirty years now so we’re rooted deep in the modelling industry.

Could you be our next fitness model who has that marketable look which will appeal to consumers? If so, you may see yourself in fitness magazines, ads and posters!!! 

Jennifer Nicole Lee 

We’ve selected Jennifer Nicole Lee to give you an insight into how she’s become one of THE most successful fitness models out there. And guess what? She had no athletic background before entering this market. 

JNL, as she is known as in the modelling business, lost her post-pregnancy weight and was crowned Miss Bikini America in 2006! Now she has gone onto releasing workout DVDs, books, appearing on talk shows and of course, magazine covers and the like. 

Call to action

Keep up with your workouts and fitness regime! Not only is it good for your health and overall wellbeing but it could also open doors for you. We’d love to hear from you if you’re thinking of diving into the modelling industry. Or if you have a friend or relative who is a health enthusiast, tell them about us! Apply to Models Direct! We’re looking forward to joining you on your modelling revolution!

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