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Published: 18th Dec 2022

A baby is cuddles

And tickles on toes,

The sweet scent of powder,

A kiss on the nose!

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Everyone loves babies! There was no way we could miss out on having cute, adorable faces make a huge part of our modelling family. We’re glad you’re here because we get asked lots of questions about this modelling division, and we thought, wouldn’t it be easier if we answered FAQs right here. Let’s go!

How much do baby models get?

No doubt you’ll be intrigued to know how much a baby model could earn on a modelling job. It varies from assignment to assignment and when our sweet models have been selected for work, this can range from below a hundred pounds to over a thousand. With Models Direct’s models, Regan earned £315 at 9 months of age whilst Jayden was only 1 years old, and he earnt £1,044.

Toddler model

Also, the heavier the work, the more your baby will earn! This doesn’t mean they’ll be lifting weights, but it could entail long hours and travelling further afield.

Factors such as the company, duration of the assignment, budget and location are all taken into account when paying babies for their precious time and cute coos.

How do I get into baby modelling?

You can go it alone and find work for your babe (which is possible but could prove to be time-consuming, expensive and sometimes lead to dead ends) or you can join a reputable modelling agency, like Models Direct, who can help source suitable and authentic work for your little bundle of joy.

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Do you have to pay for your baby to be a model?

Many agencies out there request for a registration fee, which is now illegal, but a one-off admin fee is permissible.

Registering with Models Direct is free, however we do request for that one-off fee if you want to proceed further. This cost covers our agency’s admin costs. All we ask is for £107.25 plus VAT in respect of covering your baby seeking publication for three years in our books. Any work we secure for them, we claim one third of the model fee which equates to only £35 per year, after VAT or 70p a week! We’re upfront about this right from the very start and work hard to get your baby booked.

How old does a baby have to be to model?

0-2 years. A baby can begin their modelling journey as soon as they’re born till they’re two years old. They have the scope to continue beyond this age if they, their parents and guardians are happy to move into the industry further. Some might have even started as a beautiful baby bump before becoming a baby model!

People also ask

How much do babies get paid to model?

Babies earn various amounts depending on their assignment. This could range from under a hundred to over a thousand! The baby modelling world is a sought-after one. Even though they’re tiny in size, the baby industry in comparison is gargantuan!

Newborn baby model

How do I get into baby modelling?

We’re glad you asked. Models Direct welcome all modelling divisions, one being babies no doubt. You can enter the industry by applying to our agency and building a portfolio of their images. All you need are clear photos which you can take yourself, free of camera filters and special FX that can distort the true reflection of your baby. This can all be done online so you can stay in the comfort of your own home and slowly build their presence with our agency. If you haven’t heard back from us, you can always give us a call or email to see how your baby’s application is processing and whether any client’s have requested to see their portfolio.

How old does a baby have to be to model?

As soon as they’re born, your babe in arms can enter this line of work. 0-2 years is the age group our agency focuses on for this modelling category. They don’t need any prior experience either which is refreshing for parents and guardians to hear. Usually, when applying for a job, there’s always one requirement that indicates that you have to have accumulated previous experience. Modelling is different and your cherub can begin as they are.

What makes a good baby model?

All babies are sweet and have adorable characteristics. They also show all emotions ranging from being ecstatic to feeling upset which is very natural. So, when there’s hubbub going on around them on a modelling job, they might feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed but this doesn’t define whether they’re a good model or not. How could a baby NOT be a “good model”? It’s impossible to think but when they’re on a photoshoot or filming on set, they’ll need to be fed, kept hydrated, kept settled at the right temperature, wear suitable apparel and try to be as comfortable as possible. This will help the production team collaborate with the mini superstar and get a compilation of amazing material. Babies just need to be content and happy!

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