Beauty not the Beast – Top Tips Towards Ensuring a Good Night’s Sleep

Published: 19th Mar 2020

We all know how important sleep is to our health and general well-being, but we don’t always pay enough attention to making sure we wake up feeling fully rested and relaxed.

For those heading off on modelling jobs and keen to look bright-eyed and bushy tailed, having a good seven to eight hours of high quality beauty sleep every night is important.

Likewise, those looking into how to become a model and wishing to embark upon a healthier lifestyle need to give consideration to the time they spend in bed as well as out of it.

Afterall, says Lisa Artis of the Sleep Council, the role rest time has to play is often overlooked. 

“The benefits of healthy eating and exercise are well known – but far less talked about is having a healthy sleep routine,” she says.

“Not enough sleep or too much sleep is linked to chronic diseases, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity and anxiety. 

“A lack of sleep also suppresses your immune system, making you more vulnerable to infections and metabolic and hormone changes among other health issues.”

So, what can those working for modelling agencies, including fashion models and teen models, do to help them achieve their beauty sleep?

*Ensure you have a comfortable bed with a good quality mattress that does not leave you feeling achy when you wake up in the morning.

Our Models on set for MattressMan photoshoot

*Make sure you do not have too many pillows and that they are firm but not too hard: one good pillow should be used to hold your head in a straight line with your spine.

*Give your bedroom a relaxing ambience by furnishing it with cosy items, keeping the lights dim and making it a place for winding down.

*Switch your screens off a good hour before bed as televisions, laptops and phones can emit a blue light that can affect your sleep. 

*Most of us know not to drink caffeine before bed but current advice suggests afternoon teas and coffees might also have an effect. Experiment to see how it affects you but be prepared to sacrifice some of your hot drinks.

*Avoid other stimulants such as alcohol and nicotine too. 

*Try to stick to the same routine every night so your body learns when it is time to go to sleep. Switch off the television, have a bath or shower perhaps then read for a while at the same time every day before trying to sleep.

*Try not to doze off or catnap during the day.

*Exercise during the day and keep yourself busy and challenged. If you sit around all day doing nothing your body will have less desire to rest. 

*Make sure you are exposed to sunlight during the day and that curtains and blinds are drawn and lights are switched off at night as this is also thought to help.

*Eat well and try to avoid any foods that might upset your system, as well as foods that are sugar and full of refined carbs – this should help reduce wakefulness during the night.

Try all these things and just see the benefits, your skin will look better and you’ll have more energy – THEN take some new photos and send to us!

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