Body Positivity Movement: Welcome Real-life Models of All Shapes and Sizes!

Published: 31st Mar 2020

As of recent years, there has been a shift in how people are bringing about body image change and making a vocal stand against what is deemed as the ideal body type for both genders. 

At Models Direct we want to keep positive about helping to bring about this important and much-needed change. Change doesn’t happen overnight; it’s an uphill battle and takes time. Historically, the thinner figure has always been appealing and sought after. But whatever you want to put it down to – genetics and/or lifestyle habits, our body shapes are all different! 

This is where the “body positivity movement” has risen. With the aid of social media platforms such as Instagram, people have come forward to say their piece about breaking the barriers of the stereotypical body shape and size we should all conform to. Tess Holliday, Jessamyn Stanley and Ashley Graham have spoken about challenging the ways that society views the body.

People in the modelling industry, particularly plus size models, teen models, catalogue models, both female and male can see the shift in change. And if you aren’t, popping into fashion stores or browsing online, more sections are being dedicated to a range of people including plus size, curve and big and tall.

Say No to Body Shaming on All Levels

All body types should be celebrated and accepting each beautiful individual as they are is the mission of this movement. Fat-shaming and skinny-shaming are unacceptable and as part of this step forward, the goal is to rid society of this stigma revolving what is deemed as being perfect and rejecting all that isn’t. Life just doesn’t work like that and we shouldn’t be put into the same box. 

Influential models have come forth and helped support this agenda, which actually has been active for a lot longer than we think. Bringing about positive change; changing our mindsets about ourselves so that we’re able to live life confidently in our skin, without giving up on ourselves and giving in to the pressures of looking oh so perfect every day is the ultimate goal. We did some digging and found that the movement rose not over the past few years but in fact in 1996! Let’s explore more here: 

The First Body Positive Agenda

Connie Sobczak joined forces with Elizabeth Scott 24 years ago and founded The Body Positive. This non-profit organisation has been on a mission to end the serious results of negative body image some of which include: eating disorders, anxiety and depression. They’ve been particularly concerned about poor body perception in teenagers and young adults. This has led them to train professionals in the educations sector and student leaders and create their unique Body Positive programs in schools and within the community. The organisation has been successful and continues to strive for the betterment of self-acceptance and self-love within the community. 

Love Being You!

It might seem that the body positivity buzzword has become mainstream now but either way, it’s definitely a movement that has got a lot of people talking about how they relate to their own bodies. Recovering the community and providing freedom from suffocating societal messages is the key to body positivity. So come on board, join this movement and break down the barriers of how you see yourself and your body.

If you’re thinking of being a model, now is probably the best time to bite the bullet and hit the apply button! Why? Well, with the rise of body positivity, models of all shapes and sizes are in high demand. Our modelling agency wants to hear from you! We can get the ball rolling and kick-start a new career. So – get ready, set, click apply and see where Models Direct can take you!

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