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Plus size modelling is big business. Our clients in film, TV, fashion, and advertising are requesting for real men and women to feature in the marketing of their products and services. To meet this demand, Models Direct put forward daily selections from our database of plus size models - why not join us?

Plus size male model

What are the requirements for becoming a plus size model?

People come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes – and we are always looking for a glorious variety of models to reflect that reality. Tall, short, narrow or curvy, men and women have different frames and body types and need to be represented in the world they see around them.

Plus size female model

What size do you have to be to be a plus size model?

Plus size female models tend to be a size 12 to 18, with radiant personalities. They are often brimming with confidence and should be comfortable with their body image. To date, there have been fewer plus size male models but all that is changing as the industry expands, and Models Direct wants to hear from larger chaps too if they think they have what it takes.

The world of fashion is waking up to the reality that models no longer need to be super-slim. The average British women is currently believed to be a size 16 and she wants to see others like her advertising the clothes she might buy.

Likewise, many major labels now recognise plus size clothing is big business and design specific collections for larger women, which they are keen to promote with representational models.

Group of plus size female models

What will I have to do as a plus size model?

There is a growing awareness that on screen, as well as on the pages of magazines and websites, consumers want to see people they identify with. Our clients increasingly ask for “real-looking” men and women to feature in their photographic shoots and television and film promotions. However, the best way to answer that question is to let our plus size models tell you for themselves...

… it’s a hat-trick for Models Direct's plus size model Neri

Models Direct plus size model Neri

"I made the decision that perhaps I could become a plus size model. I woke up one morning and decided I could show off my size 20 skills, just as well as those size 10 ladies. After about 10 minutes on Google, I didn't stop to consider if I should apply, I just did it. I've always known I looked different, but Models Direct was the first one to see it as a potential selling point. Who knew my first assignment would end up being my regular income!"

So far Neri has earned £4,000 working as a plus size model with Models Direct.

Plus size female model

How much do plus size models earn?

After decades of brands using size 6-8 models that only a minority can relate to, the high street are now switching to plus size models to promote their clothes and products.

Top plus size models such as Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley and Kate Wasley earn up to £20,000 per day but typically fees range from £50 to several hundred pounds per day. The amount depends on the type of work and your experience. We agree the fee with you before you accept an assignment.

Plus size couple

Do I need a plus size modelling agency?

As a plus size focused modelling agency, we look to include everyone. In the 1950s, the average woman was a size 12. Fast-forward 70 years and it's now a size 16. We need a database of models to reflect that growing change and demand. To join, fill in your details into our simple and straightforward online modelling application and attach a couple of awesome snaps to get yourself registered.

What clients use Models Direct?

Working with the world's favourite brands, finding models work with 1,000+ clients and industry trusted for over 30 years.

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How to become a plus size model?

So, if you think you might be the next Ashley Graham or Nemar Parchment and would like to join our plus size models, apply to find out more. We can help you to find out if you have the potential to work with the modelling world in reflecting who we really are.

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