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Published: 12th Feb 2020

Want to embrace a new adventure, good lookin’ fellas?! Do you know you could apply to be a model? No? We thought as much! 

Models Direct embrace people of all ages, shapes and sizes. You couldn’t ask for more from a modelling agency, right? So, we’re on the same page then! Great, let’s make a start… 

Plus-size male model is a bit of a mouthful but something the modelling industry is beckoning! With the way the fashion world is evolving, this niche market has become the X factor when it comes to style. Breaking the barriers of body image, the fashion world has made sure that the plus-size guys aren’t left out. Welcome to the rise of the plus-size male model. 

Rock your plus-size style

Plus-size doesn’t just stop at women’s apparel, it includes you too! (Read on, we’re really not kidding!) If you’re running out of style ideas, there are loads of fashion retailers who have key on-trend items perfect for you. And guess who is showcasing the statement pieces for you? Fellow models who are on the fashion scene ready to be snapped in the latest fashionable items! 

Let’s have a look at the rundown of UK menswear fashion retailers who are the first in line and trendsetters for plus-size men:

  • Yours launched their plus-size menswear brand, Bad Rhino, back in August 2015 and are still going strong
  • ASOS began their men’s plus-size range in December 2016 and have really taken off
  • M&S started their Big & Tall menswear range back in April 2017 with lots of attention from the plus-size audience
  • BoohooMAN launched their budget Big & Tall range for L to XXXXL targeting young and fashion-conscious men in August 2017
Plus-size model Tim

“My photo shoot on Friday turned out to be a 100% success. I didn’t understand the concept of the seatbelt extender at first but now I realised how useful it would be for plus-size drivers – and why I was chosen for the shoot!”


PwC’s UK plus-size market review 2017

A couple of interesting facts about this niche industry are that the plus-size male market is worth £1.9bn and predicted to increase to £2.6bn by 2022. 

Secondly, the menswear market is forecast to grow faster than womenswear at 6-8% p.a. Who’d have thought, eh? So that means male models are definitely in demand then!

Beyond standard expectations 

With the demand for plus-size clothing, you don’t need a six-pack or chiselled features to make it as a male model. #BodyPositive, #LoveYourBody and #BodyConfidence have been pushing through social media to break the standard expectations of body size. Men have been more drawn to #brawn and #bigandtall to represent their image and confidence. With the help of fashion retailers welcoming this market, it has allowed the plus-size male population to feel confident, stylish and fashionable. 

Let’s get down to the crunch!

At the forefront of many campaigns across social media, TV, commercial and advertising, plus-size is now THE big thing. It’s no longer taboo to see a full figure on the modelling scene. Big is beautiful, no matter what your gender. We were born to be different and stand out in our unique ways. Life would be boring otherwise! If you’re reading this and you fall into that category that was mentioned earlier (plus-size male model), you could find yourself filling into this industry niche perfectly.

Register with your plus size male model agency AKA Models Direct today to make this happen. Fill in your details, send a couple of awesome snaps and then we will put your look forward whenever it is called for by a client. You will hear back from a client if they are interested in having you market their fashion or advertising campaign. Hit that apply button and see where your modelling journey takes you… 

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