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A Journey into Models Direct's Curve Industry

Plus-size modelling is big business. Our clients in film, TV, fashion, and advertising are requesting for real men and women to feature in the marketing of their products and services. To meet this demand, Models Direct put forward daily selections from our database of plus-size models - why not join us?

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Curve modelling is an area within the advertising and marketing industry that has been attracting a lot of attention, especially over the last few years. With the influence of social media, such as platforms like Instagram, plus-size models have come forward to get their voices heard and slowly break the body size stereotype. With this, plus-size has gained a lot of positive media attention and initiated healthy discussions about how size should be valued. Body shaming has been vocalised, and many celebrities have come forth to speak against it. 

We're now seeing a rise of plus-size and curve pop up in the fashion industry as it's making its way onto our smartphones, devices and in print. Fashion designers and retailers are particularly taking into account and making provisions for this body size.  

Therefore, as a plus-size focused modelling agency, we look to include everyone. The demand for male and female models is towards all shapes, sizes, ages and looks. In the 1950s, the average woman was a size 12. Fast-forward 70 years and it's now a size 16. We need a database of models to reflect that growing change and demand, and we believe that the next curve model could be you! 

Register with your plus-size modelling agency AKA Models Direct today to make this happen. Fill in your details into our simple and straightforward online modelling application and attach a couple of awesome snaps to get yourself registered. Our expert team will then get in touch with you and get the ball rolling. We'll put your look forward whenever it is called for by a client and if they want to proceed, we'll let you know. Once an assignment is set up, we will be with you every step of the way - right from the onset through to the end of the process. 

See where your curve modelling journey takes you by signing up with us today. We're positive you will love the experience and welcome you, whatever your gender is and however you define yourself, as a new member of our modelling team. If you're unsure about anything or want a chat, get in touch with our professional team, and we'll be happy to help - always.