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Published: 25th Sep 2023

Aye, aye, what do we have here?

Only a multiple-model booking in partnership with one of the most trusted brands in the UK!


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ASE Eyecare collaborates with Boots, providing corporate eyecare services to professionals in all sorts of sectors. They give workers advanced solutions from eyesight testing to specialist glasses for corporate drivers and other employees needing prescription safety eyewear. It’s yet another example of Models Direct providing excellent models for a company looking to expand their appeal and awareness whilst benefitting a wide range of people. Job done!

The campaign ad took place at their headquarters in Bodiam, about 10 miles north of Hastings in East Sussex. Set in rolling landscapes near High Weald, our trio of models had a very relaxed but productive assignment, which only whetted their appetites for more future modelling work.

The general set-up was simple, but no less effective; our trio were asked to model an array of glasses to promote their services to the UK’s workers, especially protective eyewear and those tailored to computer users. Most of us have experienced the draining effects of computer glare, and some will have been thankful for eye protection when labouring or gardening, so marketing the range of glasses was particularly important.

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We have plenty of models who specialise in sub-genres of modelling (plus-size, hair, fitness etc), but this was a great example of general commercial modelling in that the ad campaign called for “real, ordinary people” to maximise its impact by appealing to the general public: no fuss, no faff – just honest modelling. And it’s something anyone can do!

Not that it’s as easy as it sounds; modelling takes patience and determination. The will to keep going and trying to be the best you can be is an essential trait for any model, and it’ll serve you well in the future. We always persuade our models to be the best versions of themselves, and it’s something that’s in a model’s hands. So, if you don’t get chosen by our clients – even if you think the job was a perfect fit for you – don’t be put off…keep going!

Our male model Santiago is no stranger to being on set, and the ASE Eyecare job was right up his street. He said, “The shoot was really good indeed, with very nice people. In the morning they picked us up at the train station, and then drove us to a farm with plenty of outdoor and indoor spaces to shoot. As we were changing outfits, roll playing various rolls (from construction and farm workers, to engineers, office meetings, doctors and lab scientists) we shot in a friendly, relax and very fun atmosphere. I’m sure there will be plenty of good pictures!”

“It was another great experience to meet all these people,” said our second model, Sonia. “Thank you again for choosing me for this shoot.”

Ruth was delighted with our procedures in organising the shoot. She said;

“Models Direct are an amazing agency! They keep in regular contact with updates and information. I had the best day. It was so much fun modelling eyewear for ASE. It was a really relaxed environment with friendly people who took such good care of us. Models Direct gave me full details in order I could take everything needed for the day and feel I was fully equipped and confident. I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking to join a reputable modelling agency.”

We hope all three were happy with their pay cheques!
Look out for more brilliant jobs, and don’t forget to keep your portfolios updated!

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