Published: 25th Jul 2023

Bringing Centrepoint Charity to the centre of attention with Models Direct and nine of our selected models for photographic work.

When Centrepoint contacted our expert modelling coordinators looking for a diverse group of models, we searched and connected our talent for their amazing campaign. As another booking is complete, our modelling agency is very proud to be part of an extremely worthy cause that deserves to be honoured. We’re doing just that in this blog, so read on to discover more.

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About Centrepoint

Sleeping rough and sofa surfing among young people is still happening today, and Centrepoint is a youth homelessness charity that offers help to make a positive difference and to change lives. Whatever the reason behind this problem, Centrepoint’s mission is to end homelessness amongst the youth, aged between 16 to 25, by the next generation – 2037.

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The charity provides accommodation, and health support programs to get them back into education, training and employment, supporting over 14,000 young people every year so that they have the right tools to live independent lives.

Patron and Ambassadors

HRH The Prince of Wales followed his mother’s footsteps, the late Diana Princess of Wales, and has been a patron since 2005. Prince William slept rough to truly understand what it meant to sleep in sub-zero temperatures on the streets of London.

Centrepoint has an amazing ambassador portfolio of famous faces who connect with the charity on many levels, some through personal experiences and some through empathy, compassion and a desire to be part of the positive change. They include singer Ellie Goulding, chef Aldo Zilli, journalist Emily Maitlis, TV and radio presenter Sara Cox and present Richard Hammond to name a few.

Extra Contributions

Very recently Harry Styles donated the fee for the use of his hit song Treat People with Kindness featured in M&S’s 2022 Christmas ad! It was moving, incredibly inspiring and generous when our team read about this on their Instagram.

Our Nine Modelling Team

Soooooo, with all the enriching info explained, Models Direct want to introduce you to the nine lucky models who participated in Centrepoint’s marketing campaign in London.

Our nine stars are:

A big shout-out from our MD team! Thanks guys, you were phenomenal!
Our team were open, relaxed, comfortable, intuitive and exuded great screen presence. It wasn’t a surprise for us to hear that the project was a success and Centrepoint was very pleased to see the stills and final shots of our incredible bunch!

The Takeaway

Models Direct were thrilled to be setting up our group of models with a prestigious client that has been delivering an extremely worthy cause for many years. They’re an absolutely outstanding charity, and we’ve had the honour and privilege of working with them, booking models to promote their charitable work. Our team wishes them every success in the future and for their mission to be fulfilled; to see an end to youth homelessness by 2037!

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