Published: 17th Aug 2023

We’re fortunate to often put forward brilliant models for genuinely worthwhile projects. This recent assignment with Centrepoint ticked all the boxes, with four of our models all contributing to this wonderful charity with royal and celebrity connections.

Centrepoint is the leading UK charity tackling youth homelessness (specifically 16-25 year olds), and HRH The Duke of Cambridge (that’s William, folks!) has been Centrepoint’s patron since the mid 2000s, following in the footsteps of his mother, Princess Diana. Many famous faces also support the charity as their ambassadors – among them TV legends Jonathan Ross and Lorraine Kelly, tennis stars Heather Watson and Johanna Konta, and actors Sadie Frost and Colin Salmon. Talk about influence!

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Centrepoint provides accommodation, support and advice to young people. Their main aim is to eradicate youth homelessness in the UK by 2037, concentrating on London, Manchester, Yorkshire and the North East, although they have partnerships all over the UK. Over 120,000 young people asked for Centrepoint’s help last year, which highlights the size of their task. Young people often leave home because it’s safer to do so than stay, and the magnitude of homelessness should never been underestimated. It’d be a monumental achievement if our models reach just one young person with their work with Centrepoint.

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The significance of the assignment didn’t go unnoticed by our four models Justina, Luqman, Joyce and Anna. They took centre stage in London, and were quick to realise the impact their campaign could have on thousands of young people.

Justina was thrilled with her first job with us. As a debutant, it really was one of her dream jobs – working in the capital with such a notable charity. Her feedback speaks for itself: “This was my first job with Models Direct, so I did not know what to expect. But the experience was brilliant. The photo shoot at Centrepoint was amazing. I enjoyed working with everybody. The day went so quickly that I wished it wouldn’t end.”

A quick point on first-time models. Justina made her first good decision by registering with us. However, models shouldn’t expect to sit back and wait for modelling jobs to come pouring in. Whilst it’s true that a lot of our models secure jobs soon after joining us, models need persistence and dedication in the long-run. They need to be realistic, as we always say we cannot guarantee work. Don’t be downhearted if you don’t get snapped up by our clients straightaway. Be patient, and keep updating your portfolios. Your time will come!

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Luqman was pleased with his Centrepoint assignment, too. He said, “I enjoyed the place and the nice location; I met new people, we worked well together, and it really went well. Thank you, Models Direct, for choosing me.”

It’s our job to filter out the most suitable models, and then present them to clients. It’s been a winning formula for decades, so there’s no reason why new models can’t be just as pleased as Luqman and Justina.

Don’t forget to regularly check our website for updates, news and opportunities from our job board. We anticipate that the second half of the year will be just as prolific as the first few months, so keep updating, keep looking and keep being resolute.
You too could soon be rubbing shoulders with professionals in rewarding assignments like our Fab Four did with Centrepoint!

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