Could Unique Features be Your Ticket to Modelling Success?

Published: 23rd Apr 2020

Successful models have an excellent work ethic and share a few things in common.

They have the help of a professional modelling agency by their side, actioning assignments for them. They stay healthy, have a beauty regime in place and are professional. Some models, however, stand out from the crowd and have that extra spark that gives them the wow factor. 

Is this magical spark something natural or the luck of the draw? Whatever the answer is, we’re sure you’ll agree that some models certainly have that something that captivates your attention! One of the reasons could be that they have a unique feature that sets them apart from everyone else. A trademark look, facial characteristic or body image could be something that the camera loves and thrives on. 

Models Direct recognise that it’s great to be different. Having a quirky look doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful or marketable. Going against the norm is what makes people utterly amazing in their unique way. Why waste a unique feature when you could be showing it off in front of a camera whilst earning extra cash for simply being original? 

Iconic, Unique Models

Some of the most iconic models in the world have that something special about them which we’re eager to share with you. Cara Delevinge, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford are only a few of the most unique models in the industry and they all have a special characteristic that’s become their trademark look. They’ve embraced their different feature and not made it into a problem by holding them back. 

Let’s take a look here:

We think that Cara Delevinge’s brows are super cute and bold which we reckon are her special feature. On-trend with the current fashion, Cara’s to-die-for eyebrows really stand out and draw our attention to her gorgeous eyes and face. 

Claudia Schiffer definitely owns her cascading blonde locks like a boss. This supermodel’s trademark hair is what has had us drooling all these years. Her luscious, healthy locks are not to be messed with; the camera never lies!

Superstar model, Cindy Crawford’s mole above her lip has had us all feeling like we wished we had the same for so many years, going as far as to dot one on our own faces too. Perfectly located, Cindy’s mole is definitely her unique feature and is the star of the show just as much as she is! 

Don’t hide in the dark

Embracing individuality is the key to standing out from the crowd. These models certainly didn’t let their uniqueness hold them back or make them think twice about not flaunting what they know works well for their look. Their trademark features are what we remember them by making them instinctively memorable. 

You’re unique too!

If you’re contemplating becoming a model but aren’t sure what makes you unique then it’s time to find out. Sometimes it’s difficult to work it out for yourself so maybe ask friends and family for their opinion. It’s always good to know what stands out about you from someone else’s perspective. Could it be your freckles? The colour of your eyes? Your striking features? Whatever the opinion, maybe it’s high time to accentuate and not hide what makes you different. 

Models Direct are always here to help and happy to have a chat. Send us your snaps and we’ll see how we can get your modelling journey kick-started! 

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