“Describe yourself in three words…”


Published: 13th Mar 2020

Tips for the perfect job interview

Job castings and interviews can be enjoyable and fun but, let’s face it, most of us find them stressful.

Unfortunately job interviews are a necessity; you’ll rarely land a job – your dream one or otherwise – without impressing your potential employer at your first meeting. Some interviews seem like an inquisition, especially faced with more than one interviewer. It’s no wonder that some people struggle with interviews – it’s difficult to find the perfect balance of confidence vs. modesty. They’ll be lots of questions whizzing through your head: How can I sell myself without sounding big-headed? Do the interviewers know how nervous I am? Can they see me fidgeting? Which answers are they looking for? There are many uncertainties in job interviews, and as a model, you’ll probably be required to attend at least one in your career. Let Models Direct offer some basic guidelines, giving you the best chance in this competitive market.

Follow the Boy Scouts’ rule: be prepared. 

There’s nothing worse than rushing to an important meeting simply because you’ve left everything until the last minute. This is not only lazy; it’s just not professional. Ideally, arrive to your interview 10 minutes early, and take a newspaper / reading material with you. This shows that you take an interest in current affairs, and will occupy your restless mind prior to the meeting. Also, pay attention to any travel hold-ups, and keep your potential employer up-to-date with your progress if you’re going to be late. It’s common courtesy, and they’ll appreciate knowing of any delays. 

The word “interview” is formal, and the very mention of it can cause anxiety.

Think of an interview as a “meeting”.

Sure, you’ll get asked lots of questions, but it’s also a handy time for you to ask them questions. An interview is a two-way process – it’s as much as a chance for you to gain information on the role / assignment you’re being interviewed for as them to get to know you better.

Dress style depends on the role you’re going for. 

If in doubt, ladies should wear a smart suit / dress, with gents opting for a simple suit. Don’t go overboard with the perfume / aftershave: there’s a difference between smelling nice and engulfing the room with a lingering scent. A word of caution: some people are allergic to certain perfumes, so as per dress sense, play it safe and have a pre-interview shower with a non-scented soap and ditch the scent. 

Look at each interviewer in the eye and smile

(no, not a grimace – a real smile!). At least try to look like you’re pleased to be there. A smile goes a long way and is a simple ice-breaker. 

When you take a seat, adopt a casual style without coming across as a lounge lizard: sit upright, legs crossed, and hands in your lap. This should eliminate nervous twitching. If you’re offered a drink, it’s probably best to accept it, as the cup will give you something to take you attention away from staring endlessly at the interviewer. Also, you don’t want any “dry mouth” symptoms when you answer an important question. 

Those are the formalities. Once you’ve mastered these, it’s all down to your performance in the interview room. Breath regularly and concentrate on what is being asked. Above all, don’t rely on one or two-word answers, and always ask questions – it shows that you’re taking the interview seriously and taking interest in the job.  

One of our favourite replies to the ubiquitous “Describe yourself in three words” question is, “Not good at maths.” Humour can work nicely at interviews – providing it’s not over-done. Remember that it’s not a comedy show, and use humour sparingly. Keep professionalism at the forefront at all times, and keep relaxed. Models Direct wishes all our clients the very best in all future assignments

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