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Jay, Reference: TKGQ-7394

What an utterly unique experience getting to work with the Premier League Crystal Palace's marketing team. It was such a professional and focused shoot aiming to bring the best out of the product and myself and another model. The clients were so welcoming and great to work with. Very much look forward to working them again!

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Sa, Reference: DZRP-3737

The professionalism was amazing! Made us feel so calm welcomed and looked after. We were well fed and made a new Instagram friends too :)
Also, Gemma from Models direct kept me informed throughout, an email beforehand then a follow up call. This truly was impressive unlike other agencies I have worked with.
I am inspired and motivated to continue to represent the MD family!

Matthew, Reference: WMGQ-3744

5 stars for the experience in doing the scene's, everyone was helpful and it was a pleasure working with all the other model's. Unfortunately there were many hours where we had to wait in between the next shoot, with not much clarity as to what was to happening until we were called, so a whole lotta waiting. Just wish i had bought my headphones with me. Excited to do more.

Jonathon , Reference: RBKX-8883

A few on set issues with production on the day, but Gemma from Models Direct was very helpful, as always!! And managed to sort problem quickly and efficiently
Thanks Gemma.

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Clinton, Reference: HKTF-7466

A really fun shoot and a great working atmosphere. Thanks Gemma!

Anoop, Reference: NNZV-4788

It was wonderful working for this brand. Everything was so professional. It was a lot of fun and I made new friends.

Charles, Reference: CNXB-3638

Amazing experience, Outstanding treatment, Mindblowing momentum, Exhilarating, Hilarious, and Serendipitous.

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Bobby, Reference: KHTP-3839

It was a great day working with Models Direct, they made me feel so welcome. It was a great fun shoot,great athomphere great people, it’s a 5/5!

Gabor, Reference: KXSV-9446

I just love to work with you! ♡ This was my second invitation to a Models Direct project when we created the commercial of Greene King franchise for Six Nations Rugby Championship. Now they wanted me to be in the absolute spotlight, while first time I worked in the background all the time. I truly enjoyed both as there is no full scene, product, commercial without any of these roles. It is great to be part of the making which others can only... or not even imagine. Unless they spy on us from outside through the front windows of the pub! :) Very inspiring to contribute and make things great! Especially, because you at Models Direct take care of the kind of ethics and equality I mentioned above. Thank you again for the day, the fun, the cheer and last but not least the lovely new friendships I made! Six Nations, here we go! :)))

Ruben, Reference: TNKG-9744

Fantastic day doing the shoots, great atmosphere and met loads of other amazing models, can’t wait to have more experiences like that!!

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Reece, Reference: YYVQ - 4637

It was such a great experience working with models direct, I had so much fun on set from the acting to meeting new people. Really looking forward to doing it again.

Nathan, Reference: GWCG-3339

It was a great experience to be part of. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but the shoot turned out to be a fun experience and a great atmosphere there! Met lots of new people there and look forward to more. :)

Jeremy, Reference: NRVR-9693

Very good day from start to finish it was fun working with a wide range of different people :)

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Lamine, Reference: KSFP-8784

It was a good experience working with Models Direct, great athomphere great people. Looking forward to the next shoot.

Jamie, Reference: FNTP-4437

Was my first modelling experience shooting for the Six Nations at a Greene King pub, was a very fun and productive day also very organised, Models Direct was very professional with sorting out the day and a shout out to Gemma who was extremely nice and very helpful would recommend joining!

Elijah, Reference: MNHN-9979

It was my first time on set and I found it very fun and exciting ! The team are amazing and made me feel very welcome.

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Dororotheos, Reference: GDRN-8638

It was an amazing first time working with Models Direct. Everyone was friendly and helpful, it was a nice experience for me and I cant wait for more! I love to work with Models Direct it's an amazing agency and friendly service love it ...

Benjamin, Reference: MDKQ-3477

Was really great working with the team. The production team was excellent and hopefully look forward to working together in the future.

Damon, Reference: SXFW-8687

It was a very fun day and everyone was very helpful and friendly. This it was made to be fun rather than seem like work. The other models were really easy to work and the team performing the shoot were very understanding and easy to talk to. Great experience.

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Ben, Reference: RCZX-8988

All positive for me from shoot today great experience - Thanks

Marcus, Reference: SMDZ-8938

Absolutely easy to deal with and leaves any model (beginning, starting out in the industry, or professional) at ease with them planning & booking everything, makes being a freelance model a lot easier & more realistic of keeping a part-time job and work to full-time as I really embrace the process of Models Direct.

Gabor, Reference: KXSV-9446

A few days ago I had my first photoshooting offered by Models Direct for a pub franchise with an absolutely amazing crew! My other peers were super bubbly and kind and the positive vibes allowed me to make new friends! My lovely talent agent was always available prior and during the day. They treated me kind, I felt valued and safe with them at all times! I highly recommend Models Direct if you consider kindness, prosperity, professionalism and punctuality! Can't wait your next offer! Blessings.

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Clark, Reference: NVFX-3776

This was my first shoot and very much enjoyed thank you for putting me forward for this role and hopefully many more to come!

James, Reference: QKKV-4384

I met a colleague of mine there; Jamie, we are both represented by Models Direct. It was great seeing him again. The cast and crew were lovely. I started at 8am and ended at 5pm. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I’m looking forward to working on more projects! Thank you for this experience and opportunity.

Birud, Reference: GZZH-9936

Fantastic team!! Had a great experience on the set and the whole process was very smooth and detailed.

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