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Sean, Reference: KBWQ-8397

"I signed up to this company knowing that it would be a bit of a gamble and I might not get any work, but within 3 months I received my first job. I was modelling for a veterinary pharmaceutical company, taking on the role of a farmer and a vet

I did 1.5 days work and as it was on a farm it was a very early start. Charlie from models direct kept me informed right up to the day of the job, what was required, what I had to wear and what I would be doing. Communication was first class.

On the day of the shoot everything was well explained and I had a great time. The weather was good and it was fun working alongside animals even though they could be unpredictable at times!!! The crew were friendly and relaxed and I felt comfortable throughout. I even got a full breakfast and hot chocolate so can't complain!! Both days we finished early and the crew were happy with my work as was I.

Charlie checked in on both days which was a good touch. Overall I had a great experience and would highly recommend models direct as a company. They are professional, well run and the communication has been excellent."

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Mohammed, Reference: KGKD-8774

Working with Models Direct was great for my first shoot. They were clear with what I needed to do and sent me all of the information I needed for the shoot and who I should contact if there was a problem.

I am looking forward to the next opportunity.

Suly, Reference: QGNY-8993

Fantastic and trust worthy company. Amazing opportunities and lovely staff. Big shoutout to Mandy & Charlie.

Philip, Reference: TNGP-4893

This was my first model shoot and wow, what a fantastic experience. Models Direct were very supportive with emails and phone calls, nothing was left out. The shoot at Anchor Care was a fantastic experience. The other models were supportive and friendly with lots of advice. The Anchor staff made us feel very welcome. There was food/snacks/drinks available all day. The photographers were very professional and I felt safe in their hands. Lots of videos and still shoots were taken.

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Neville, Reference: MYBS-3866

Tom, Reference: KQCK-8634

Friendly environment, very clear with instructions on what to do, both before and during the shoot. They had everything prepared and all in all it was very enjoyable day. Lunch was amazing!

Nikhil, Reference: CFHB-3439

Great assignment and wonderful team looking after us for the photo shoot. Really enjoyable experience.

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Emmanuel, Reference: BFCC-4867

Excellent communication all the way through when my son was short listed through them. Brilliant service. Models Direct is simply amazing and the best I will recommend them again and again.

Marcus, Reference: SMDZ-8938

Working with a major retail & supermarket was fantastic all thanks to Models Direct; I highly recommend professionals, newcomers, and part-timers to this agency as they do cater to all. Such an inclusive & flexible agency, you won’t be disappointed.

Suly, Reference: QGNY-8993

Great experience and amazing agency. From communication to the full service they have a great team & know the industry. A big shoutout to Charlie and Mandy too.

The jobs fit well & they are always ironed out before hand.

Will be staying under their representation for sure!

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Nicolas, Reference: TQQB-4864

A little trepidatious accepting a job with a couple days notice.. however, in Gemma’s (MD agent) hands I always feel safe and looked after and as always she’s found me a great day gig.
Really lovely people to work with on the shoot, couldn’t ask for anything more :)

Thanks Models Direct and Gemma!

Noel, Reference: RYRW-3864

Great first Shoot
Had a fantastic experience, shooting with Fresh Student Accommodation - Market House in Newcastle. This was my first job after being with Models Direct for 3 years.

Every member of staff was very kind and very much approachable. Any issue was addressed immediately. The feeling of the shoot was very relaxed and very professional simultaneously and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience on my first shoot.

The marketing team had excellent vision for each shot, and the photographers were excellent. Would recommend!

Date of experience: 26 July 2023

Shay, Reference: QBMY-8966

Gemma helped me greatly with numerous phone calls and plenty of emails filled with information about the day and any concerns I may have had. Immediately this put my nerves at rest as I didn’t have to worry about what to wear or how to act.

During the actual photo shoot I was made to feel comfortable by Grace, Ash and Emma as well as the staff at the front desk. The girls explained that the relaxed natural look was the best way to go about things and give me direction through out the entire shoot. The girls made all the models feel comfortable and helped us gel making it easy to work together

Thank you to everyone involved for this great experience.

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Samson, Reference: THKN-7978

An Exhilarating Photoshoot Experience!

Yesterday's photoshoot with this incredible modelling agency was an absolute delight! The production team's unwavering support and expert guidance made the shoot an exciting and smooth experience. They found the perfect role for me, reflecting my style and individuality. Highly recommend working with this fantastic team!

Alan, Reference: XVGZ-9747

I had a fantastic first days shoot. My call came first thing in the morning from Gemma. She explained everything clearly and concisely. She was very supportive.
When I arrive the team where very friendly and supportive. I felt at ease straight away. I was treated well and enjoyed my first-ever shoot..

Lee, Reference: ZVCG-9977

Had a really great time, was unsure what to expect being my first shoot, the whole crew made me feel welcome & comfortable in the new surroundings. Gemma at Models Direct really helped make the process run smoothly.

Looking forward to my next shoot, & gaining more experience.

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David, Reference: ZCVG-8344


This was my first modelling experience and I have found it very easy and fun. The team were very professional and lovely to talk to, and my fellows models were very nice also.

Thanks Models Direct.


Alex, Reference: HSMZ-7343

I signed up Models Direct for a laugh and never realised I’d actually get a job modelling. I had my first job as a model for Business Disability Forum. Being a wheelchair user I felt really nervous as I had no experience within this industry.

Lexy made me feel welcome from the moment I got to the shoot explaining what will happen throughout the day. The shoot felt very relaxed and couldn’t ask for a better first experience.

I look forward to my next job!

Loreen, Reference: BZXC-9764

Over all a fun experience. The people I worked with at the photoshoot were very nice and welcoming. They put me at ease and I was very comfortabe as a result.
Models Direct made the whole process enjoyable. Gemma was very attentive. It was a very positive experience overall.

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Pete, Reference: HMFH-4993

Very good communication and support from Gemma. Details of the job was thorough hence Pete was well informed and prepared.
Pete was initially shy but the crew were very supportive and professional. Overall Pete enjoyed the day and never stops talking about it on our way home.
Thank you Models Direct.

Ian, Reference: WVSX-4743

My first paid photoshoot was a fantastic experience: a worthy cause, working with brilliant and personable professionals and gaining valuable tips and insight into the workings of the industry. The half day shoot passed extremely quickly in the presence of such interesting people.

Date of experience: 26 July 2023

Sa, Reference: DZRP-3737

The professionalism was amazing! Made us feel so calm welcomed and looked after. We were well fed and made a new Instagram friends too :)

Also, Charlie from Models direct kept me informed throughout, an email beforehand then a follow up call. This truly was impressive unlike other agencies I have worked with.

I am inspired and motivated to continue to represent the MD family!

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Daniel, Reference: MWBF-3799

Thanks Models Direct for giving me this opportunity, I have been with Models Direct for 2 years and i finally had my first shooting for Morrison’s cafe, what a brilliant experience.
Charlie was lovely to talk to, quick responses and she’s amazing in getting everything sorted.
It was fun working with the brilliant knowledgeable, nice and helpful team which make the atmosphere more enjoyable
I was also able to meet some fantastic new members/first timers Princess Marnie and Keely, we all had a great day.

Definitely looking forward to more opportunities.

Marcus, Reference: SMDZ-8938

Was such a fun shoot and can only thank the crew, Models Direct, and co-model for making it such a fun shoot. In all my years (10+) professionally modelling, this was by far the most fun shoot I’ve been on.

Torr, Reference: MHKH-8379

My first photoshoot with Models Direct to promote the accommodation and facilities. We did some shooting in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. It was fun working with the brilliant knowledgeable photographer and the team were fun to work with, alongside 3 other models. I had a lovely time and it was an amazing experience.
I look forward to working on many more upcoming projects.

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