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Jake, Reference: PCHS-9336

I was informed well before the day on what I would need to bring, wear and what to expect on the day. Models Direct made it really easy for me and were easy to communicate with when I had questions.

Date of experience: 28 June 2024

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Michael & Lorraine, Reference: TVKW-3986

I attended my first assignment, a two day promotional photoshoot with a UK holiday resort. The communication, support and assistance from Charlie from Models Direct was amazing. Any concerns I might have had were nipped in the bud straight away; and to top it off it was an amazing experience!!!
Thank you so much Models Direct!

Mark & Dawn, Reference: SFMV-9733

Just finished my first couples shoot - really good fun.
Started the day outside in the glorious sunshine, and ended up playing mini golf, rowing a boat, having fun in a swimming pool, rounding off the two day shoot with bar and restaurant photographs.
The photographer and the client made us feel very at ease with nothing forced. Overall a very enjoyable couple of days enhanced by the lovely other couple we were paired with.

Alain, Reference: WHZV-7938

This was my first professional shoot through Models Direct, I really liked the experience it was very laid back with a lot of banter all the way while still remaining professional and concentrating on the task ahead instructions were very clear. Thank you for the experience.

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Jeremiah, Reference: TSST-6634

Great, friendly and exciting experience for a great cause, was very organised and a good day out!

Marley, Reference: RHPB-4786

Today was great fun, very casual which made it relaxing and no pressure was felt. Nice quiet photo booth so it felt more interactive and had good guidance from the photographer.

Brad, Reference: VDKD-8336

The experience was very good, for my first shoot I was treated very well and it was very professionally set up. Enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one.

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Graham & Becci, Reference: CTVW-9788

We had a great day out!
We didn't really know what to expect tbh, this isn't something we've done before and actually only got into it by chance because we registered our daughter.
But it was very laid back, friendly and straight forward. Even had fun!
The team at Models Direct were there every step of the way. Thanks!

Roy, Reference: FBDX-8689

Another enjoyable shoot expertly arranged by Models Direct!

This was for a different client from my previous assignments so I wasn't sure what to expect but the brief sent vis e-mail beforehand was clear and concise.

The day itself was great! Helpful supportive crew and as previously, the other models on set were all chatty and friendly and we all enjoyed the experience.

Everything regarding the booking, from initial enquiry, pre and post shoot, all wonderfully handled as usual by Gemma and Charlie from Models Direct.

More please! :-)

Simon, Reference: VYRZ-4488

My 2nd job with Models Direct and as usual they were very helpful with providing the details of the job. Had a great shoot which was for an amazing cause. Met some wonderful people, the organiser's were really professional and friendly and had a great day on set!

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Andrew & Boe, Reference: BDZC-4869

Andrew & Boe's first shoot
From start to finish the day was amazing. The team were brilliant with my family and I. The organisation was great and they made us feel really comfortable. They made the day really enjoyable and even helped push our double buggy.

Date of experience: 25 June 2024

Geoff, Reference: XXGR-6869

It was a great opportunity and Gemma helped me through the process and followed up afterwards.
It was hot work on the hottest day of the year working outside but the production team provided plenty of water and allowed me to sit in the shade.
The photographer and his assistants were highly professional and extra patient with this novice.
Tim from Efoldi walked me through everything so I didn't need to panic, be nervous or get frustrated.
A great experience which I'm looking forward to repeating soon!

Date of experience: 25 June 2024

Robert & Meryl, Reference: ZXKW-9876

Our couple’s shoot
My husband and I had the best two days on our couple’s shoot!
Charlie,at the agency, communicated very well with us at all times, and really looked after us so that we felt very comfortable and extremely valued.
The shoot itself was huge fun. We got to try out lots of different activities and we loved working alongside the photographer and other models.
We can’t wait to do it again!!

Date of experience: 24 June 2024

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Chris & Oksana, Reference: TSQT-7736

We had a great day out, the sun was shining and everyone around us were friendly and professional. All the contractual arrangements and shoot instructions were clearly set out ahead of time and we felt well supported throughout the assignment.

Date of experience: 24 June 2024

Simon, Reference: MQPF-6783

People on the job were nice and helpful!

Ian, Reference: MSSV-6897

After a few years spending time behind the scenes, I thought it was time to try to get back in front of the camera. The whole process with Models Direct was straight forward and the team were great whilst getting me onboarded.
A few months in and today marks the date of my first assignment. The shoot was well run, organised, and professional whilst relaxed and informal.
I had the opportunity to meet many great people, some aspiring to make modeling and acting their career, whilst others using it as an opportunity to earn some extra income and have fun at the same time.
Gemma from Models Direct has been a star from first contact to the end of the shoot, remaining in comms and being accessible if needed. I look forward to the next time.

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Steve, Reference: QWDR-7394

It was a good experience, with everything explained and a friendly welcome on arrival.
Had a laugh on and off set. Would definitely do it again!

Jay, Reference: TKGQ-7394

This was an amazing intimate shoot for me and my girlfriend on the fantastic mansion grounds of Avington Park. Top level shoots in the house, pools, and activities such as falconry. It was a great experience for us both.

Ricky, Reference: DZTX-6737

Hi my name is Ricky mbambi
I had a photoshoot for Morrisons, it was a great experience with a great team I have had several jobs with Models Direct they have never disappointed me they really know how to take care of the models I can confirm they are one of the best agencies.

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Asher & Nabila, Reference: VYVV-8644

My son and I had a fantastic day out in Edinburgh, participating in a photo shoot for a client of Models Direct. My son was thrilled to get his first assignment, and we hope it’s the first of many more. I can’t thank Models Direct enough for giving him this opportunity it means so much to him. The communication was excellent from start to finish, and we felt completely at ease throughout the entire photo shoot! Would highly recommend this company if you’re thinking of becoming a model!

Mac, Reference: GDHS-6689

Had a great time very professional!

Darren, Reference: WMPN-8388

Respectful and Amazing…
My husband went on a shoot with Models Direct today. He had the time of his life!! Bearing in mind, he has a disability that makes it hard to walk, he met his liaison this morning and it was plain sailing from there!! All (disabled) models were treated with the utmost respect, all needs met and a fun but exhausting time was had by all. Communication has been brilliant throughout and even though the shoot was at an airport, everything was organised so well, there was no time for nerves. Would TOTALLY recommend Models Direct to all ages/abilities! Thank you!!

Date of experience: 10 June 2024

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Mohammed, Reference: MRBZ-8693

Great experience for my first shoot! The team were very friendly and welcoming, didn’t feel like work whatsoever!

Charlie from Models Direct was extremely helpful and great support from the very beginning.

I highly recommend for anyone thinking of going into commercial modelling.

Date of experience: 06 June 2024

Eternal, Reference: GDYD-4847

It was fantastic working with them because I was able to meet others models who work with Model Direct around my age so I enjoyed the opportunity and experience.

The Dawson Family, Reference: FYFT-6733

We had our first family shoot with Models Direct today. It was a really enjoyable fun experience! We were given really clear advice of what was expected from myself, my husband and our twin 5 year olds. The kids had a great time jumping around doing star jump's and roly poly’s! They got to play with a variety of toys and they seemed to really enjoy being in front of the camera. Ben the photographer was fantastic with the children, made them feel at ease and they were comfortable being themselves laughing and playing while he snapped the photos. As a family it was a great fun time and we got paid … win win!

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