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Wilfred - Owner Sharon

Reference: XTKM-4873

What an amazing experience modelling for The Pet Lab co all thanks to Models Direct. Definitely a day we will not forget

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Toby - Owner Harjit

Reference: BRSK-9469

I had signed my dog up with models direct and updated my profile every so often - for a while I did not receive any contact but then received a request for my dog. Models direct called me regularly to ensure I was happy with the conditions of the shoot and was ready to attend with all relevant information, Charlie was great at responding and following up.
I had a good experience all in all and so did my Dog :).

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CJ - Owner Dominic

Reference: XBHG-9994

Had a wonderful day with a group of cuddly dogs taking shots for a pet supplements company. There were lovely people on set from Altitude productions and it was all really relaxed. The contact with Charlie at Models direct was great in the weeks before the shoot. thanks :)

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Dudley - Owner Alannah

Reference: TWMV-4668

My little French bulldog, Dudley had he’s first professional shoot yesterday for Pet Lab and Co thanks to Models Direct. The day was an amazing experience and Dudley was on top form. Any camera he came across, he looked at and loved being apart of the different shoots. When I got the call a couple of weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed and pleased that Dudley had been picked. Charlie from the team was amazing and she helped with all my enquires up to the day. The studio was lovely and we had a lovely lunch provided. Dudley was given so many treats and it was safe to say he slept well last night after a long 8 hour day. I cannot wait for the photos to go live of Dudley in November and I can’t wait for our next assignment. Thank you Models Direct, you’re amazing and can’t wait for Dudley to continue working with you ❤️ #somuchlove

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Marty - Owner Michelle

Reference: WSMZ-4397

My name is Marty and yesterday I had my first Lifestyle magazine shoot for Gtech's new range of vacuum products. I was given lots of treats and cuddles, and the Team were all very friendly and professional. I can't wait for my next assignment with Models Direct. #starpets #modelsdirect #modellingagency

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Bud - Owner Ellie

Reference: TPSB-3934

This was Bud's very first modelling job, and what an amazing experience it was! Charlie at Models Direct was fantastic in organising everything and ensuring we knew what to do and where to go. The guys we worked with on set were amazing, and very complimentary about Bud - from his looks to his behaviour. They say you shouldn't work with children or animals, but I think Bud set the record straight, at least for pets (!) by being a perfect model, even if I am a little biased!

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Adam for Bella

Reference: HVYN-7976

The whole day went really really well for both me and Bella. I wasn’t sure how she would get on with the whole thing, but it was made extremely easy and fun with the team there. Everyone was extremely nice and very patient with her, so she had a great time. Off set the team were throwing her ball for her and cuddling her constantly, so she felt happy the entire day and I expect didn’t want the day to end. At the end of the day, they gave me and Bella their feedback, which turned out very positive and reassured me that I should continue to do this with her. Adam

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Candy - owner Makeda

Reference: R754193

As this was Candy’s first assignment we were intrigued to see how she would perform in the moment. We were very happy to see that she both enjoyed the experience and the photographer got some great candid shots of her. The company were very understanding and great with handling pet models. I would highly recommend bookings made through the Models Direct, as they maintain professionalism and found the perfect opportunity for my dog Candy to feature in. Thank you, and I look forward to what lies in future opportunities!

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Reference: CTXS-3396

Hi This is Hugo and I’m Ronnie. We had a lovely time doing the filming last week and look forward to any future appoints he may get. This was all done thanks to Models Direct so thank you very much to them.


Video feedback from Hugo's owner Ronnie re Britain's Ancient Tracks (Channel 4 documentary) filming, which took place in Devon.

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Reference: CJ743032

Hi. I’m Anne, this is Mabel. Mabel is a bit tired as she's just been on a commercial shoot thanks to Models Direct. She’s had a great time but she's tried right now. She's had lots of treats and a great day. Thanks again to Models Direct.


Mabel will be buying a new bone for working so hard!

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Reference: HKSG-6849

It was a really good day - there were initially three cats including Bocat, but he ended up stealing the show and the guys decided to use him for the majority of the shoots that day. He did really well and was very chilled, so we got loads of good stuff out of him! The team were all really accommodating and great to work with. Thanks to Molly at Models Direct for sorting it all out and making everything run smoothly.

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Dutchess & Danielle

Reference: Z705899

So Dutchess and I just want to say thank you to Models Direct. We finished our assignment today. It all went really, really well. We had a great day and she got to be in lots of different shots. I really enjoyed the experience and it was really cool being on set and I’m hoping all the pictures turn out really well. So thanks again.


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I was very surprised to receive a phone call from Models Direct as this was something I had never thought of doing for my puppies!  Molly was the agent who dealt with me and was really lovely explaining everything in good detail and answering any questions I had.  The day before the shoot and on the morning itself, Molly again was very good on keeping in touch and keeping me updated with times etc.  The day was long and we did have a lot of waiting around but we were very well looked after, the dog trainer that was assigned to help with the shoot was really patient, gentle and knowledgeable.  We had our own very quiet room and our two puppies had plenty of space to play around and to rest, the dog trainer had bought along toys and props to help with the shoot and had some great ideas which I learnt from.  My favourite part of the day was seeing the puppies on set - they were adorable!  The camera men, crew and the model where all lovely and really chatty making me feel comfortable. I would do this again and would recommend Models Direct as they really looked after me. Thanks Guys x

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Reference: 1520

Both myself, my partner and Bradley had a wonderful time on set with the crew of Wash Design.
They made us feel really welcome and instantly part of the team despite the obvious challenges of working with a lively dog!
They involved us in the creative process and supported our understanding of the filming process and what they needed from Bradley.
We were really happy with the way we were looked after and encouraged over the 3 days.

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Reference: 1490

This was my first time taking my rabbits along for a shoot.  I was make to feel welcome and had the chance to watch some of the filming before it was Coco's turn.  He had to sit on someone's lap while they talked to the camera and discussed vegan make up for the Superdrug Youtube channel.  Then he got cuddles from pretty much everyone in the room! Thank you Models Direct I would definitely do it again! 

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Reference: 1493

The photo shoot was a very nice experience. My dog Merlot was in the park with a lot of treats and had a good time as well as posing. We were asked to dress him up with new collars and jumpers for the client while he posed in the park. I would advise anyone who wants to get into the industry to join Models Direct. This was our first job and we can't wait for more. I personally signed my pet up to Models Direct to have fun and gain some money at the same time.

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I wasn't nervous before mine and my husky's assignment for Lapland UK, although I did feel a little apprehensive about dressing as an Eskimo.  I was required to the general public about my dogs breed and convince the children the huskies were Santas. Thank you Talent Management for this experience

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Reference: 1337

This was our assignment experience for Lapland UK and It was just as good, if not better than the first time. Since Anuko had gotten used to the experience the week before he was more cooperative this time. We again had a wonderful time with the fellow staff and I even managed to sneak away for 5 minutes to take some ace pictures or Anuko in the wonderland snow.

This opportunity meant that Talent Management have provided us with two experiences in just under a month of being with them, which is immense!  We would have never gained such amazing experiences and met such awesome people if it wasn't for TM. I recommend this company to anybody.

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Reference: 1331

The assignment involved taking my pet pomsky Kali to Lapland UK for the day.  Our role was to meet and great all the visitors, interact with the children and allow them to touch and pet Kali and have photos.

I was slightly nervous beforehand as this was the first assignment we had been on and I didn't know exactly how Kali would react in such an environment.  I found the day thoroughly enjoyable and was so pleased with how Kali behaved, she was brilliant with all the children and her lovely soft nature was ideal!  Everyone seemed to really love how small Kali is and how rare it is to see such a small 'husky'. Her size worked particularly well with the very small children and toddlers.  It was also a lot of fun to dress up for the day and be fully immersed in this Christmas wonderland!  I left feeling very festive!

I would definitely recommend to anyone given the opportunity to work at Lapland UK to go for it, they will not be disappointed! All the elves, pixies, and behind the scene staff were so friendly and very welcoming. 

I think being part of an agency such as Talent Management is a fantastic idea. They take all the hard work out of finding assignments and also give you the opportunity to get involved in things you otherwise might not have the opportunity to do.  I joined Talent Management because I love and am truly passionate about my dog Kali and her capabilities.  This is something I wanted to share with others. Recently I have not being very proactive in updating Kali's profile but after today it is something that I am definitely going to do. I would love to get more assignments for her and feel more confident about taking her.

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Reference: 1326

Myself and my Siberian Husky were booked by Talent Management to be involved in a Lapland UK Christmas event.  The day consisted of myself dressing up and playing the role of a "Husky Herder" whilst Anuko could be himself and greet the kids. It was an enjoyable day and a good experience to have, surrounded by beautiful scenery and really lovely folk to talk to whilst doing the shift.  Anuko loved the attention and was completely exhausted on the journey home.

I learned that in order to further my dogs career in modelling, I had to have confidence in myself and that day gave me a huge confidence boost which I will continue to work on. I was apprehensive beforehand; having a pet doing such activities can be scary. One small moment and the whole thing could be ruined. However whenever Anuko was uncomfortable he backed away from the situation and whimpered to me to fix things, so I've also learned how to read if my dog is comfortable during jobs as well.

We signed up with Talent Management and within 48 hours Anuko landed this role!  I look forward to our future jobs with this agency and would recommend it to anybody hoping to involve themselves in this type of career/hobby. I am really happy with this experience that TM provided us with.

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Reference: N680661

My two dalmatians were booked to appear at a Christmas 'animal movie magic' event, held at Two Rivers Shopping Centre in Staines.  As this was Bongo and Boris's first assignment I did feel a little nervous beforehand as I didn't know what to expect, but we all ended up having such a fantastic day!  Bingo, Boris and I enjoyed the huge attention we received by the general public and this was a great experience from both dogs. Everyone loved having their photos taken with them and it was such a proud moment to see Bongo's poster up on the Two Rivers billboards. This has definitely been a good experience for both dogs and something useful to put on the portfolio as well as probably having some good photos to show as the local paper came to take photos. We decided to join Talent Management to show off our dalmatians as they're very well behaved and classic looking dogs, and they certainly seemed to please all that met them today!

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Reference: N680585

This was my dog Louie's assignment and we were not sure of the process. Molly at Talent Management provided all the details we required prior to the job, which was all very straight forward. We had direct contact with the client thereafter, which was invaluable in making definite plans for the assignment.  Open communication is vital and this was achieved. The day itself went really well and Louis was amazing!  All the crew were fantastic and the clients were happy with the results. Thank you Talent Management for an enjoyable first assign

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Reference: 2003IG10

This was Oscar's first assignment and we were not sure how he would react but he is a very friendly and confident kitten as was immediately at home on set with The Walt Disney Company!  The film crew were patient with him and he seemed to really enjoy all of the fuss.  He gave a great performance and everyone was happy.  The information from Talent Management was clear and we knew exactly where to go etc.  I hope that Oscar gets many more bookings as he seems to have a talent for being in front of the camera, even if I did feel a bit like the crazy cat lady!

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Reference: A158796

Everybody at Karndean Flooring was most welcoming and made both Fleur (my Great Dane) and I feel at home.  We had to complete 3 different shots - two stills and one video.  The crews were very patient and explained exactly what they wanted so I was able to direct Fleur accordingly.  Fleur and I would definitely like do similar work in the future.  The whole day was worthwhile and the venue was very suitable for animals as there was plenty of space for exercising them between shots.

My advice to other aspiring pet models and owners?  Relax and give it a go!

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Billy-Bob the beagle enjoyed his modelling shoot for Karndean Flooring very much.  He was very excitable on arrival and keen to meet the crew.  Billy was pleased to have been chosen for a shoot again, following his assignment earlier this year with Pets at Home. The most enjoyable part of the shoot for Billy was the fact that everyone loved him and gave him fuss throughout the day.  Billy's assignment involved him being filmed by Karndean Flooring and he was filmed doing numerous clips, to include getting muddy and running through the house, jumping on a lovely bed and sitting down looking innocent. I felt that throughout the day Billy was responding very well to the commands whilst having lots of fun. Billy is already looking forward to his next job!   I have found Talent Management to be an excellent agency, as they do all the hard work on my behalf looking for jobs and will then get in touch when something suitable comes up for my dog.

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