Published: 7th Jul 2022

“Simply brilliant!”

That’s how Sir Richard Branson described eFOLDI – a revolutionary folding mobility scooter, which just happens to be the world’s lightest as well! Coming in at just over 15kg in weight, the eFOLDI has a carrying capacity of 120kg, meaning just about anyone can get around with ease regardless of their disability or stability.

What was equally brilliant was that the company chose us when they required two models to demonstrate the niftiness of the scooter in large cities. Upon completion of the two-day assignment, eFOLDI couldn’t wait to post the images on their social media pages under the tagline “London’s no longer off limits”. That’s because our two models, Charmaine and Sheryl, were asked to whizz around our capital on the ingenious powered scooter, taking in the sights and displaying to the public how their lives shouldn’t be affected by mobility issues. And judging by the snaps taken by photographer extraordinaire Russ Francis, the two ladies had a “wheely” good time!

As its name suggests, the scooter can be folded away without any problems, meaning it can be taken onto public transport, or simply cast aside when required. The stills taken by Russ depicted Charmaine gliding along with the London Eye as a backdrop, and as her boarding a famous red London bus.

Sheryl joined in the fun by utilising the eFOLDI near Tower Bridge and at St Katharine Docks – a marine sanctuary near Tower Hill tube station. Fingers were crossed for a spot of decent weather, and the modelling gods came up trumps – it was a glorious two days in London that made the outside assignment that much more satisfying. Just perfect for two fun-loving, dedicated mature models!

Models Sheryl & Charmaine

“I really enjoyed the whole day,” beamed Charmaine. “It was such a fun experience pootling around London on a fabulous folding mobility scooter. eFOLDI and Russ were so lovely and they put me at ease straight away. This was my first modelling shoot and it felt amazing. Gemma, my agent, was really helpful and supportive in the run up to the shoot – especially with choosing what to wear. Thank you so much.”

Sheryl followed up Charmaine’s evaluation: “I had my first assignment for Models Direct today, I had an absolute blast. I didn’t know what to expect but I was completely surprised; I had so much fun and it was a fantastic experience. The shoot was for eFOLDI scooters, riding around Tower Bridge, St Katharine Dock and seeing the sights of London on a beautiful day.

“My agent, Gemma, was so helpful and she gave me all the information needed well in advance and right up to the day before the shoot. She made me feel very comfortable and was so easy to communicate with. Mark and the photographer, Russ, were an absolute pleasure to work with during the shoot. They made me feel so relaxed and made the whole shoot an amazing experience. They also bought me tea and a large cookie! If anyone is thinking about doing a bit of modelling in their spare time, I would really recommend Models Direct as they are an agency you can trust and they’re extremely professional. I cannot wait for my next assignment. Thank you eFOLDI, and thank you Models Direct.”

Isn’t it great when all parties merge effectively to complete a winning assignment? Or as Sir Richard said, “Simply brilliant”? Models, client, photographer, booking team – even the location came into play to make this a special job for our modelling duo. Well done both!

Fancy joining in the fun, earning useful money as a high-flying commercial model? Come and join us on our books, and we’ll be looking forward to recommending you to clients just like eFOLDI.

For now, though, we have to scoot!

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