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Published: 12th Nov 2023

In times where parenting can sometimes be challenging, it’s reassuring to have mental health services like Engage Therapy on hand.

They needed three teen models to help them with their website, and we scoured our extensive list of 13-17 year olds to give them the best selection. Engage Therapy settled on the modelling trinity of Anvitaa, Darion and Dandan, so once we have them the good news, the trio made their way to South East London for their assignment.  

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Engage Therapy are a team of clinical psychologists specialising in helping families and younger parents with a range of issues. These include sleeping & feeding problems, birth preparation, depression & anxiety and problems at school, including bullying. It was yet another worthwhile assignment for our models, helping commendable clients reach a wider audience.

Engage Therapy is not a multinational service, nor do they have an endless budget. Their faith in us as the complete modelling agency in providing them with a shortlist of models goes a long way: confidence in sourcing the right models to convey exactly what they need on their website. Additionally, we’re proud to provide models to clients with the same family values as ourselves. Families really are important, not just for children, but for every generation to come. If you have a close-knit family, apply with us to become stars on set here: how to become a modelling family.

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The assignment itself was an effective photo shoot, obtaining vivid images for Engage Therapy’s website. We offer modelling jobs to many talented individuals from the extreme north to the south coast – and everywhere in-between – although there is something so exciting about shooting in the bigger cities. Our three models certainly thought so.

Anvitaa was quick off the mark to deliver her evaluation of the day:

“I had a wonderful time shooting for the Engage Therapy website. The whole event was very professionally managed and it was fun meeting other models for the photo shoot. Special thanks to Kate for making all of us feel very comfortable and being very clear in her instructions.”

Teens coming together to enjoy each other’s company, whilst earning some useful fees – it’s a perfect combination. Not so much “pocket money” as “semi-professional payments”. We make sure that safety and preparation is paramount to all assignments, particularly when children and young adults are involved. This was backed-up by Darion’s feedback:

“I had an amazing experience with the team; they were extremely welcoming and supportive. I felt very comfortable working with them so overall it was magnificent.”

Maia rounded off another glorious shoot by adding, “Everybody was so kind, thoughtful and professional – a wonderful experience!”

We’ve been staunch advocates of strong teenage mental health, so it’s always pleasing to hear teens enjoying themselves and making money on set. We’ve got plenty more opportunities for teenagers with aspirations of appearing in adverts or being snapped for other websites. All it takes is two clear headshots, your registration with us, and a dollop of ambition.

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