Facing up to Spring – Looking at the New Season’s Makeup Trends

Published: 17th Mar 2020

Spring has not yet sprung but you might already be thinking about treating yourself to one or two items for your makeup bag for the new season.

Anyone involved in fashion modelling, particularly face modelling, is likely to be a keen follower of seasonal trends and will be eager to see what’s likely to be hot for spring 2020.

Likewise, those keen to apply for a fashion show, seeking catalogue modelling jobs or already modelling for clothing websites may well wish to be up to speed with this year’s palettes.

Have Fun With Your Face

Makeup trends for spring this year are colourful and exciting, with lots of opportunities for mixing and matching. 

And those exploring how to become fashion model, perhaps working on a fashion model application or already taking part in modelling competitions might find their spirits lifted by the sense of fun and frivolity.

Lilac eye shadow is very much in vogue and can be teamed up effectively with other shades of purple for a more striking effect.

Carefully applied light rainbow hues could also hit the right note this coming season – after all, you don’t have to wait for the summer festivals to bring in a little hippy chic.

Make a Statement

Fashion models step out of their comfort zones from time to time – and so should you. 

So experiment a little this spring: clashing upper and lower eyelids are all the rage, and you can be as bold and inventive with this as you dare.

Have a go at cut creases too, marrying either complementary or contrasting shades, and even bringing in a little shimmer. 

Try something glittery or metallic below the crease then opt for a matte hue above.

Bright and Beautiful

Go a few steps further if you dare to see what you can achieve with a white eyeliner. This item is set to remain a firm makeup bag favourite this spring and will also help your eyes look wider and brighter. 

False lashes will also be holding their own as we start to leave winter behind and move into the spring and then the summer.

Bring a little drama to your face and stand out from the crowd by going for a double-decker look, attaching lovely lashes below, as well as above, your eyes.

Finishing Touches

While your eyes may well do most of the talking with your new spring 2020 look, don’t neglect the rest of your face.

Keeping your skin looking fresh, natural and even a little dewy is essential, but if you do want to add a hint of colour try a gentle pink blush.

When it comes to lips, we are starting to wave good-bye to the favoured matte look in exchange for something glossier.

For a party or other special occasion, you could even choose something with shimmer or perhaps glitter.

As always, red lipstick remains popular. Ensure it works well with your eyes, however, and bear in mind that strong red is slowly making way for more wine-like, burgundy shades.

Why not experiment, take loads of pics and show us your look!

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