The Lowdown on Face Modelling

Published: 11th Feb 2020

Face modelling is an area of the modelling arena that uses ONLY someone’s face to market and showcase a brand’s message (…so there’s no need to worry about the body then!) 

We know that someone’s face instantly draws us in when we are making a connection with them. With the saying that “eyes are the windows of the soul” it’s no wonder! The art of face modelling works in the same way. Sound like something that would interest you? Let’s take a look…

Do I have what it takes to be a face model?

Without sounding cheesy, the art of being beautiful isn’t difficult. We all have a sparkle; something that is captivating and gorgeous. Don’t believe us? Take a look again!

Let’s cut to the chase then! Do you have all-round fetching good looks? Maybe a dazzling set of teeth? A charming smile or attractively coloured eyes? Whether you’re a beauty or a hunk, or whether you have a unique, striking feature, signing up to be a face model isn’t unreachable. On the contrary, here at Models Direct, we encourage you to join us if you’re an aspiring model enthusiast. We say, “go for it!”

At Models Direct, we always welcome fresh, new faces to enter our modelling scene. We know the modelling world inside out because we’ve been around for three decades! Be it in film, TV, commercial or advertising, we’ve got it all covered. Landing yourself a photoshoot or role isn’t as difficult as it may seem either. If a client likes your look, they will call for you; it’s as simple as that! 

3 things you can do to prep your face

In the meantime (after registering with us, of course) there are a few things you can do to help prepare your face modelling experience. 

  • Take care of your skin¬†

If you want to become a face model, your skin will be your asset. Take care of it; nourish and nurture it because it will be one of the many areas the lights and cameras will pick up on. You really don’t want the lens to be honing in on a nasty spot that made its grand entrance on your chin the night before (painfully annoying as it is!) 

We recommend you develop a skincare regime that is perfect for your skin type. There’s no need to use a million products; keeping it simple will help make it manageable. We know how hectic life is and to pile another thing on your to-do list is asking for trouble! So, once you’ve established a nice, little routine using a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, you’re good to go! Your flawless skin can thank us later!¬†

  • Live a healthy lifestyle

Another obvious point but this one is so important for those aspiring face models out there. We’re sorry to say, and really wish this wasn’t the case, but if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, it will show on your face. Eat and drink healthy, and be sure to get your exercise in too. Wow the cameras with your amazing skin that has benefited from a life of clean food, water and exercise!

  • Strike the pose

Practise on your expressions. Part of being a face model is to convey a message through your expression, so grab a mirror and get working on creating a different look. Once on set, you will be asked to do the same so practise makes perfect.

On your marks, get set, register!

It’s all about the face with face modelling. If you want yours to be a part of something exciting, challenging, unique and fun, register as a model with Models Direct today.

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