From Tesco to Pampers, it’s boom time for baby models

Published: 6th Oct 2021

They may be tiny, but babies certainly make a lot of noise – and nowhere more so than in the world of modelling…

The demand for tots is endless, with clients ranging from major supermarket, fashion and children’s brands to lesser-known names seeking bouncing, bundles of joy.

Models Direct always has a stream of client requests and over the decades it has operated and fulfilled all sorts of assignments for a spectrum of clients.

Among the jobs we have sent our gorgeous baby girls and boys to have been those for Pampers, Next, Mamas and Papas and Mothercare.

But there is so much demand for babies to appear in advertisements, campaigns, TV programmes and online promotions that it is not only the names you might expect to see.

Other past clients looking for baby models, for example, have included Transport for London (TfL), British Lion Eggs and Southern Energy.

Furthermore, the actual work itself can also be incredibly wide-ranging.

Yes, our beautiful babes appear in advertising for baby products and clothes, but they might also be required for a multitude of other assignments.

In the past, these have included appearing in an Endemol TV series, taking part in a promotional video for the BBC’s EastEnders and appearing in an in-house training video for Tesco.

Little Ellison was put forward for the Tesco assignment not long after signing up with Models Direct and this is what his mum said afterwards:

“Ellison is only eight-months old so couldn’t say in his own words, but I could tell he had a really good day, the actors and director were really nice with him and got through all the scenes needed. This was a first for Ellison and for me, and the whole day was enjoyable; seeing him being a good boy while filming made me smile. Ellison had to be a teething toddler in an internal training video for the major supermarket chain. The film gave examples of good and bad customer service within a pharmacy setting. This assignment has given me confidence that Ellison interacts extremely well with other actors and models and is still happy no matter what the situation,” his mum continued. It was a fun day out and gave me a sense of pride and also a nice little bit of money for his savings account for when he is older. We don’t live in or around London so opportunities in acting and modelling rarely come up in this area. However, joining an agency like Models Direct gave us the opportunity to be put forward for exciting opportunities. Models Direct works on your behalf and does the job hunting for you. We had only been registered with Models Direct for only a few weeks when Ellison was given his first job.”

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