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Simran & Ace, Reference: FFVG-4489

Ace and I really enjoyed shooting for TFL. Molly’s communication was flawless prior to the shoot & all the team on the day were very lovely & accommodating - we had great fun wearing the outfits and they even gifted Ace with a cute pair of dinosaur wellies! Excited to see how the pictures turn out and really looking forward to our next job :)

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Gracie, Reference: R785308

Aged 2 "Gracie had a lovely day doing a photo shoot for British Lion eggs! She was smiling and giggling for the camera all day. Considering this was her first time, everyone on the job said she was a natural.Thank you Models Direct! We really enjoyed the day and can't wait to do another."

Monalisa, Reference: BPFB-7379


Thanks @modelsdirect for the job it was a fun day for monalisa the team were really nice and lovely.


Vickie had great days during the 5 days shooting for the Welsh TV series Gwaith Cartref,  I was a little bit worried she would not settle well in the new environment, but everyone was so nice to her. She was given enough time to relax, snack and rest. I'm so happy to see she made so many new friends onsite and enjoyed very much her time in front of the camera and being cuddled by different people. This is definitely a great experience for us and I have already recommended Models Direct to my friends.

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Sienna and I had lots of fun on this photo shoot for baby sleeping products!! It was like a F1 tyre change with lifting Sienna as she slept from pod to pod (to model four different product designs)! I was a very proud mummy watching Sienna be adorable during this shoot and we cannot wait to do more with Models Direct!!


"Ellison is only 8 months old so couldn't say in his own words but I could tell he had a really good day, the actors and Director were really nice with him and got through all scenes needed.

This was a first for Ellison and myself and the whole day was enjoyable and seeing him being a good boy while filming made me smile.
Ellison had to be a teething toddler in an internal  training Video for Tesco that gave examples of how to and how not to deal with customer service in a pharmacy setting.

This assignment, has given me confidence that Ellison interacts extremely well with other Actors/Models and is still happy no matter what the situation.
It was  a fun day out and  gave me a sense of pride and also a nice little bit of money for his savings account for when hes older.

We don't live in or around London so  opportunities in acting/modeling there never even come up in this area. Joining an Agency like Models Direct gives us the opportunity to be put forward for exciting opportunities. Models Direct works on your behalf and do the job hunting for you. We have been registered with Models Direct for only a few weeks and he has already had his first job.

We signed Ellison up as a bit of fun more than anything. Obviously as his parents we feel he has one of the cutest little faces we have seen :) and would love to flick through pictures or films with him in when he is older. Plus what ever money we get out of this can go into a savings account for when he is older.



Gracie had a lovely day doing a photo shoot for British Lion eggs! She was smiling and giggling for the camera all day. Considering this was her first time, everyone on the job said she was a natural.Thank you Models Direct! We really enjoyed the day and can't wait to do another.

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Adam, Reference: 1294

When we received the call from Talent Management about the assignment, we were very excited as it was the first time Adam was called for a shoot.  We told him that he was going to play in a little movie.  Adam thought it was going to play in Annie, the musical - he was very excited and couldn't wait. 

On the way to the set we explained his role which was to play happy child of foster parents and play with them on a bed.  Anyway, Adam who is a very sociable child got along with everyone on set - the actors, the producers etc and he did exactly as he was told.  The more Adam was asked to repeat his scene, the better he was getting as he bonded with his model parents. Overall, Adam said that he had a great time and he would do it again!

Caprice, Reference: Z608515

Caprice really enjoyed her assignment with Next. She particularly enjoyed the fact that the shoot took place on the beach, which is her most favourite place to be!  She definitely wasn't nervous this time and got really stuck into the tasks. She loved playing on the beach making sandcastles with the other children and and because of the setting it gave her time to be herself whilst also having her little job to do. The assignment involved her posing in a number of outfits supplied by next from their Autumn Winter Collection. The first shoot was of her modelling a gorgeous winter coat which really suited her and the second shoot was of her modelling a dress and tights matching outfit which she modelled alongside the other children and shots were taken of her holding hands with three other girls. They were laughing and giggling together and they all looked adorable.

Caprice has definitely gained a lot of self confidence since her very first shoot when she was very little, and the more she does them the more you can see her growing into a proper little lady!  I would most definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of signing their child up with Talent Management to do so as they gain experience and confidence from the assignments and you can look back on all the previous shoots they have done and feel so much pride over what they have achieved.

Logan, Reference: P682209

I took Logan who is 18 months old to Weybourne Beach to model clothes for the Next winter catalogue.  He had a great time playing with the other children and being on the beach.  He had to get changed into the clothes that were provided and then we went down closer to the water with a boat and some cliffs in the background and Logan had his photo taken. The photographer and crew were very friendly and Logan loved them!  He had his hair trimmed by the hairdresser which was done perfectly and made him look really grown up. I think the most enjoyable part of the assignment for Logan was being on the beach playing with the pebbles and being around the other children. This was Logan's second assignment though Talent Management so he is gaining experience in front of the camera.  I would definitely advise people to join this agency as everyone is so friendly and helpful and it is a great experience going out there and getting dressed up to have your photo taken for a big brand. I originally decided to join Logan up with Models Direct as he has a very distinctive look as he has a big afro so I thought it would be nice to try and show all his hair off and get him into something like this. Before this assignment I hadn't updated Logan's e-portfolio for a while, but I will definitely start updating it more regularly again now!  Thank you, Elishia

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Lola, Reference: R723515

Lola and I had the best experience today. We were made to feel very welcome by the client. Lola loved doing the photo shoot and we hope that Lola is offered another assignment soon.  She was a natural & her favourite part was being in the limelight being photographed. They called Lola their 'boo star' because her face lit up everytime they played boo with her.  I'm not sure what I was expecting to be honest, but this was better than anything I could have imagined.  Lola had to model some baby sleep bags/grow bags and she also modelled some vests. The pictures were taken in a cot, on a mattress, a rug and a snuggle pillow. I look forward to receiving a copy of the catalogue and photos when the photos are ready.

I would recommend this type of experience to people who have a happy, cheerful baby because you do not have to do anything - they are just themselves.  I found Talent Management on the internet and glad I chose them.  I hope to get more job offers for Lola soon!

Theo, Reference: CB701309

Theo had a great day modelling for the new Pampers 'poo face' advert.  Theo had to take part in some filming and some still shots to enable the director to put together the commercial.  This was great experience for Theo as it has got him use to lots of people, big lights and generally everything that goes on whilst being in front of the camera!  I chose to sign Theo up to Talent Management to get some great experience being a model and I hope that Theo will be offered more modelling roles to continue putting a great portfolio together for future job opportunities. I would recommend anyone to put there baby forward for modelling - I think it's great fun and very good for your baby's development :-). Thank you Talent Management!!

Evelyne, Reference: R685341

I attended a photo shoot with my baby girl Evelyne who is 7 months old and was extremely excited that she was picked for the job.  When we arrived at the assignment, the staff at Kit for Kids were very welcoming and explained everything in detail.  I was very happy with the way the shoot went and they managed to get some amazing shots of Evelyne.  I am extremely excited for my little girl to appear on packaging and in a catalogue!  Massive thanks to Talent Management for the wonderful opportunity!

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Logan, Reference: P682209

I was excited for my son who is 10 months old to take part in the Kits for Kids photo shoot. He had to wear a white baby grow and was photographed sitting and laying on a mattress an blanket they are trying to promote. Logan loves other babies so I was looking forward to seeing him interact with the other baby models. Unfortunately Logan wasn't very well on the day so he wasn't himself, but the lady got some good pictures of him on the mattress.  I think although Logan wasn't 100% well in himself, he still gained confidence in front of the camera. I would definitely recommend the experience to others as it was a fun filled day and it's nice to see your child modelling and being part of a company's promotion. Kit for Kids were promoting mattresses and blankets that prevent fly infestations in Nigeria on behalf of a charity so it was nice for Logan to be able to take part in helping them to do that.  The advice I would give someone who is thinking of working with Talent Management is to just go for it - make sure you have a big smile, confidence in yourself and the biggest piece of advice would be to make sure you keep your e-portfolio up to date. I need to improve on keeping Logan's e-portfolio up to date which I am starting too.  I signed Logan up with Talent Management because of his massive smile and big afro. I thought he would be good as he loves the camera and his hair is unique and different to a lot of babies.

Stanley, Reference: R687081

I registered Stanley with Talent Management because everyone kept saying that Stanley is a beautiful baby and that he should get into modelling.  I chose Talent Management because they are friendly and professional and are dedicated to their client's needs.  I also like the fact that I can track Stanley's progress and update his portfolio online.

Stanley has just attended his first photographic shoot on behalf of a company called Kit for Kids, and I have to say it was a great experience!  I was a little nervous on arrival as I did not know what to expect but the shoot was professionally run and we received guidance all the way through.  The babies were rested when they needed to be and the whole shoot was tailored towards ensuring that the babies were content.  Stanley thoroughly enjoyed himself and I had a proud mummy moment watching him smiling and posing for the camera!  I would definitely recommend this experience to others.

Toby, Reference: CE698839

When everyone commented on what a smiley baby Toby is I thought - why not see if anybody would like to use him for their campaigns? - so we signed him up to Talent Management.

Toby very much enjoyed his first assignment, working as a model for the lovely team at Kit for Kids.  He was very grateful for the crib backstage to take a short nap in mid shoot!  All in all, a very easy and enjoyable experience.

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Farhana for Radisson, aged 1, Reference: BU602677


It was amazing to be a model for the first time. Radisson was not nervous at all. He had so much fun with the team as they were very friendly and gave him enough breaks and time to have a little nap. The team were very patient with my baby. The shoot took place indoors and outdoors so Radi was safe when he was riding the bike.

We were asked which day and what time was good for us and then Talent Management contacted the client to let them know our availability. Every part was so enjoyable that my son didn't feel like he was with strangers and modelling for the first time and on the lunch break food and drink was provided. The assignment was for a maternity bra advert where Radi was playing with his toys with his mum indoors, then out in the buggy to walk in the park and then riding on the bike with his mum. He was so excited as he was on bike seat with a helmet on. We gained confidence Radi will be more relaxed for future jobs now. It was a fantastic experience for us. We will be sharing our experience with others so they will know it’s really not very hard to find a job and it will be fun.
We strongly recommend Talent Management to start your modelling career as this agency will give you first preference of what is suitable for you - not just force you to take something. It’s good to join an agency for modelling for health and safety, personal security and to get advice how to do things. It is important that you keep updating your e-portfolio to get more jobs. Talent Management is one of the most popular agencies in UK who have a lot of clients, and helping new models to get jobs to kick start their modelling careers. There is a personal advisor for each model so you know who you need to talk when you unsure about something. We are looking forward to our next job!

See the finished video commercial here!

Melissa for Casey, 14 months, Reference: BB591694


Casey really enjoyed his first filming experience; the clients were really patient and understanding of his needs as a baby. Anna was very informative and answered all of our questions promptly with detailed information. Casey liked all the attention and was happy enough to be in his cot and car seat with the film running and us all pulling funny faces at him. I would definitely recommend both the experience and working with the professionals at Talent Management.

Maria for Valentino 7 months, Reference: P592594


Valentino had a great day with Kit for Kids modelling for their new nursery collection. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, however Valentino had a great experience and his favourite part was having his photo taken. The client was superb and worked around Valentino's schedule and there was also a really relaxed and easy going atmosphere which was great. I would definitely recommend the experience - the babies are doing something different for the day, interacting with new people and learning something new. We chose Talent Management as it has a great reputation, and we thought if we decide to get Valentino into some baby modelling we wanted to use reputable company. Lots of people have said how cute Valentino is so we thought why not, let’s give it a try and see where it gets him!

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Emma for Caprice age 4 months, Reference: Z608515


Caprice absolutely loved her first ever modelling assignment today at Kit for Kids - she really enjoyed herself and even posed when having her picture taken! The team were so lovely; they asked me to lay her down in a cot where various shots of her were taken whilst wearing a beautiful Kit for Kids sleeping bag. She also had shots taken of her on a changing mat with an adult model.

On the shoot today I can see she has definitely gained confidence when around other people and now has experience of what an assignment might involve. I would highly recommend this experience to others, especially mums, because it was so nice to meet the other mums and share our thoughts and experiences.

I think anyone thinking about entering and working in the talent industry (whether baby or adult) should pursue their dream. It’s not only encouraging for babies but a definite learning curve and lifetime of captured memories to look back on. I will be proactive in pursuing work for Caprice and will carry on updating her e-portfolio on a regular basis.

I am thrilled that I joined Caprice up to Talent Management so she will have as many opportunities that I can give her in life and I think it will be something she will be able to look back on and be proud of.

Amy for Elsie aged 1, Reference: P236853


Elsie did a photoshoot advertising sunblinds for pushchairs. She had to sit in a few different pushchairs with various blinds attached to them. She was very patient and happy, and really enjoyed the experience. The photographer and organiser were very good with Elsie and made her feel very comfortable. A male model did a few photos with her and he was equally as good with her. She was very content to be with everyone.

Katy for Max aged 1, Reference: Y230513


We never expected that Max would be chosen as the “hero” baby for the Pampers campaign. We were delighted and so proud of him. It has been a lovely experience and we look forward to embarrassing him with the story when
he is older.

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Amy for Sienna-Mae aged 1, Reference: Y242952


Sienna-Mae really enjoyed her first experience of being a model. She was made to feel at ease as soon as we got there and she really enjoyed all of the attention. Sienna-Mae was asked to do some shots in and around the buggy. The nicest thing was that if they felt she needed a break they would stop for a little while. It was a nice experience that I would be more than happy for Sienna-Mae to do again.

Rachael for Regan aged 9 mths, Reference: G252470


The Models Direct assignment felt new and exciting, it was nice to chat to other mums who were there with their children. It was really good! The best thing about the assignment was seeing my son Regan being filmed; I thought he did really well. I'm sure Regan enjoyed it as well. Regan was asked to lay down on his back and front on a table and be filmed just playing and kicking around. I thought he did great and we both enjoyed ourselves!

Katy for Max aged 1, Reference: Y230513


The Models Direct assignment for Pampers was a great experience for Max. Max loved meeting all the new people and everyone was very sweet to him. The photographer, Jo, was particularly nice and made sure the babies were happy and comfortable at all times. There was no pressure and everyone was very professional.

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