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Published: 27th Nov 2020

There has been a change in how people are perceiving body shapes and sizes, whether it’s their own or others. We’re all different that’s for sure and this celebration of difference can be seen within the population. With the help of mainstream media and social media, the body positivity movement has risen helping to rebuild body confidence in both genders. 

We’re being taught to love who we are even if our bodies don’t measure the same way runway models would. Goodbye size 0 and hello plus-size or any size for that matter. Truth be told, anyone who fits into the plus-size category is still a perfect size. It’s a bonus to stand bold and be different. Models Direct cater for all modelling categories and this one is at the top of the pack. We celebrate the vibrancy different shapes and sizes bring to the table. 

Any Gok Wan fan’s out there? His TV show How to Look Good Naked helped break down barriers of the stereotypical body shape and size we should all conform to and love. From 2006, we’ve been a part of the show’s rich outlook on how everybody and everyone is beautiful regardless of any imperfections or flaws.

Luckily after a few years of being missing in action, Really Channel (currently owned by Discovery) has brought it back to our screens for us to feel body positive (and a great positive reminder that we are humans – all different, unique, special and amazing). People of all sizes including plus size have been featured on the programme.

And guess who landed herself an assignment on the man with the naked plan’s show? Our talented and sought-after Models Direct model, Neri, who was part of the show’s filming. Here’s what she had to say about her time with the stylish guru Gok: 


“This was a last minute assignment that ended up being one of the most empowering experiences since becoming professional. I got to work with 4 of the most beautiful confident ladies, a fantastic film crew and the man with the naked plan, Gok Wan. Not only did we help others feel confident, it also reinforced how confident I am with my own body. From the costume designers, to the makeup artist and the runners, everyone was so welcoming and worked so hard to make sure we felt relaxed and comfortable in the environment. Gok was lovely and gave direction really clearly. He was so fun and we all had such a giggle. The assignment went really quickly and Molly was so supportive. Such an exciting experience, I’m so glad I was accepted and thank Molly for putting her trust in me and putting me forward.”Neri for Maverick TV

In between shoots and assignments through Models Direct, including Ideal World TV, Neri managed to review her journey with our modelling agency. Here’s what she said about us:

“I was a Care Worker. My degrees are in Performance and Writing, but I never thought in a billion years, that I may actually use them. When I made the decision that perhaps I could become a plus size model, most people would dismiss the very notion. But it was like I woke up one morning and decided that I could show off my size 20 skills, just as well as those size 10 ladies. After about 10 minutes on Google, I didn’t stop to consider if I should apply, I just did it. I’ve always known I looked different, but Models Direct was the first one to see it as a potential selling point. Who knew my first assignment would end up being my regular income! This journey has been amazing so far, with my agent Molly having my back the whole time and encouraging my curvy self to push forward. I never thought that being hairier than the average woman, would have landed me such an awesome role. Whatever happens, taking a chance on myself, was the best thing I did and Models Direct taking a chance on me, has been life changing. – Neri

Our plus-size female model, Julie, had a few words to describe her time with us and here’s what she had to say about her day:

“My first booked job was last Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also met 4 lovely Ladies on this booking. The Models Direct staff are helpful, organised and explained every stage in the process for me..” – Julie

So, readers, if something’s brewing inside of you – a desire for change, a challenge, a different direction, then maybe modelling is calling for you. If you’re looking to showcase your curves, Models Direct has a stage for you to showcase your curves in style. Get in touch with our supportive and down to earth team of modelling experts who can get the ball rolling and put you forward whenever a client calls for your look. Wherever you’re based in the UK – London, Cardiff or Edinburgh, we’ll be happy to have a chat.

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