Gym-Goers Guide to Skincare & Beauty

Published: 16th Jun 2020

A lot of us like working out and are avid gym bunnies who love to sweat it during a workout. However, our skincare can be compromised if we don’t take care of it and nourish it like it truly deserves after a grilling workout. 

We’re indoors but we thought we’d cover this for all those who love working out and are continuing to do so in their homes. Fitness models will love reading this blog for useful skincare and beauty advice. Teen models, male models and mature models will also benefit from this. So, if you want to learn about how to best take care of your skin after a workout, read on:

Cleanse & Tone

An integral part of a healthy skincare regime for gym-goers always includes cleansing and toning. This is a given. Keeping pores clean and clear from dirt build-up is the name of the game. Perspiration opens up pores making it easy for impurities to get in, build up and cause unwanted breakouts. 

It’s a good idea to cleanse before and after workout particularly if you were wearing makeup. So, we recommend this popular skincare sequence before a workout:

1. Cleanse

2. Tone

3. Serum

4. Moisturise using an oil-free moisturiser

Again, press repeat and follow the same steps all over again after your workout. You can moisturise with what you normally use as there’s less risk of any impurities entering your skin. 


In contrast to the advice you may receive from trainers, we advise you keep it lightweight in the gym. We’re not talking dumbbells or boxing, but your face makeup. Heavy and oil based makeup is as bad for your skin as poor form is for your back when it comes to gym coverage and can easily block and fill the pores, making you more likely to wake up to breakouts the next day.

To avoid this, use a lightweight, oil free foundation or BB cream to allow the skin to breathe whilst you get out of breath. If you can, try a powder foundation instead of a liquid one to avoid completely coating the skin. Try and keep heavy concealer to a minimum and only use on those areas that you really need the extra coverage. Most importantly, always remove makeup after a workout and reapply to ensure you’re only gaining muscle from your workout and not a new stubborn spot.

When it comes to eye makeup and the gym, one word springs to mind: waterproof! Save the streaky faced look for your girl’s night in watching The Notebook and invest in a mascara that will stay strong.

For the brows, opt for a clear gel to brush them into shape without the risk of panda eyes when you get sweaty. Can’t live without colour? Set your makeup with a sturdy setting spray to make sure that you don’t end up with panda eyes the moment you walk into the spin studio.


Not only is it unbelievably annoying to have your hair in your eyes and sticking to your face when you workout, it’s also unhygienic for your skin. Your hair holds a lot of natural oils, and can spread dirt and sweat from one part of the face to another when it keeps coming into contact with it throughout your workout. To prevent breakouts, try and keep the hair away from the face with a bobble or hairband.

When it’s time to letting your hair down after the gym (both literally and metaphorically) there’s not always time to do a full wash and blow dry before you have to rush off to work. To make sure you’re not stuck with sweaty hair for the rest of your day, try using a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and moisture and leave your hair looking and smelling fresh.


Unless you’re one of those annoying super-humans that eases through a HIIT class without even losing your breath, when we workout, sweat is inevitable. Whether it’s expected or not, nobody wants sweat patches, or moreover to smell. Use a deodorant or anti-antiperspirant that balances out the odour causing bacteria for the best, patch free results.

Models Direct hope that you find these gym-goers tips to skincare and makeup helpful. Let us know your thoughts too.

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